The SteemCleaners Guide for Dealing with Abuse on Steemit

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How to Handle Types of Abuse

  1. Copy/Paste (Includes Sources):
    • Comment. Judgement call on flagging.
    • Avoid flagging if the author claims to be the writer, and continue to ID verification instead. Be reasonable, check the user’s post history.
  2. Plagiarism (No Sources):
    • Comment, and Flag repeat abusers. Cite source(s) you found.
    • Do avoid flagging if the author claims to be the writer, and continue to ID verification instead. Be reasonable, check the user’s post history.
  3. Harassment & Personal Attacks:
    • Bring it up for discussion at steemitabuse-classic.
  4. Rogue Bots:
    • Comment to attract owners attention and bring it to steemitabuse-classic.
  5. Tag Spam:
    • Comment, judgment call on Flag.
  6. High-Frequency Posters:
    • Comment to warn them of reduced payouts!
  7. Identity verification:
    • Only ask for verification of a user claiming to be an online persona or In-real-life person. Do not ask individuals to verify themselves if they don't claim to be a "known" person or if they are a website, blog, or business entity.
    • If a user posts a photo and it's not a "real" photo of themselves, ask them to remove the photo. It should be their choice to replace it with a photo of themselves.
    • Respect a user's right to anonymity until they claim to be "somebody".
    • Check user history to ensure user hasn’t previously been verified!

Course of Action For Abuse

    Based on a user's participation history there may be need for discussion and/or further flagging to ensure that further bad or unwanted behavior is discouraged.

    New users to the platform should be guided in the right direction when they make a mistake. Let’s not flag-nuke them immediately within their first couple of posts. The only exception being identity theft and attacks on other users.

    Steemit users with a low reputation and/or low SP or anyone who prefers to avoid revenge flagging by plagiarists for reporting issues can bring forth the problem to steemitabuse-classic for steemcleaners or someone else to handle.

Things to Consider

    Each user should evaluate the evidence before flagging and participate as they see fit.
Users shouldn't feel obligated to flag or take any action they don't agree with or don't have the voting power/reputation for.

    If you post a link by a known retaliation flagger in nuke, please make a comment about it when you post the link or edit your post and add the note.

    Don’t make it personal when you decide to flag someone. It may work against you. Channels


Room Topic: Discuss and post links to all forms of abuse on Keep OT (off topic) arguments and other conversations to another room!

Channel is open to all users.
1.Obey requests to stop Off Topic chat when abuse is brought up in the channel
2.Be courteous to each other when disagreeing
3.Resolve personal issues amicably without being abusive.


Room Topic: Join here for appeals if you have a Negative Reputation or you’re on Cheetah bot’s Black List. Post appeal links and keep your discussions brief and on point. Always stick to the topic at hand.

Appeal posts must include the following:
1.A link to the offense—Your post that got nuked or @cheetah banned!
2.Acknowledgement and understanding of the offense.
3.A sincere apology to the community by the offender.
4.A promise by the offender not to repeat the offense ever again!

Note: Remember that repeat offenses are unlikely to receive a second chance at appeals!


Room Topic: Links only, no discussion. Post links for proven abuse that requires Flags. Posted links must have a comment in the post defining the abuse. Everyone is encouraged to review each link and the post on and act as they see fit.

Channel is open to all users to view/add links.
1.This room is not for discussion.
2.When posting links be sure that the reason for posting is clearly indicated in the comments of the post.
3.If you need upvotes to counter downvotes on your comments, so it’s visible, you can make a request in steemitabuse-classic.
4.Please note any known retaliation/revenge flagging by a user when posting their link in nuke.

[Special thanks to @cass for the logo!]


Example comment to handle Copy/Paste. Personalizing comments for a situation is encouraged!

Source: [Link]
Copying/Pasting articles without permission is copyright infringement. If you want to share a news story, simply link to the source, and include your original commentary, and possibly small quotes from source. Copy paste is discouraged by the community, and may result in action from the cheetah bot.

Example comment to handle Identity. Personalizing comments for a situation is encouraged!

Hello! Welcome to Steemit.

In order to prevent identity theft we like to encourage users that have an online identity, post for a website or blog, and celebrities of all notoriety to verify themselves. Verified users tend to receive a better reception from the community.

Verification can be as simple as posting to your website or blog. If you use twitter or facebook, you can also create a tweet or post there. For our easily recognizable Steemians, a photo with you holding a piece of paper with the time & date will suffice.

Thank you!

Example comment to handle Photo Plagiarism. Personalizing comments for a situation is encouraged!

Source: [Link]
Not citing the source of photos, or using copyrighted photos, is plagiarism. Here is a post on why this is bad, and here is how easy it is to find allowed photos.

I feel like I am necro-ing something, but I still have the question. If the author does not cite a source for a photo, is it not in the best interest of the community to assume, until proven otherwise, that it is theirs? I personally agree with the MLA Style Manual on that, and most "print" writers do as well.

@erelas - In many cases it is obvious that the content is not theirs. For instance:

  • A post's author has 10 images all taken from different sources, it is safe to assume that some (or all) of the images are stolen.
  • The author has their name somewhere on their SteemIt profile, and the poster of the image has a different name.
  • The image is widely circulated on major news sites, and the author appears to have no professional affiliation with those sites.

