Announcing RobinHoodWhale, the Steemit Deep Sea Savior

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Robin Hood Whale (RHW) is the community's solution to an essential problem that plagues Steemit: how to get noticed and upvoted before you have a big enough following. Right now, if you are not upvoted by a “whale” account, it is very difficult to get exposure and any substantial rewards, which leads to many great authors leaving Steemit.

Robin Hood wants to be the “whale” that finds and helps a diverse set of talented, yet unrecognized authors. The proposed way of doing this is to cycle between different authors, upvoting ~10-20 quality posts daily. RHW won't upvote the same authors twice in any 10-day period in an effort to support more people and discourage any kind of abuse or ulterior motives.

For RHW to have any meaningful impact, it must reach whale-status of SP and/or many bot followers. Yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg for this initiative. As featured authors and posts will be publicly announced periodically, we hope to inspire a movement that will lead  to authors gaining fans, following and eventually to be able to self-sustain a blog on SteemIT without the RHW help at all.

In a way, RHW's ultimate goal would be to not be needed at all. But as new enthusiastic authors join, RHW will be here to find them, help them and upvote them, growing the community and the overall quality of what you can find on Steemit.


There’s a total of 10 official curators with a waiting list of other fellow Steemians. Curators are well known SteemIT individuals that dig through the vast amount of content to find hidden gems and undervalued authors. 

We would like to keep the curators list private for the time being, so they can continue working without interruptions. 

*Curators can publicly state they are part of Robin Hood at their sole discretion.*

Curation Process

Each curator discovers interesting content, including, but not limited to, the new section, steemviz, steemd, promotional channels on and robinhood-links channel.

  1. The author name is checked to ensure it’s out of the 10-day cycle  
  2. The post is digested
  3. The post is checked for plagiarism (with online tools and google)
  4. The post is checked for Image sources and/or mention of own work
  5. The images are run through online tools for reverse image search (if own work is mentioned)
  6. If everything stated above is in check the link is submitted to the curator private chat
  7. Other curators chime in if they agree or disagree and why
  8. If agreed upon the post is upvoted by RHW, mentioned in general chat and listed in the official spreadsheet

What's In It For Me?

The more we elevate varied authors the larger the economy of Steemit gets. This benefits everyone since more members will have incentive to stick around. Satisfied members invite more friends if they themselves are successful. As an investor you get a percentage of your total contribution back as Steem each month.

Who Will Control The Keys?

A multi-signature system is currently being developed to add security and reassure investors that their funds are safe. The system will require two curators to sign off on an upvote, and more team members to agree on more sensitive actions.

Currently the master key is held by @repholder, the backup master key by @kyriacos and the active key has been added to Streemian (owner - @xeroc).

Alpha Testing Results

Sample Dates : 20/08-28/08

Sample Size : 78 Unique Authors 

Average payout : $134.48

Issues Found: 2 - ID Theft/Plagiarism (which was unvoted) and a manual upvote mistake

Spreadsheet of Alpha Testing Featured Authors 

Updates for users that are censored from Google services

How Can I Take Part ? Channels

robinhood - General discussion about the Robin Hood Whale initiative 

robinhood-links - These are posts to be considered by curators of the Robin Hood Whale initiative. Post other people's work ONLY and please be sure to check if the author has already been featured in the previous 10-day cycle.

Investment in RHW

The Robin Hood Whale is accepting investments directly to @robinhoodwhale in the form of Steem, SD or direct Steem powerup.

Investor Payout – A percentage based off total investor contributions (90% for all investors)

Curator Payout - 10% of total monthly power down

Liquid Asset Funds - Liquid assets from RHW post rewards might be held back by the curator team at their sole discretion.

Cut-Off for Investments : 29 September 2016 18:00 UTC

First Investor Payout : 7 October 2016 

Investor List Spreadsheet

The Team

Chief Executive Officer / Curator  - @repholder

Chief Operations Officer / Curator - @instructor2121

Creative director / Curator - @kyriacos

Curators - An additional 7 Anonymous SteemIT Users

Sister Projects




Investing in robinhoodwhale (RHW) involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose and should ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. The bulk of investments will be held as Steem Power.

 [Special thanks to @kyriacos for the awesome poem,logo and graphics] 


wow this is an amazing idea

The whale herald!!! Love it... @steemdrive supports with gusto!!! :)

I did what I could, 0.250 SBD are for you mate it's all I got.

In a way, RHW's ultimate goal would be to not be needed at all.

