Punday 51, HUGE PRIZE announcement. All former entrants should pay attention! Last chance to jump in for this big prize pool!

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It’s Week 51! That means next week will be a whole year of Pundays!

SO, we should do something special.

Like give away BIG prizes!

At the end of this post, I will share links to all the Pundays we’ve had ever. (Just found them all… that was a little bit of WORK!) Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to find your favorite pun by someone else and post it on next week’s Punday. I suggest you find it this week, though, so that you’re ready to go… only the first person to post a particular pun will be eligible for… THE PRIZE.

I’m gonna give away @steembasicincome shares!

Next week, everyone will vote with their upvotes (SP irrelevant, sheer quantity of upvotes is all that matters) on their favorite of the nominees.

The Top 10 Nominees will all move on to the following week, and we’ll have another round of voting. Everyone whose nominee makes it into the Top 10 will get 1 share in SBI, and so will the nominees themselves!

Whichever of the top 10 nominees wins will get 5 more SBI shares, and so will whoever nominated them in the first place!

This week’s entrants are also eligible, so submit your best puns! Spread the news far and wide, feel free to encourage your followers to vote for the pun you’ve nominated (or your own pun if you’ve been nominated), it’s not cheating to advocate for yourself, after all, that’s how the Oscars, Emmys, and Tonys ultimately are decided.

Format for nominating:

“I nominate @AuthorOfPun for their pun on http://www.steemit.com/LinkToThePunPost
And then
Copy/Paste or Screenshot of the actual pun you’re nominating”

I’ll remind you of this again next week, but go find your favorite puns now!

There’s no business like show business, so let’s show you the business we’re dealing with today!


Awards for last week, yo!

(and stop on by @freewritehouse for some different award possibilities, lots of prizes being given out there...!)

MOST puns

No NEW Punster, and No Video punster this week, so this prize will go to MOST puns punster, @ablaze for a tons of cloud puns!

Pocket Choice awards

Nada - no one chose a winner, so no winner is chosen!
... I think we need a few more of our participants to learn about #POCKET
@biophil can teach you. Check out his posts! Regardless,
The folks in the POCKET Choice winner's circle are @miniature-tiger, @lilygolightly, @chrisroberts, @stinawog, @f3nix, @doctorcrypto, @heroic15397, @littlescribe, @diebitch, @acolucky, @ablaze, and @paul.atreides.

and our grand prize...

The prize for best pun

Best pun of the entire week

Best Overall Pun

(or BOP )
goes to...





@fishyculture! AGAIN! She’s got the shaggy dog stories and the bada-bings down pat! SO proud of all you punsters, and she’s just taking that extra leap every time!

And what prizes do they win, you ask?

Why, as usual, all the punsters got full strength upvotes on their submissions.

Our category winners will each get to choose a post (of their own or someone else's) and I will give that post a fully powered upvote and a @tipu tip!

This week's pun topic is...


Dirty! (just like @eroticabian’s freewrites every day! Ha!)

As in,
Why can teenager plants never go to the parties? Because they're always grounded!


I'm so good at puns....

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Thanks to @pixiehunter for making that image!

Punday Banner

Feel free to share these images! And thanks to @f3nix for making this banner for us!

All the Pundays















(first POCKET post: https://steemit.com/pocket/@improv/pocket-this-is-the-official-1st-choose-your-favorite-joke-from-pun-day-monday-14-and-send-their-author-pocket-in-the-comments-to)






































I went to a sweat lodge on an Indian reservation.
The lodge itself was dug out of the ground about four feet deep. In this big hole, a tent like structure was was erected using a framework of wood to support the walls.

Sometimes you just have to cut loose and get...
Low-down and yurty!

@doctorcrypto I also attended a sweat lodge ceremony. It was just like that :)

Woo Hooo!!!! Must puns punster happy days... Thanks @improv! My link is here kind sir, now onto the important business of this weeks pun.... (Oh and congrats on the one year, still goin!!)

A filthy man approaches a car at a crossroads in County Kildare in Ireland, the driver rolls down the window....

The filthy man asks: "Am I anywhere near Clane??"

The driver replies "Nope. You're still a filithy fecker" and drives off...


Clane (Irish: Claonadh) is a town in County Kildare, Ireland, 35.4 km (22 mi) from Dublin. Its population of 7,280 makes it the eighth largest town in Kildare and the 66th largest in Ireland. It is on the River Liffey. Clane gives its name to the associated townland, civil parish, electoral division and barony.

@ablaze Done! And hooray for your pun! I hope, too, that you'll find someone to nominate next week!

I will indeed.. looking forwarf to having a thrawl through the past posts to try and unearth a gem..

@ablaze I'm excited to see what people find! I also hope some folks who haven't punned with us will be inspired to find puns they like and make nominations! Gotta get the word out over the next week!

Congratulations. One year is a big deal. I sure would like to get my hands on one of those Steemit Basic Income shares. I'm going to have to sit down and dig into these puns. Going to have to have a few beers and get loose. Loose like oil, but not SOILED up I can't think straight.

Dirty concert in a canyon amphitheater created an avalanche, there was a lot of rock and roll. The singer ended up with a gravelly voice.

Did someone say big prizes?!?!

I know I have been out of the pun game for a little while but I just might need to dust off my pun glasses.

Yea! It's been too long, doc!

More a dirty joke, 2 white horses fell into a puddle of mud and 3 brown ones came out..... those dirty horses

LOL glad I made you laugh... I feel like you may have even snorted at my "Dad Joke"
I love them, especially when you do it as a serious delivery and just watch the groans LOL

Double pun! (which means triple entendre.)

Like a man who sticks his dick in a jar of peanut butter, I'm fucking nuts!!!

How is that for a pun?

Man turned up to a costume party naked with his penis in a bowl of custard....
"What are you doing?"
"I'm dressed as an emotion... I'm fucking dis custard" 😱

Congrats on the achievement, guess I was late to the party, but better late than never! I would like to submit the following, though not my original work!


More I'm here to spread word of my Contest-contest, create a SBI Contest and win (lots of) SBI! 26 SBI to give away I hope to see you enter :)

Trying to reward people for creating their own contests and spread SBI as far and wide as possible!!!

@tfcoates That's fun! I've seen that! But I recommend you give it an honest to goodness shot! The pun topic is "dirty" and it must be an original pun!