I quit my job or how I decided to get the bull by the horns and do something with my life

in baking •  2 years ago

My feet are burning, my feet are burning, my feet are burning…

The heat radiates into my heels starting from somewhere around my calves. I’ve been standing on my feet all day and this is all I can feel. My body is trying to persuade me to STOP.
But how can I? I still have 5 tarts to bake!
But what about my state of mind? I’m tired but happy, confused but happy, stumbled on my own happiness. What a buzz worthy feeling!


I have, like everyone, evil voices in my head. They do their job perfectly:
Why did you quit your job? they ask.
To stay and cook all day and feeling tired more than when you actually had a job? Is this the life you wanted? they mock.
Wasn’t much easier to stay in a office, for 8 hours, working on a PC and having long never-ending meetings with your boss? they taunt.
No, I am not crazy :)) and..

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Shut up and eat a brownie and stop asking stupid questions!

I say yes to this life!
I say yes to this new role of mine: entrepreneur.
I say yes to this new job of mine: baker.
I say yes to late night working hours and sleepless nights.

I quit my job for various reasons: almost hating my boss, routine and monotony and other little but very serious annoyances. Yeah, you’ve probably read a lot of successful stories on subject like this one. Well, I’m not sure this is one of those. I hope it will be though.

I quit my job to pursuit my happiness, to devote more time to my family, to know myself better and other aims. This all is true but to be perfectly 100% honest: I quit my job because it was threatening my self-respect. A line had been crossed ten times too many times.
My story has no end, no happy ending for the moment. I’m still hustling to get things well done and organized.

A few months ago, I started a small home-based business.
It was rather a natural progression from the rave reviews I had received from friends but I do dream that someday it will be big. Well, at least big enough to make a living.
With my current unemployment status..what better moment is there really?
The business is called “Tartelicious” and it is growing and is invading the taste buds of Bucharest people.


After my resignation, many things have connected - yeah the Universe doesn’t sleep.
It’s true: a door closes and a window opens.

THE TART is the core product of my business. Why did I choose it?
It’s easy: I adore tarts - savory tarts, fruit tarts, cheesecakes, chocolate tarts, no bake tarts. They could accomplish a lot of tasty desires. Also, I was pissed of by paying a lot of money on crappy tarts from hypermarket or pastries. Sorry guys, but this is the truth
Say NO to crappy tarts!!

I’ll have to end here because while I AM a baker, I am most certainly not a writer, but I promise to come back soon..ish.


Till next time,

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your baking looks great !!! and all the best with your entrepreneurial project..long may you bake !! Voted and followed.


Cheers ! :)

This is great, I wish you all the best @foxxycat!


Thanks! All the best for you too. :)

That's a fantastic slogan..."say no to crappy tarts"! I couldn't agree more!


:)) say no to crappy things, especially tarts :)

No Need To Be A Writer.
I Loved Baked Goods.
Tarts sound Yummy.
I Live In USA,
Not A Lot Of Tarts Here.
You Found Your Self
A New Follower, Me!
Best Wishes With
Your Tart Business.
Steem On!


I will come to USA :)) but thanks.


Happy Steeming!

Simply Tartastic! :D
Your cooking looks delicious :-)
Sometimes we have to take a risk in our lives to follow our dreams, otherwise we may never have a chance to fulfill them.

That looks delicious!!! I wish you could share a recipe of a tart base with us :)


Hey. On my blog I have some recipes. I will share more in the near future.

Good luck! I aspire to do the same


Thanks a lot

Love the name you've chosen


Tartelicious and Gringalicious :)) the "licious" gang


We should start something together. It's like synergy - Steem ON!

I know a couple of girls here in Kiev that did the same, but just doing different kinds of cakes and deserts, and they are doing pretty good! You have to do more of makes you happy and content. Good luck with this endeavor!

wow i wish you all the best. It´s never too late choosing the road of happiness


Thanks a lot :)

I'm very happy for you @foxxucat! You are doing what many people with they could do!


WoW , the tart that you made look very very tasty....! I think it is very important that you like to do it and with a big motivation you will get big succesful.


I totally agree :)

Beautifull cakes there @foxxycat I followed you!


Soon, I will share some recipes :) thanks

Hi @foxxycat! I'm curating the business category on steemit and I would like to suggest you to give more prominence to the business tag on this post. It looks like the tone is more related to business, not to baking. Once this is done, I will submit your post for the business category in steemtrail. Thank you!


Hi @dragosroua! Thank you very much for the suggestion. I'm trying to change the tags, but unfortunately the "baking" tag remains the first one. Is there any tricky information I should know to edit my tags? :)


Yes, after consulting with the leader of this project, he confirmed me the main tag can't be changed. My suggestion is to be more mindful when you tag your post from now on, especially since we started to curate at the category level. So, next time you're writing more about business in a post, putting the first tag "business" will increase the chances to being added to the curation trail. Keep rocking! :)


Thanks, I still have so many things to learn about steemit. But I really appreciate your recommendation. Next time, I will be careful and mindful. :)