There are very rare cases where the original poster of the image has reposted it from another source to SteemIt and their identity is not obvious, but in general that is not the case. Most photographers will make their identity well-known as they want to gain cross-platform popularity and recognition.

It doesn't hurt to check, but 99 times out of 100, when you suspect content theft, it's actually content theft.

Example comment to handle high-frequency posters. Personalizing comments for a situation is encouraged!

Watch out! Posting more than 4 content posts a day can result in a lower payout. Guide to the posting structure can be found here.

Thanks for this comment. good to know. my record is 4 posts in a day but of different content.

Example comments to handle Tag Spam. Personalizing comments for a situation is encouraged!

Tag Spam means using irrelevant tags, especially popular tags. Using tags improperly makes it hard to find good and relevant content.
Please use relevant tags when posting! Abusing tags can potentially lead to people flagging you, even from dan himself.

Additions for Specific Tags


Please refrain from using #photography for posting art, posting graphics, posting other users photos without commentary, etc.


The introduceyourself tag is for creating a post that tells us about you. Users are encouraged to use this tag exclusively for that, and not to reuse it.

#steemit / #steem

Please only use the steemit tag for articles distinctly related to steemit itself.

The perfect guide for anyone willing to assist with this initiative!

Great guide for all, even the non techy guys and girls out there:)

I will have to quote Larken Rose - The Most Dangerous Superstition - but the entire book addresses this very issue.

"The average statist (one who believes in “government”), while lamenting all the ways in which “authority” has been used as a tool for evil, even in his own country, will still insist that it is possible for “government” to be a force for good, and still imagine that “authority” can and must provide the path to peace and justice."

Read that book -

ALERT Notice this info is for all to read and understand as for NEWS CHANNEL 428 is just one of 8 of our channels on youtube which all are in very good standing and when we post a video made by some one else it is because we have permission to do so in order to inform as many people in the world with the truth, as possible we also post in over 20 other media formats and web sites , example, twitter, pinterest,blogger,stumbleupon, linkin, tumblr, etc, and etc,

Hello, Can ANYONE Please help me? I wrote an article on Steemit on Saturday. Today I found someone on Steemit @kellyhall edited their original article and PASTED my WHOLE Article which is plagiarism. I am not quite understanding how to report this on @steemcleaners. Thank you for ANY Help!!!

Hopefully we can make some real progress in the war against plagiarism.

i notice a lot of google images being used without mention of if they are found through fair use - i checked several yesterday and found they where all from google -now they might have been fair use , but shouldn't that be mentioned by the author that they are using google images and it is fair use ?

I fully support this initiative, and will do what I can to report those attempting to abuse this growing platform.

Great initiative! I will try and remember to tag any posts I see fall under the plagiarism and identity theft rules when I'm browsing /new.

For the identity part; if users feel they don't really know how to identify themselves or why they should verify their #introduceyourself posts, I have made this thread that should help them out with it if anyone deems it to be helpful:

That's a great post, if you have time can you find me in I'd like to ask you about writing a post.


I'm gonna be semi-afk for another 2 weeks or so, after that sure.

personally, i don't see it as a judgement call flag for C+P unless the material is explicitly in the public domain.

Cited full article C+P is still copyright infringement

wow thanks for sharing buddy

this is super helpful

What is the meaning nuke?

I will be sure to help in whatever way I can!
I love this community and want to do as much as possible to improve it!
Thanks for the opportunity~*~

Someone called (at) themilkymark is threatening everyone who has @themarkymark voted as witness. They are claiming that if we do not remove our witness vote, they will downvote us.

Threats and bullying are abuse. They sent a memo in our wallets.

I had a friend that had built up to $100+/post and 62+ reputation, with great content and socializing.

Her account just got nuked to zero rep and equivilent loss in $ value from downvotes and a promise of 'Consider your account dust'.

As far as I can tell there is no recovery or protection from that (abuser will continue to flag/downvote and there's nothign that can be done about that, can't block them, etc).

Which is a bummer, as that's a major flaw of Steemit: I sure as hell am not going to put in time, effort, or $ investment into steemit if in a day months of all my work and effort and gains can be destroyed...with no protection from that and no recourse when it happens.

Too bad your spider picks up original posts as plagiarized material. Sad that a bot has power to ruin peoples online identity

I know this post is from last year and some things have changed since then. I joined Steemit just a few weeks ago and am still learning. A while ago I tried to go to the steemitabuse-classic channel on the and the channel doesn't seem to exist anymore. So where do I turn to? I suspect plagiarism by one person I'm following.

Interesting concept to empower members to decide what are spam posts and what infringe on the rules.

That was very informative and well written. Now I have a warm fuzzy feeling all over. Thank You

I am changed my post. Now unbaned my account, please. I am a new member of 2/3 weeks only.
Actually I did not know cheetah report can not be shared for everyone's good.This is copyright issue.
Now I understand all, please unbaned me and give me a chance @onnesion.... !cheetah @cheetah.
Now what can i do?