The Daily Curie (8th Oct - 9th Oct 2016)

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Project Curie is a community project run by several Steemit authors. Our mission is to help reward new content creators who are posting all sorts of original content, and give them the exposure that they need. In partnership with @nextgencrypto and other whale accounts, Project Curie aims to provide rewards to these deserving authors whether they are writers, artists, chefs, photographers, videographers, and many others.

In full transparency, you will be able to find a published list every day detailing all the posts that Project Curie has chosen by our curators. At the same time, our hope is that this list will provide more positive exposure to the selected authors.

We hope that you will consider following not only this @curie account, but also many of the authors whose work is featured here each day. Please consider adding your comments on these posts also!

Today's Brief Analysis

Today's list polls all posts curated between 08/10 12:30 UTC and 09/10 12:00 UTC. Project Curie voted on a total of 106 posts by 106 unique authors. SBD 3,981 has been generated for authors thus far, at an average of SBD 38 per post. This is surprisingly busy for a weekend.

@techslut[Original Novel] Mistress of Magic: Morgan's Apprentice - Chapter 7 [NSFW]198.220 SBD
@lily-da-vineAdventures into Mexican Markets, Part 3: Trip to the Farmacia94.846 SBD
@foxxycatI quit my job or how I decided to get the bull by the horns and do something with my life61.982 SBD
@royalmacroOur Great Festival Durga Puja - Series Photography #0259.326 SBD
@gargonProyecto Cervantes : Compensación y reconocimiento para escritores de habla hispana (Vol.17)58.021 SBD
@sulev"The Old Anatomicum" Creating a Photo Step by Step53.759 SBD
@cryptosThermal Imaging, Thermal Cameras, The Movie Predator and Now in Your Own Pocket52.162 SBD
@iamwneSpecial Effects Test - Jetstrike - Digital Sunrise49.377 SBD
@jacobcardsThe Man on his Hands (An Original Nursery Rhyme)48.877 SBD
@yangyangWhale & Lily Drawing 隱身於百合花裡的鯨魚 고래&릴리44.529 SBD
@alexftMini motorcycle (art caps)43.374 SBD
@blocho사회적 기술이란 무엇인가? (What is Social Technology?)43.439 SBD
@etcmikeLife Hack: Simple, Fast Way to Open Thin Plastic Trash Bags42.986 SBD
@nonameslefttouse(Name Pending): End Gamer Plus disclaimer42.695 SBD
@drakminMy Lego design: Star Wars Snowspeeder42.724 SBD
@mariandeHOW DANGEROUS IS TRAVEL IN IRAQ? See here what I saw.41.894 SBD
@boosje123If you could, what would you ask a visually impaired person?41.748 SBD
@cloh76The NEW Google Pixel Smartphone. Can it compete with Apple and Samsung?40.573 SBD
@gonzoForeign Music – Translated with LSD40.477 SBD
@rigaronib"Life of a Magnolia" - Original photography paid for 100% in Steem Power?40.299 SBD
@ghostwriterAncient of Dunaya Chapter 1: The Well of Life40.306 SBD
@themagusPlaying the tourist on our own doorstep – Western Cape’s SWARTLAND area - Hawksmoor House40.765 SBD
@profitgeneratorTechnical Analysis & Normal Distribution40.464 SBD
@streetstyleHow I turned $1,500 into $15,000 -- WHEN EVERYONE FLED, I DOVE IN!! -- Making Money in a Crisis40.472 SBD
@vermillionfoxMy hair evolution.39.065 SBD
@dr0tclVirtual Reality - The Future39.059 SBD
@peskovThe story of a Windmill (featuring Vasily Peskov as author)39.489 SBD
@razaakC++ Tutorial 2: Concatenation & Conversions //Things Most Tutorials Forget to Mention //Learn by doing39.473 SBD
@jay4uDumulgyeong, lonely sailboat of autumn. Korea39.586 SBD
