Comprehensive Booming Report||| From 10 August to 17 August ,2022

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Hello, Beautiful People Of the Urdu Community!

Urdu Community is making The top 4 posts, post for the Quality posts which are being ignored or somehow not curated, we will try to give support to them but remember everyone, no votes in the community are guaranteed, and nor are the curators themselves promise to vote on your every post so all you have to do is create quality content and stay calm.

The reason for the selection of these posts is that these posts are written well with proper pictures and we appreciate their quality work. We have no doubt about the people of the Urdu Community, all of them are very hardworking and doing their best in creating Quality posts now we need some patience friends and you will get rewarded soon.

Every user got only two booming vote in one week except urdu community official account.

BEST POSTS that has been selected for booming vote

Comprehensive Booming Report||| From 11 August to 17 August ,2022

Serial#AuthorPost linkDate
1@nadiawazeerPost11 August
2@yousafharoonkhanPost11 August
3@sadiausafPost11 August
4@sagar0Post11 August
5@anwar1976Post12 August
6@tariqkhanptiPost12 August
7@muskanaliPost12 August
8@hassan920Post12 August
9@prof.zailmustafaPost13 August
10@nadiawazeerPost13 August
11@noreensajawalPost13 August
12@sadiausafPost13 August
13@umair8Post14 August
14@jessica566Post14 August
15@sagar0Post14 August
16@ayshamjamshaidPost14 August
17@urdu-communityPost15 August
18@hassanrazaaPost15 August
19@abassimitPost15 August
20@imraniaziPost15 August
21@sadiausafPost16 August
22@ayshamjamshaidPost16 August
23@muskanaliPost16 August
24@yousafharoonkhanPost16 August
25@prof.zailmustafaPost17 August
26@umair8Post17 August
27@hassan920Post17 August
28@nadiawazeerPost17 August

Previous Comprehensive Booming Report||| From 03 August to 10 August ,2022

Serial#AuthorPost linkDate
1@anwar1976Post3 August
2@yousafharoonkhanPost3 August
3@muskanaliPost3 August
4@prof.zailmustafaPost3 August
5@urdu-communityPost4 August
6@nadiawazeerPost4 August
7@sadiausafPost4 August
8@ayshamjamshaidPost4 August
9@abassimitPost5 August
10@sagar0Post5 August
11@urdu-communityPost5 August
12@noreensajawalPost5 August
13@urdu-communityPost6 August
14@eshrat786Post6 August
15@imraniaziPost6 August
16@horainfatimaPost6 August
17@sadiausafPost7 August
18@nadiawazeerPost7 August
19@jessica566Post7 August
20@ayshamjamshaidPost7 August
21@abassimitPost8 August
22@sagar0Post8 August
23@saleemkhanaPost8 August
24@jessica566Post8 August
25@anwar1976Post9 August
26@hassan920Post9 August
27@umair8Post9 August
28@tariqkhanptiPost9 August
29@yousafharoonkhanPost10 August
30@prof.zailmustafaPost10 August
31@attarasool633Post10 August
32@abassimitPost10 August

Points to remember!

  • The posts of those members will be selected who will participate in #Club5050 and #Club75 and #club100.
  • The member must be in at least #club5050 to be eligible for the selection.
  • Remember we will select Quality posts only, so if your post is not Quality and you are insisting to select your post then - don't waste your time you will not get any further support.
  • We will support the users that are active and post regularly so if you post once a week there is no guaranteed support for them.
  • If you want to be selected in the Top Posts keep making some great content so then we will surely support you.
  • We take special care of our sincere delegators.
  • Also keep checking each other's posts and do engage with community members and appreciate each other's work.
  • we will support new user specially to increase their sp then they can take participate in #club5050 and club100

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 3 months ago 

تمام مصنفین اور تمام اچھے کام کرنے والوں کو مبارکباد۔ اردو فیملی کا بہت شکریہ۔

 3 months ago 

بہت شکریہ اردو کمیوہنٹی آپ نے مجھے عزت دی۔😍😍😍

bhut bhut shuriya urdu community ap nay mari tarir ku adar juga di hai
urdu community zinda bad

 3 months ago 

میری پوسٹ کو سپورٹ کرنے کے لیے اردو کمیونٹی کا بہت بہت شکریہ۔ میں بہت خوش ہوں۔ تمام اردو کمیونٹی ٹیم کا شکریہ

atni id ku anam mila hai ma nay sat din ply lakhi post mujay q ni milata vote agar kuy galti hai tu batain


This post has been upvoted with @steemcurator09/ Curated by: @yousafharoonkhan

 3 months ago 

shukriya sub ka atni azat ka

 3 months ago 

Congratulations to all the selected post, sorry I am not online for few weeks, I am married and my husband is not at home, so without his permission I will not join blogging, but take permission from family. after the.

 3 months ago 

بہت شکریہ اردو کمیونٹی کا جس نے ہمیں اس قابل سمجھا

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