[Alpha] Squeek.io - Twitter alternative for the steem blockchain

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Bringing social networking into the blockchain age.

What is squeek?

Steem's value comes from its prospects. It is a content creation network that is fit to replace current models of social networking. The first iteration of social networks is steemit. Steemit allows content creators to get paid for well-thought-out and interesting blog posts. Unfortunately, this does not fit the style of all users. Twitter did not become successful because of well-thought-out blog posts, it got huge because of witty sentences. I believe this model of social networking can be added to steem as well. This is why I am introducing the alpha of Squeek. Squeek is a blockchain-enabled Twitter alternative that allows users to follow their friends and earn money for making them laugh. As of right now, the web front end is still being developed. At this point, however, I feel that it is ready for daily use. It allows for sign in, discover, post, and vote functionality, but I believe it can be more, as it has the economic incentives of steem, and the social aspects of Twitter.


I figure every Alpha I should include a change log so here is one:

Alpha v3.0

Added Search
Added Feed
Added Profile Pictures
Added Settings
Added Following
Re-implemented backend
Implemented A+ TLS support
Bought hosting
Bought squeek.io domain
Fixed Bugs


Release Notes

I hope to make this version of the software very usable. I would really appreciate it if you bookmarked it, and posted to it once a day. It's up to you to bootstrap this new community, so I hope you can do your part and help out. That being said, there is a race condition I am still solving. If Discover or Login doesn't work, just reload the page. In addition to that, the website seems to work better in Chrome than Firefox. I haven't been able to find out why yet, but I am thinking it's an issue with the library I am using, so if you're having trouble posting or anything, try it in Chrome.

Thanks for the continued support of the community, you guys have been awesome!

Alpha V3

You can go here to access the online demo.

How to use

I am adding this section just to cover basics to get people going. In order to login go to the top left and click the icon. Log in with your steemit credentials. The whole website is in Javascript and is open source, so don't worry about username and password security. After you're logged in, feel free to edit any of the settings, there is no save button, they save automatically. Please upload a profile picture to make yourself spiffy. After that you can go over to the Discover tab to find new content. Click on someone's name to open up the controls. Follow them if you like their content. If you follow them, you should now see their name in your feed page. Feed is where you will find only the posts of people whom you follow. Story is only your content.

Final words

Thank you all for reading my article. I am passionate about building the steem ecosystem and I think it is important that the initial apps are done right, so if you have any gripes, or want to help out, I would gladly accept any pull requests you have here at my Github page.


Anything else please just talk with me in the comments or on steemit.chat. I am natebrune on there, and you can join our community on the squeek channel. Also, if you want to stay up to date, please consider following me right here on steemit or Squeek. Thank you one last time, I hope you enjoy.

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Hello picokernel, we would like to inform you that you have been chosen as a featured author by the @robinhoodwhale initiave. We are currently in alpha testing, if you would like more info join robinhood chat on steemit.chat or pm @repholder.

Great Stuff - Keep on Steeming!

This looks interesting. A lot of people don't want to blog and things like Twitter suit them.

You say not to worry about security, but I'm afraid I do. Not all of us will read the source code. I think we are going to see a few services using the Steem blockchain and we have to be wary about giving out details that could potentially be exploited. It would be better if Steemit could use a token or something like various site use to authorise access.

Or am I missing something. I see I have 4 different passwords for Steemit (maybe 5?). Which one would Squeek need?


Yes steemit definitely needs to host the delegated authority verification: in my opinion an app should be a user towards where u delegate (in this case) posting authority to and which you (as owner) can always instantly revoke access. The allowing and disallowing of this would go thru a steemit.com environment as this is the most user seen and trustworthy location.

I think in this case u would need to share ur posting key (which is the one with least permissions: write and upvote) with squeek.

The platform is still in development but to run trustworthy third party apps i thibk your suggestions and mine are to be implemented :)


Delegated authority is in the works. @fabien is working on a project called SteemConnect right now that does the exact thing you are speaking about. I plan on being one of the first developers to implement his product once it is finished. I 100% agree with what you guys are saying.


Any idea what this means or why it happened?


Did my key change after logging into this?


No my friend. That was me hacking you. GET OWNED. Jk, It's you updating your profile picture. I save the profile picture update to the blockchain. Never Fear.

Nice stuff man

Exciting! I posted a couple times with some questions (from Firefox) and they don't show up (from Chrome). Tried posting again from Chrome and it still doesn't show up.

I tried inputting a profile image URL twice, it said success but when I reload the page, the URL was not there, the field was empty. This from Chrome.

Can you say something about the voting power slider? And the Support the Developer toggle?

Regarding login, I wonder if we could have a scheme like Facebook does, where you can login with Facebook to new services and only give certain Facebook permissions to the outside service.


Hey thanks for following up man. I appreciate it.

  1. Posting was bugged. It was a very dumb mistake but it's fixed now. Please try posting again.
  2. Yeah the profile picture field doesn't get filled in automatically, but it does actually update. You can check out the json_metadata field here to verify https://steemd.com/@georgedonnelly
  3. Yeah the voting power slider allows you to upvote more than just 20 posts with maximum power per day. The support the developer is if you want to upvote the MasterThread each month thus supporting me.
  4. Yes a scheme like this is in the works. @fabien is working on a project called steemconnect and I will be one of the first developers to implement it once it's finished.

Thanks again!

I agree with @steevc. I'm familiar with your project from @georgedonnelly's video interview, so I don't suspect anything untoward. However, it would be easy for scammers to set up offshoots for various layered applications on the Steem blockchain and ask for Steem credentials in order to collect private keys by phishing. How can we get around this problem?


In the future I plan to implement something called steemconnect that @fabien is working on currently. It will be a delegated authority service just like you guys are saying. He isn't done with it yet but when he is I will be one of the first developers to use it. Thanks for the input though.

Posting problems have been fixed. Thanks for informing me.

The future is finally here. Enjoy Squeek folks! :-)


[deleted - moved comment to main thread]


It isn't my project per say. But, yes it was screem before and I know squeek takes a little bit of getting used to. I'm sure @picokernel had his reasons. This idea is very big . Bigger then people know.

Now this is getting interesting. Just now learning about this.

Is there a reason why you are calling it squeek? I thought your working name was Skreem. I liked that a little better. Just a little thing, but Squeek seems a little timid for such a big concept.


It was called Screem, now its called Squeek. No particular reason. screem.io is taken though. I personally think its like an alternative to tweeting: squeeking.


well screem would have been better !! why not simply ScreamIt to the rooftops ??

Sounds like this form of posting might be more my style. Will keep following along eagerly waiting for the beta format to be released.

What happened to this?


It became zappl


But i like the name https://squeek.io/ a little more ;)

tried to login using my posting key and nothing happens. The screen just sits there.. wont even tell me I'm rejected lol

I'd like to try it out but can't figure out where to register. Using Chrome. Should I see a register link somewhere?

Apparently this it's no longer working?

What happened to this project?

Great work @picokernel, I've tried it and it works. Hope people try it and help bootstrap the steem twitter app