@yoonjang0707여자친구와 터키요리를 만들다 - 쿕테 -39.056 SBD
@nadiartistStep by Step Anime ART38.360 SBD
@bkkshadowLife's Guilty Pleasures and The Best Foie Gras outside of France.38.944 SBD
@schattenjaegerPeople Saying Racism is Wrong and People Saying it Isn't Can both be Right - the Importance of Defining of Terms38.600 SBD
@sircarloHow to - Make Delicious Apple Dumplings At Home!38.378 SBD
@krabgatTODAY in HISTORY (9 October): The first European to set foot on American soil was in 1000 AD37.508 SBD
@twinbraid스크래치를 배워보자 0237.318 SBD
@alienbuttThe Missing Sacrifice part 3 (Vampire Eloim the 2nd story)37.323 SBD
@littlescribeDEAR LITTLESCRIBE: Stressed Out. Tried Everything. Please Help!37.446 SBD
@beersGERMAN BEER OF THE DAY #5 - Maxlrainer Helles - from Germanys Brewery of the year 201637.800 SBD
@cjclaroBLENDED LEARNING SERIES PART #8: Lab Rotation Model (Not Your Regular Computer Laboratory Time)37.085 SBD
@lovealwaysalto the lake we go37.752 SBD
@tarekadamProduct design - Steemit Remote36.221 SBD
@steemculturesBatik, Textile Craft That Has High Artistic Value36.953 SBD
@sharkerThe soul of New Delhi — SteemitPhotoChallenge #12 Entry 236.397 SBD
@stephmckenzieWhen Did We Go Crazy as a Society?--When the Victim and the Assailant are the Same Person36.781 SBD
@svetlanaaaBookmark Monster (original work) / Закладка для книг Монстрик36.885 SBD
@ariettleVegetable Bibimbap :: 생채소 비빔밥 힐링돼요36.874 SBD
@markzkaTaylor Swift36.233 SBD
@wartrapaJÚLIA: 5 years old girl playing her VIOLIN for STEEMIT35.875 SBD
@bigpchefTake A Trip With Me To Cannabis California35.803 SBD
@kiwidebCreating a day that made me HAPPY: attending the WoW Wearable Arts Awards35.134 SBD
@kaykunoichiC O S M I C C O N N E C T I O N S35.395 SBD
@behfar[Shopping Around the World]- 1 Steem Dollar35.612 SBD
@thefinalgirlOriginal Work: You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home, Chapter 5, Part 135.718 SBD
@allpunkallpunk와 함께 하는 코인 이야기 #1.35.473 SBD
@rebelmeowOriginal Fiction: Lip Gloss and Power Chords, part one35.246 SBD
@katharsisdrillKalevala Rune IX - an unfinished sketch35.996 SBD
@abarefootpoetconsort - an original poem34.055 SBD
@michelle.gentWARNING Bad Language - Thug Life34.563 SBD
@king3071Smoking with new technology !34.131 SBD
@abdullarSushi in Kuwait34.659 SBD
@woman-onthe-wingHomemade Healthy Snacks - #9 No Sugar Apple & Ginger Oat Cookies - An Original Recipe34.598 SBD
@moon32walkerPC Game Review - Marvel Heroes 201634.074 SBD
@havok777Creepy Clown Sightings - Jesters and Clowns back for revenge!33.900 SBD
@michaelstobierskAn Original Painting by Michael Stobierski33.765 SBD
@getonthetrainHistorical Misfits: The Flying Jeeps33.612 SBD
@scaredycatguideWeekly Poetry Jam - Different Time Different Place (Original Poetry)33.671 SBD
@mweichCold Brew Coffee on the Cheap33.964 SBD
@benjamin.stillBack in Alaska33.736 SBD
@herverissonGenerals of Napoleon (4) - BERTHIER - "The Architect of the Grande Armée"33.399 SBD
@yogidream.scapesSo I started a YouTube channel - And the first series is about drawings.32.055 SBD
@sunscapeSunscape's Backyard Critters! - "Squirrel"... Did you not notice I am out of peanuts?32.230 SBD
@jessamynorchard@jessamynorchard ChillMode Loop Remix + Part One of WPB Project32.133 SBD
@masonmilerELEANOR'S CURSE - (An Original Short Fiction Story By @Masonmiler )32.781 SBD
@uuuhha🌄 Touching the Sky – Climbing volcano Aragats in Armenia. Part 1 (Original Photos) Eng/Ru32.722 SBD
@flandudeLearning How To Paint32.862 SBD
@jeff-kubitzMeeting Death - A Truckers Halloween Story - Part 232.630 SBD
