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Cryptocurrency Music Videos: (Click Here). Our Cartoon President. Click here to download the first episode of Our Cartoon President. Code Pink is into International Laws, AKA Anti-American Laws. They said they believe in "SUSTAINABILITY" which is code for what eugenicists promote with Agenda 2030. They like women rights, unless if the women are hiding in the bodies of other women. They love gay rights but hate Trump who defends gay rights. The Left Can Meme. Her Website is LisaHaven.News

By Oatmeal Joey

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Some highlights from 2019-07-13 - Saturday, as follows:

July of 2015

Have been writing my review on that these past few days.


2019-07-13 - Saturday - 12:55 AM - 04:05 AM - Our Cartoon President S01E01

Our Cartoon President

12:33 AM - Thread - Our Cartoon President (2018) | Series Sneak Peek | Stephen Colbert SHOWTIME Series - Our Cartoon President is thirty minutes per episode. The newest episode S02E09 and it has Alex Jones in it. Click here to watch it. It is Robot Chicken Funny which made fun of Star Wars and yet Star Wars fan love Robot Chicken and we can love this in the same kind of way. Actually, this Left Show can Meme. Click here to download the first episode of Our Cartoon President. Don't mess with me, McMaster, or I'll show you a real master and fire you in a heartbeat. McMaster said: "Did he just ask us to wage a Coup?" Why did the Trump come in a Fire Truck? Because he was going to burn down the swamp, baby. Jack Handey. Paul Ryan: Give me more drugs. Trump: Why? Paul Ryan: Because I want to look like Tim Apple. The White House reminds me of the castle in Mario 64. I would love to see a video game of Mario running around the White House with Trump. I would play that game. Add Alex Jones as a bonus unlockable character. Ben Carson is like a vampire. He said that so many brains are going to waste. In the first episode, Trump asks his Cabinet for ideas for his first State of the Union. Also, he also tries to press the big button to blow up the world. I know nothing about 5G. It's like a video game, right? Dad, the Geoengineering Sky is literally melting my face off like that father from That 70's Show back when he was a villain on RoboCop. What? You want me to save Tommy Robinson? Eric Trump: Daddy, Hillary called me a Deplorable? Daddy Trump: Yeah, son, with a face like that, what else is there left to explore? Chuck: You're scaring the Jesus out of me, Trump. Why am I not brushing with Super Blue? The Fluoride is taking my breath away in a bad way. Now, I'm Super Blue. No borders. No walls. No private bathrooms at all. Refuges? Like out of the toilet? What? Water? Like out of the toilet? What did you say? No, I'm not a swamp creature. How rude. My name is Hannity and I'm a WARaholic. Jay Leno & JFK met at a bar. Things got freaky. Nine months later, I popped out. Let's start with the first question: Eric, why so much soy? Daddy Trump, we're sorry, Bill Gates knocked on the door and gave us some Christmas Mormon Cookies. We swear we had no idea Mercury Vaccines were in them. He said, "It's Ma'am," and he punched us in the face. Steven Miller joined the globalism cult. Are you sure you want me to kiss you right now? This is not my little tramp. We're not both cute little dogs sipping up spaghetti noodles. I'm actually Princess Padme from Star Wars. The UFOs from Area 51 forgot to take me back. So, I decided to make the most of it and marry Trump. Trump, stop it with your Princess Leia Gold Bikini Fetish, because she is literally my daughter and that is just gross. Just do it. Get married. Stop being girly men. Don't be afraid to ask hot women out on dates. Court them. Click here to find more voice-over videos to help people teach themselves how-to make voice-over Mark-Dice Parody Videos. Trump On Vaccines. Stephen Miller Joins Spirit Cooking. Trump, believe it or not, but Big Pharma gave me a big head. They said eat this, it's called Agent Orange. Yeah, people eat it all the time in Vietnam and they're pretty Đẹp Quá. @Mischief_With_Griff, I tried to access Telegram on my laptop and ran into a problem. There might be something I can download. So, I may try again in a few hours. I prefer not using my phone a lot. Is this how democracy dies, in thunderous applause? Padme, are you sure I was adopted? I look more like a young Dolly Parton. Melania Trump: Sorry, Ivanka, but I'm going to disown you and sell you back to the Russians. Ivanka Trump: I knew it. I knew I was a Russian Doll. I looked inside myself and saw a doll inside a doll inside a doll like Inception made out of dolls. Like Willy Wonka & Doll Factory. Mom, I think I had too much Gay Frog Tap Water Again. Mommy, Rothschild promised me immortality. America is so hot, I have to wear these shades just to avoid getting blinded by the Sonic Boom of an economy that is like so huge. State of the Union From a Fire Truck. When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Donald Trump. Cartoon Trump actually says, "The next seven years will be tremendous." Get your toothpaste at Infowars Store.

Making Memes

03:19 AM - Three steps. Three teams.