^^Best line of the whole article. I highly support this idea and plan to send SD to the account.

yes its true indeed yes !! The robotic voting we see on Steem i truly believe is a worrying tendency, whether it be by a robot or human,s hand, same difference. No care for content just financial value !! But this will i hope change as the user base increases !!

How does one do a direct steem power up please?

Exciting news, thank you for your great dedication to this world changing project. May the force stay with you and us all, namaste :)


Yesterday, I donated 1/3rd of my holding in SBD to the RHW in good faith the account would be used as explained.

A few minutes ago, the "promoted" feature was implemented, and @robinhoodwhale has sent 50 SBD to @null.

That was never part of the contract. Of course, it is now your money, do with it as you see fit, who am I to judge. But you promised to power up with it and upvote minnows.

I'm herewith giving you feedback on why I consider this relationship of trust broken for now.

As per the memo, I sent my own personal SD solely to test the new promoted content feature, while hopefully getting better exposure for the project. No RHW funds have been used other than to power up.

I routed 55 SD from my personal account @repholder to @robinhood explicitly stating in the memo of these 2 transactions one with 5 and one with 50 that they are solely to test the promoted content feature, they are excluded from any eligibility in the investment part of RHW.

@akareyon: is that lengthy wall of self-justifications your way to express that you are sorry for jumping the gun and throwing accusations?

Thank you for the transparency and for living up to the agreement thus far!
May this continue~*~


your name is etched into my memory of steemit - had you not promoted my steemigration post last month in slack, I would probably never had that much SBD to give away to begin with. I firmly believe that it is thanks to you it received that much attention within less than 20 minutes. I respect you and trust you; and I hope you also know me as a reasonable, but sometimes provocative user, and I was trying to make a point.

Imagine the potential for drama that I left untapped on purpose ...!

People will watch @null/wallet closely. Steemit inherently is highly competitive and thus, self-policing. Everyone will watch what his neighbor does. People will jump to conclusions. People will not double-check, like I did, by looking at the RHW wallet as well. I know your intentions were good. But you generated a source for misunderstanding, and it was my intention to clear it up by raising it before someone else does it - and does so with accusations, flipping of tables and curses against humanity.

At that point, you probably weren't aware you could promotify RHWs account from your own (that is what I did, I tried the function with a small amount of money for another user's post that I found worthy of attention), so you funnelled your own money through the RHW wallet. It was perfectly legitimate, given the circumstances: in this case.

What I am trying to get at is this: in the "real world", you can't send a donation to a charitable institution and appropriate it for a special purpose, like giving a million Euros to the Red Cross and tell them only to buy chocolate from it; it would be mightily frowned upon, and the Red Cross would either send the money back or buy medicine and blankets anyway. And there is a reason why one is not to use money from the company's cash register to buy private groceries, "I'll put the money back": to prevent misunderstandings.

I don't know how it is elsewhere, but in my country, this would have been called "money laundering". There are even laws to keep the bookcleaning clean of precisely such occurences.

tldr: Just trying to raise some "awareness" here.

I hope it also succeded at demonstrating that misunderstanding and drama can be avoided by formulating the criticism in a certain (non-accusatory) way, giving the "accused" a fair chance to put forward his own reasoning and evidence.

For the historical record, here is the evidence for @repholder's claim:

"you can't send a donation to a charitable institution and appropriate it for a special purpose,"

Yes you absolutely can. By law if you say it can only be used for X, that's all the non-profit can use it for.

I just verified @repholder's claim... It looks like it checks out.

THANKS @bacchist
I never doubted the claim but it is great for the community as a whole to see this and a valuable contribution to the cause!

Yes it does, thank you, @bacchist. Please see my reply to repholder in the neighbor branch of this comment tree for the big reveal.

I just realized something..Why the hell am I on 1000 other sites when this entire platform can have a much more greater impact than any other social media site or even website at that matter. Has anybody built a site for steemit and open ledger, combining all the important funtions of each one? Just curious Thanks!

i shared two day ago a post about suggestion to add one more extra feature to steemit that was every post must be rewarded through views too. in this way some one will get something than nothing and the steemit community will become more popular and strong.
please read the post about some suggestions.

I agree if it could at least reward unique internal traffic if they didn't to associate views from external links that'd be great.

That's gameable with sending fake traffic.

The views rewards only be inside the steemit not in any other social or blog.

So we are having Pools on steemit. Ah ah that will be interesting.

I love this project @robinhoodwhale ! Thanks for making me one of the featured authors a couple of days ago, I really appreciate it!

Thank you for the help and also the great content :)

Hopefully we help as many authors as possible.