@amy-oestreicherWhy Dance Will Literally Move You Through Any Trauma or "Detour"32.351 SBD
@aphelion-iBroken Slippers32.089 SBD
@tinalyngeOverthrowing Fate - Chapter 05: The World on the Other Side30.655 SBD
@creatrIt's Here! Come Ride My Beautiful Magic Carpet30.016 SBD
@orenshani7Understanding the Middle East, part 9 - Oranges and dates, part 129.092 SBD
@stevescoinsTell us what your favorite Halloween costume was28.790 SBD
@voronenkaPortrait of @affrikanin28.959 SBD
@jaybirdOpenMic Night Contest - Original Song "Goodbye" - Jaybird28.726 SBD
@everittdmickeyTEOTWAWKI (An Original Novel - Chapter 32)28.959 SBD
@ezravanAn Artist Heart - Creative Journey #128.745 SBD
@birdieA Twilight Sky (Original Photo)27.314 SBD
@feline1991Knee Replacement gone wrong.27.024 SBD
@stillsafeManage Risk & Augment Your Wealth Steemers!!!27.771 SBD
@alcibiadesCreate single-page web apps with React.js and this awesome new tool27.997 SBD
@nataleeoliverGames of Southeastern Asia 1- Cambodia #21.27.044 SBD
@grisha-danunaherThe Mauritius delicacy - a blue marlin /// Маврикийский деликатес - синий марлин26.018 SBD
@contentkingCONTROVERSIAL Video Claims Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed!26.573 SBD
@futurefoodFuture Food Episode 03 - Taste testing Joylent with Kylo Ren and The White Ninja26.856 SBD
@lajuliusscrapbooking 2nd edition - 2ème édition EN/FR26.261 SBD
@sandroievaImpressive Knight - Canvas Painting25.458 SBD
@jimitationsStarship Winkler - Episode 2524.937 SBD
@witchcraftblogWonderful concert. MESSER CHUPS. +2videos24.650 SBD
@verbal-dPearlescent Poems # 11: More Or Less24.375 SBD
@puffinSteemit Cardboard Pop Art Drawing #1 Ned24.243 SBD
@karisaPicture from fruit pits with own hands ( My handmade)24.392 SBD
@yanikSamurai20.199 SBD
@alvinng771. Searching for jobs opportunities By alvinng7719.748 SBD
@jed78The Ripe Report! What's going to market this week!19.267 SBD

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And I thought robinhoodwhale was a good project this is some amazing stuff, going to have to follow.

Superb as always @curie ! I see some of them I already follow them and the others I will give my small support by upvoting them now!

w00t! Never did I dream that I would make it to the top of the daily curie. I am just... Wowed, you guys!!! <3 <3 <3

@techslut Way to go! Your success is earned!

very good publications were selected, an example to follow. congratulations to the winners,

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Thanks to @curie for the constant support and great curation!

I am visually impaired and reading takes a lot of time and energy. (I also blog about how I live life with a vision of 5% while also trying to have a normal life as a 24 year old womans haha) These lists you show are helping me to find original and interesting content way easier than having to scan it all by myself so thank you!

Thank you for featuring me. :)

I am honored and very excited to see that my SECOND post on SteemIt has made this list! Thanks so much guys! I hope to continue to put out quality content that is helpful and informative. I absolutely love this project BTW!

Thank you for featuring my post! :D

Nice job as always. So glad there are projects like curie that promote diverse content.

Great information again. Thank you!

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Thank you so much for the support!!! You're doing an awesome job @curie

Thank you very much. That makes me really happy to find my blog here @lajulius