Hi, I Am RobinHoodWhale And Here is My Story From The Blockchain Folklore

The fish of this blockchain

have created this tale

So follow and I will explain

in much greater detail

[Special thanks to @kyriacos for the awesome poem,logo and graphics]

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Thanks for all the help on this Laonie. For all the people that don't know Chinese can't see the Google Excel spreadsheet we use, due to censorship in their country.


@steemdrive fully supports the @robinhoodwhale community project, we are following RHW's votes automatically via streemian.com, so is @thecryptodrive - to add our votes to authors'posts hand-picked by the RHW professional curator team. Furthermore @steemdrive has just transferred 50 SP to powerup @robinhoodwhale and furthermore will donate all liquid SBD from votes on this comment to the cause!


Great initiative @steemdrive !

Go Robinhood!!


After all the years this is still my favorite adaptation.

@kyriacos, you're all over the map! @robinhoodwhale, I'm putting a lot of hope in you! and I guess I'm not the only one



what if...



omg I love it so much @kevinwong ! I am really laughing out loud here.

I never framed it so perfectly when I was designing it.


Bwahaha! Good one Kevin! :D

Great post even more amazing poem!!


thank you! @meesterboom @razvanelulmarin

I will be posting more designs and other creative stuff in my channel so follow if you want


Boof followed! :o)

Finally a silver lining in sight,
Got to post, no time for respite.
We creators deserve more attention,
This will only increase user retention.

No more will there be the horror,
of waking up and seeing only 1 dollar,
On a post you spent 10 hours writing,
Only to see it fail, upon rising!

So hear me oh RobinHoodWhale,
Come hither and wiggle my tail.
Some love is all I ask for,
Goodbye! Nothing to say more.


WOW, another awesome poet.

The true power behind it all is our sense of being one with the steem.
Thank you robinhood. Hope to see us all as its molecules prosper as time grows.

amazing: everything is on point. if this does not make trending, there is no justice!


of course there is no justice... we have to create our own

Nice story, nice poem, fantastic initiative!

Great post. Good job.

Welcome to the hood @robinhoodwhale !

I love the tale of the @robinhoodwhale! The way you told it is so charming. I'm following your journey. Can't wait to see where it leads you, and all the fish in the Steemit sea.

Great way to introduce ;)

Robin hood took from the rich to give to the poor so I have to support the RHW!

The pictures are 100% bad ass. Well done!

Very Well Done!

Welcome to steemit, @robinhoodwhale!

Welcome at Steemit!

great initiative and graphics!

Intriguing! Upvoted and followed - <3

This is a real treat. Very well done.
And yes Sir RHW, welcome !
And (pssst...) thank you.

Awesome work @kyriacos! Superb poem and graphics! Thanks for your help with this!


Nice to see so much positivity here today :)

I will follow this undertaking closely. Keep it up robinhood whale group.

What a beautiful story and wonderful illustration! Maybe I can summon the @robinhoodwhale!

very very cool lol

excellent work, I love the UPVOTE project

Welcome to steemit @robinhoodwhale, it's great to have you here. What a brilliant introduction!

I've enjoyed following your journey through the steemit seas and am looking forward to hearing the many more tales, that you'll be helping to tell.

A big thanks is in order, to all of those who helped get you ready for release, back into the wild again :)

That's awesome! So creative! Have to look into this.

Nice to have you RHW, glad that our summons have been answered!

Love this initiative, and very proud to be supporting the RHW.

Hah I love the comic :-)

I LOVE this post... you are amazing oh robinhoodwhale!!!

Hehe they all gave you a piece of tail eh? (that made me laugh... in a good way)

OMG OMG!! Exciting :)

Nice one :)

When I first read "so each one gave a little piece of tail", LOL, shouldn't it be tale?


No, tail as in fish tail. But I see what you did there

I LOVE this work of yours, maybe we could have little books for children at school to learn to use it too? Just a thought as I happen to teach (and learn) with elementary school children. Thanks for the work and dedication, namaste :)



I will add it to my to do list when steemit leaves from BETA :-)

follow me to keep being updated

Robingoodwhale, a whale raised up by whales, dolphins and minnows together that raises promising minnows.. what a positive cycle!! ! by the way, first post! congrats! hope this is the beginning of something great!

Awesome graphics, @kyriacos !!
Great initiative, guys. I've already joined!

I would really like an invitation code.!

I asked for a robinhoodwhale over a month ago:) Glad someone got the job done!!!,Cheers!!!!!!

Awesome intro! Love every bit of it. I hope I get featured ;-) too.

This is a really cool idea, need an invitation code... still handing out some?


If you are looking for a streemian.com invite code to trail @robinhoodwhale's posts, I will gladly send you one if you visit https://steemit.chat/channel/robinhood and ask for one

that is a cute whale

Old but Gold @robinhoodwhale nice illustrations. Loved it really.

Great work!

enter image description here

Love it love it love it :-)

thanks for sharing this material I really like what you posted. Thank you so much

Already following!
But wasn't able to see this post until I used random steemit post tool :)

Keep on with the Robin Hood project, I love it!

I love the art style. Well done.

I really appreciate the visual story. I am a visual learner so I really like this type of post and its very entertaining as well.


I am glad I could reach you @kimsie :-)

This gave me an honest chuckle and put a huge smile on my face. Amazing art, and cute story!

I love this project! Couple of days ago this initiative helped one of my posts. Lets support it so that we give birth to this robinhood whale!

awww that is just gorgeous ^_^

Hi there, great thing but how will you do to find undervalued posters that didn't write in English?
It could be very interesting to be able to write in our native language but as a majority of Steemit users speak English, if we want to participate we have to write in English and it is not so fair for us because, personally for me it takes long time to write in English it is not so easy...

So, how exactly does one find their way onto @robinhoodwhale's curation radar?


Join us in general chat (robinhood) and get a friend to post your link on robinhood-links chat

Welcome saviour!

pretty nice 😊👍

Well done!

Please come check out my posts, I want to bring the love and positive energy to steemit.

Well that's worth trying.

wow !!! thanks :D

Love love love this! Your visuals and story are so engaging and cute. Thank you so much for doing this.

Excellent rhyme, by the way!

great design job on the graphics :-)

hello Robinhood ;-)

I'm still not clear as to how this works actually... How will my post be seen by the whale? Should I post it here?... https://steemit.com/smartcash/@khuziyad/help-save-the-world-with-smartcash

This initiative is noble, good and beautiful. Deserving one day of a collection of poems. It will become a cryptolegend about thje early days of steem. People would wonder if the Robinhoodwhale really existed, if they could not look at the evidence on the blockchain.