Just wanted to drop a little note and give a huge shoutout to @robinhoodwhale for selecting my latest article for top picks of the day! I am truly humbled. :O

what a great way to support the community.

I fully support the RHW initiative and am excited to see this taking off 😀🐳

One thought to help get the authors more updates- if you were to use a "pre-vote account" that votes on the post 30 minutes before @robinhoodwhale does, then you would encourage more curators to upvote the post in expectation of a larger curation reward.

Curation rewards will help but aren't the first priority of the project.

Thank you @robinhoodwhale for evening the playing field for Steemit! This is exactly what Steemit needs to discover more hidden gems and hidden artists, at the same time it is also paying it forward for the community!!!

Cheers acassity thanks for your kind words.

I look forward for the action!

I hope to be a whale one day, I would spend my time helping the new posts. Ill keep my eyes open for new talent

Is the new promote feature going to be competition? I have suggested a couple of times that a better syndication model need to be put in place to make this platform keep content providers. You really have to comb threw the weeds on this system to find opportunity unless you are already a made person. I am not down on whales in fact I wan't everyone to prosper. Give us the tools to find our market. Don't just have a market be a market maker.

I don't think so as it's in a different subcategory than trending. Also it's going to be getting competitive pretty fast (already somewhat is).

Nice. I hope you visit my page some day. Keep the work, is people like this i need to make the platform more just.

Thanks so much for the shout out! :)

Now I have to get my code cleaned up so others can use it more easily. I didn't think my own little "Hey, look, I made a bot for myself" would get so much attention. :)

if you need help, let me know!

Thanks! What I need most, I think, is time. :)

One thing I noticed today I want to fix is when robinhoodwhale posts something, my bot votes it up immediately, when it might be nicer to wait a bit on those in order to still get a curation reward. I could probably make that a configurable setting. I also like the idea of all of those curation rewards going to RHW in order to power it up that much quicker and encourage that account to post often about updates.

you could use the time module and the wait function for that

Yeah, I already have a system in there that reminds you to vote for something if you don't have auto vote turned on. Shouldn't be too difficult to add. Unfortunately my business keeps getting in the way of my steemit fun. :)

Thank you for this, I am a new writer here and it's very complicated as a newbie to get one's head around things, I don't write clickbait material, I write for my passions, science, alternative technology, activism for human rights and environmental issues, consciousness, alternative energy solutions and sustainability. I was hoping Steemit would be a good place to survive as an activist writer as its pretty hard for us anywhere else.

I like the ultimate goals laid out in this article for Steemit, what I am gathering so far is that things are still being ironed out but I hope elitism is dispersed and dissolved so that really good writers, good poetry and important topics also get a voice.
I don't see many people interested in these issues which is rather sad, considering they should be top concerns for all, I don't see an environment section here either. I hope that writing about environmental issues is eventually more appreciated here in comparison to pop culture stuff of interest.

RHW covers any and all categories. We might be avoiding NSFW though.

Carlitashaw,I am interested in all the things you mentioned! We need to find ways to collaborate around important values. If we support people who fight for a cause,we support the cause. And we can do this here. I will follow you.

This is EXACTLY what steemit needs. A middle ground. And I don't think the new promote button will be a conflict because it will essentially serve the same function, but for people who may not have SBD to promote themselves. A real Robinhood at heart. This is a brilliant plan of subterfuge.

Thank you littlescribe we will try to do our best.

@repholder: Do you plan to survey previously overlooked blogs for quality content?

We have something in the works, but are currently still in early stages.

Great, thanks, and hope your initiative bears fruit regardless, though I'm sure there's lots of quality content lying in the weeds ... like mine. ;-)

Will the Robinhood Whale be providing boost payments or direct SBDs to featured authors?

No, but we might share the SD if we do a daily/weekly type series of posts we featured.

Let's hope it gets to that point.

Thanks a lot for upvoting my work! it motivates me to keep posting!!
-- @develcuy

Hi Please follow me @loopholekid and my business @Technium! We have some quality content, news, articles, and products for cryptos!

NIce, but I will read your article later. I am not native speaker, so its will take time to read it. I hope robinhood whale support non native speaker to write , and give them courage. anyway thank :)

Fabulous initiative! I'll be sending over some SBD.

FUCKING. AWESOME. THANK YOU! Will invest, take my money pl0x.

I agree. Great post.

Like the ideas very much! Thanks.

By all means, feel free to upvote my posts every 10 days. You have my permission :)

I am proud to be a part of this initiative I think this is a great step in the right direction to helping users that produce top quality posts and would normally slip through the cracks. Happily invested and hope to invest more.