  1. Team 1 throws out screenshots, ideas, etc.
  2. Team 2 turn them into memes, videos, etc.
  3. Team 3 shares them, tweets them, etc.

Ivanka vs Melania Trump

03:23 AM - So, I said to Rothschild, "Why not two immoralities for the price of one?" Mommy, if I ate you, would anybody notice? Mom, why are my teeth so big? Mom, did you have an affair with an alligator? Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be just like AOC. Mommy, I mean like, what if all women are actually aliens from other planets? Pee Wee Jared Herman, what took you so long? Oh my God. Stop it. My name is not Pee Wee, it's Slim Shady. How are you doing, White Gumby? Trump names Melania National Bird. Let's go raid Area 51 in my new Firetruck. Melania transforms into a bird. Wait, better yet, she now identifies as a bird.

Big Pharma Commercials

03:57 AM - Thanks for watching our show, brought to you by Big Pharma. Please buy our drugs. Stop growing gardens. Make commercial great again. All our ads are brought to you by Big Pharma & Soros. You're going to love feeling totally addicted to our drugs. Trump's Anniversary Present to Melania, an Executive Order that says Donald tried to make Melania happy.

Millie Weaver

10:59 AM - Social Media Summit Icons Fight Censorship - Featuring Joy Villa Mark Dice, Minds Bill Ottman, Bill Mitchell, Brandon Tatum, etc.


11:05 AM - MGTOW Meetup: Genetic Deadend - blond & beta - teen edition - attack of the killer soph tomatoes


12:00 PM - 03:20 PM - Cut the grass in the back yard. Building a thing in the shed for the water motor. Need to buy screws. Ok. Washed the dishes. Eating soup. Coffee.

Liberty Hangout

03:28 PM - Imagine Thinking This: Kaitlin Bennett interview these 2 women - Code Pink is into International Laws, AKA Anti-American Laws. They said they believe in "SUSTAINABILITY" which is code for what eugenicists promote with Agenda 2030. They like women rights, unless if the women are hiding in the bodies of other women. They love gay rights but hate Trump who defends gay rights.

Getting Active

03:44 PM - @Invalidcookie, if they can stop behind a keyboard, then why are you behind a keyboard?


03:45 PM - 04:25 PM - Finished the boat thing. Then finished the shed roof thing. The front part. Longer screws.

The List of Alternatives

04:31 PM - Here is a rough draft of some alternatives as follows:

Add your own lists:

  • Google <<<< DuckDuckGo
  • Bing <<<< StartPage
  • Yahoo <<<< Qwant
  • Yandex <<<< SearX
  • Facebook <<<< Minds
  • Twitter <<<< Gab
  • Instagram <<<< Pixelfed
  • Reddit <<<< Steemit & Voat
  • YouTube <<<< BitChute & DTube
  • SoundCloud <<<< DSound
  • Twitch <<<< Vimm.tv
  • Patreon <<<< SubscribeStar & BitBacker
  • PayPal & Stripe <<<< 2nd Amendment Processing
  • Google Play Store <<<< Aptoide & F-Droid
  • Google DNS <<<< CloudFlare DNS
  • Google Chrome <<<< Iridium / Ungoogled Chromium
  • Firefox <<<< IceCat
  • Skype <<<< Wire
  • Discord <<<< Riot.im
  • Google/Apple Calls & Text <<<< Signal
  • Gmail <<<< ProtonMail
  • Hotmail <<<< Tutanota

Spread the Word, People. The more people learn about Big Tech Alternatives, the more Silicon Valley will suffer for it.

The Hitler Tactics

Lisa Haven

04:57 PM - Hitler Tactics - BEWARE! Brown Shirt Army Activated In The US—Pack Your Bags, Go Communist Or… - Lisa said that she is not allowed to say Hitler. So, she held up a paper that said HITLER ON YOUTUBE. I was banned many times for posting Hitler pictures on Facebook. Not only do globalists push leftists to see that conservatives are evil, leftists are perfect; but beyond that, conservatives may end up doing the same thing which can be a problem as well.

Her Website is LisaHaven.News

Dear Trump,

Why can't we say Hitler on Facebook, YouTube, etc?

When you try to red-pill people, you may be tempted to call the left whatever they call you, racist, violent, bad, sexist, etc, etc.

The right can be right that many on the left are doing bad things.

But sometimes, when you are trying to red-pill, sometimes, just maybe, generally speaking, it might be less effective to excessively dehumanize leftists who you are trying to talk to and red-pill. Well, it depends, but generally speaking, we can end up playing a role, even accidentally, in participating in some of the Hitler Tactics, even while trying to help.


05:30 PM - Sonic in Non-Sonic Games

Geeks & Gamers

09:56 PM - Scarlett Johansson Speaks Out Against PC Hollywood - She says she has the right to portray any person, gender, alien, animal, or whatever that she wants as an actor playing characters, because that's my job as an actor, to play characters who are not me.