Top Ten Everything 2007

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Here is my list as follows - Let me know yours in the comments, below:

10 - Enchanted

That's How You Know That You Love Her - great song from Disney's Enchanted. Saw this film in Hawaii on Christmas Day 2007 with The Salvation Army's Dave Hudson family. Was in Hawaii for Revolution Hawaii. Enchanted was magical for me, like the Newsies, makes me wanna dance, sing, & soar with my dreams.

08 - Don't Stop The Music

Rihanna - We Are The Super Elites - American Patriots - Country First - Don't stop the momentum, the music, the success, the progress, in life, keep going, built on fundamentals.

07 - Stronger

This Kanye West gives me Obama Hope.

06 - Guitar Hero 2

Fun game. I play guitar and piano. We played it at Kuratli.

05 - Super Mario Galaxy 1

I'm a big fan of Jump Man.

04 - The Simpsons - The Movie

A cartoon sitcom focused on the father and the son.

03 - Golden Compass

In this world, your soul is an animal that walks around with you. In other words, it is like walking around with your animal Pokemon soul creature, AKA Pocket Monster.

02 - The Bourne Ultimatum

My favorite Matt Damon character is Jason Bourne - Reminds me of Nowhere Man. Only thing cooler than a ninja might be a pirate.

01 - At World's End

Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack Sparrow is my alter ego when I'm running like a drunken sailor. love that compass that points us to what our hearts desires most. Pirates Over Ninjas. I'm Jack in some ways. As a Kuratli staff, we saw this film that summer of 2007. Ra Ra Roo Roo. Are you at Your World's End?

Top Ten Everything 2007

2018-06-25 - Monday - 12:45 PM LMS - Top Ten Everything 2007
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