This will help good content to rise on this platform and hence it will rise the number of active members that seems going down some day before.
In love with this platform and every effort to better the experience here is truly appreciated.

Great information, thanks for sharing @robinhoodwhale!

An interesting opportunity to invest in Robin ... But be warned that there may be risks. But it says that STEEM develops new opportunities that have been reported in the post STEEMIT. Therefore, it is important to follow the information concerning the new proposals for investment by mining, etc.

I'm curious how payouts work. Is the bot only going to act as a curator after september 29th and not create any content? Will the content created go towards money earned by investors or will it go towards the person behind the created content that uploaded it?

Either way, am definitely interested in contributing. Seems like a great way to build up many (200 unique authors every 10 days) unrecognized authors.

We will upvote authors like in the "alpha" testing, we continue as normal today and the same spreadsheet is used. The posts will be RHW related not "featured" author posts.

Great idea upvoted and following

Wow this project sound fun for us that always invisible to others whales and dolphin . I might wanna apply to be in you're list now . :)
Maybe you can check my post too . Do visit my blog if you got some spare time :)

Gee, I thought I missed the chance to invest! Thank God it is September... This is really a significant boost for Steemit! Thanks to all team members and to @laonie ... Just fantastic!

I love this idea. I'll be following and investing.

RHW sounds like an awesome project, that is if you guys are legit.

Let me think about it... I might just invest some of my own SBD (not that I have much that is).

What an absolute great idea! Nice work!

I just chatted with @instructor2121. He was very kind and answered 1 million questions. Now that I fully understand this, I love it. I'm in. I'll give a little steem and help in other ways if I can.

Lost a lot of great content in Russian , because they write without being translated into English. Your idea is excellent!

Great project!

Good idea. Well done.

I think this is a great idea. I have one suggestion: Under Curation Process, move No. 7 up to No. 1.

Thanks for the headsup.

very good and needed ideas. Thank you.

I really like the idea! Good luck!

I love you robinhood! AKA @steemdrive lol

Wow amazing very helpful to those author with low viewers like me.

This Is a fantastic idea! It puts a spotlight on lesser known talent that would otherwise be overlooked. I love steemit too, but most of the main articles are ABOUT Steemit. We need more diverse subject matter to incentivize other people who are not yet on the platform. This, Is one of the only ways to keep lesser known content creators here on this platform in the future:)

Transferred 68 Steem Dollars to @robinhoodwhale. Waiting in time to shout: woo hoo....

This is an excellent initiative and sorely needed. When I see some of the great authors and content creators here not getting the recognition they deserve it really makes me sad...and frankly unmotivated to post anything. Thank you to all those involved in RobinHoodWhale.

this project was great idea ,i appreciate that

Thank you levycore. Upwards and onwards!

Great work Guys! This is how to get things Rolling on the right direction! :)

Robin Hood sounds great.
Let's hope it doesn't end up like Dennis Moore in that Monthy Python episode.

Announcing RobinHoodWhale, the Steemit Deep Sea Savior

have my full support, great project

robbin the hood baby

Oh that brings back memories.

Robbin' the hood

I don't understand the "investment" strategy. So people send SP or liquid funds that are powered up, and then... you power the fund down to pay investors back while keeping 10% to pay the curators, meaning that the robinhoodwhale is in fact leaking steem power over time? Or is the assumption that the curation reward will compensate the powering down?

A clarification of the investment strategy would be more than welcome.

Hypothetically speaking it shouldn't leak SP or MVests.

I've been powering down myself while being active and the results have been 8200-8900-10000 SP and MVests 33.2mill/33.6mill/34.2mill.

If we grow to big we will be be cutting down the %, also we have plans of starting our own little post schedule hopefully to compensate the "leakage".

I think we will keep a hybrid/adaptive approach (lowering % or powering up with the liquid rewards) just to be sure we aren't screwing over anyone.

I'll go and upvote RHW posts & comments, to i crease SP that RHW has. I urge people who can't invest to do the same. It is the best investment that you can do if you can't/won't able to send Steem/SBD. Voting power is regenrating resource, and allocating a small percentage of it is a no brainer.

Thank you xanoxt. That's one of the reasons we use a comment on each post for the time being. Hopefully it won't be needed in the near feature as we will get better visibility with higher SP.

really hope this program is a success. :) what can i do?

Join robinhood chat, easier to talk there.

Omfg, I totally do not understand how this system works - I just upvoted this post, and its value went down by $2 something...! Anyway, what I actually wanted to say was a) brilliant initiative, which I fully support and hope to contribute to; and b) THANK YOU for featuring my post - although it only 'netted' $15.29 for your trouble, it leapt from I think 3 upvotes to 30 in the space of just a few minutes, and ultimately to 44 upvotes by the 24 hour mark. So the promotion of it did work, even though the 'minnow' status of the upvoters meant the payout was low...Kudos to you guys for coming up with the idea. Much appreciated, robinhooders :o) PS This is the post of mine you promoted, thanks again -

I don't access Steemit for 2 days and this happens. When can I take part in the second investment round. Love the initiative!

This is a great idea and I would love to be part of this, but I am fairly new and it is all Greek to me. I am still trying to figure things out myself.

Join us on robinhood chat and I can walk you through

Great initiative. Keen to see how this develop and add value to our comunity

This is an incredible idea! I fully support everyone involved and I'm going to invest into this idea personally, once I have a bit more capital in my possession. I was actually chosen as an author recently and I just wanted to take a minute to thank @robinhoodwhale and all those involved in this amazing idea. This will definitely help the low-level, high-quality authors who are on steemit and continue to flock to steemit find more success and get noticed and (hopefully) stick around to contribute more great content! Keep it up guys! :)

i am new and i wont lie, i got lost! #rhw

Cool project!

I just made a challenge and no whale or dolphin will participate and I used 45 steem from my account. The point is I will able to invest on this too, not much but I will.Great post @robinhoodwhale !

Thank you @robinhoodwhale for featuring some of my work in the early days of the project. Can't wait to see this initiative grow. I wholeheartedly believe in it. I'm a minnow, but just invested 85.000 SBD. I hope others are moved to do the same.

I need technical help??? I thought Steemit was censorship free? After my article yesterday I am now being blocked from posting any more stories, I have tried 3 different webservers, each one only shows the content box and no title so I cannot post the article, something very fishy going on with my account now after my last post, how can this be resolved? Now it seems I have to start all over again and open a new account and risk getting censored again??? There is a glitch in this system @robinhoodwhale and because I am new I don't know who to ask to help

go to :)

This is a great idea, thank you for helping us minnows out of the seaweed. Hopefully one day my photos can generate more interest.

Now, I'm your fan!

OH NOOOO! Is it too late to join! I'm just a minnow, but I know a good idea when I see one. How do I find the Robinhood Chat?

Hey there @robinhoodwhale,
I could really use your help here:
I completely forgot to tag u on this...

Good thing but if we want steemit to be Universal we also need other langages whales like i sais in one of my post

wow, I've got a lot to learn! For now I'm just going to enjoy reading what all you experts are saying!

I wonder if vote pooling still makes sense economically. If curation reward is still proportional to voter's power squared, then indeed it does, but I heard that was not the case any longer... If the curators and investors voted on posts individually, would the combined effect be the same? (and without the hassles related to key sharing)

Looking forward to seeing the positive effects this initiative will have on the future of steemit. I expect great things!

@justtryme90 thank you for the help and also your contributions.

Of course. If my future posts do well I will try to keep investing in your project over the coming weeks.

Very good idea. It could solve the biggest social media problem: visibility. It's often hard to get known in this platforms and do so when you're not a native speaker or when your language is not the best one... it's pretty hard.

It's pretty hard even for the ones that don't agree with the common topics here and don't talk about them. Or even for the ones that everyday try to be active but their steem power keep signin 0.0000000000005 cent per click.

Hope this project will go on. Keep going !

I love this, it is quite a unique system that helps newcomers break through the mold! Very ingenious. Many kudos to you, RHW! :D

Thank you very much for having me and featuring me. I appreciate you greatly.

I recently posted some concerns about steemit article visibility/upvoting/content (even though I don't fully understand this) at: but now I learned about whales from this article and this seems like a wonderful idea.

I wanted to know why so many great posts were not upvoted or visible etc. but this sheds a lot more light on it.

I really think that this is an amazing initiative and we desperately need more people such as yourself to make this an amazing platform.

Thank you.

Any earnings on this comment will go to @RobinHoodWhale

Resteemed and upvoted a couple of your posts on here related to this topic. I am new and learning and frankly could use some help getting noticed. Saw your posts when I was looking at some of the work on here for @anahilarski and @hilarski - both of whom are good sources of help and info. TY for your time, I see you have not posted in a few weeks. Have a good day.

I heard about the RobinHoodWhale from @craig-grant - I post VLOGS real personal stories, will appriciate any upvote from the community.


Fantastic idea and a great opportunity for us that haven't been here so long or haven't a huge amount of followers.

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