Punday 40! Huzzah for multiples of 10! Hi freewriters and punsters! What a wonderful way to start your week, hey?

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Welcome, one and all, to the greatest punnery in the whole of Steemit-dom!
I am your not-so-humble puntender, @improv!
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Everybody say, "Good evening, Puntender!"
Pause for response
Good evening, folks, and an especially knowing wink to my fellow freewriters! Hi @freewritehouse! We're an official project of you!

Most of you know why you're here. For those of you who don't, I have a handy-dandy guide to punning right here:

Last week, we had some outstanding puns on a hot topic (though none were about Hot Topic)

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Goes to @Viking-ventures for teaching us about chickens and telling a story that chills us in our bones...

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This week, participate by making a pun (see the how-to above) on this topic...

As in,
Why do fish people fight in the spring? Because at this time of year we're finally getting War Mer.


I have faith that you can do better!

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Hmm A pun huh?

On the topic of SPRING.

I will try, I am well seasoned at crap humour so I should be OK

I saw 5 cows on the day the clocks went forward or was it a quin ox (Oh dear God, that was poor even by my low, low standards.)

I'm so angry about that last pun, I'm gonna rip all of the steel coils from my mattress and throw them as far as I can, yes I think a spring fling may make me feel better.

Well I am now all out of pride (as the ostracized lion said) so I should leave!

Happy to have found this lil gem on the blockchain, think I'm gonna fit in just fine :)

Images courtesy of the AWESOMETASTICAL Pixabay.


Equine cross! Equinox!



I even used a pic of crazy hoses...How did I miss the equine reference?

Good save, Sir :)


I went down to the first vernal equinox festival the other night. It was a good time. However, when I was walking home I was mugged!!
I think that may have been the first robbin of spring.


Why didn't I see this before.
I'm a pun God.
Ask @diebitch if you don't believe.
Here's mine:

Since Spring could spring up at us anytime now, I went to the store and blossom cotton clothes.


I have no knowledge of this individual,he sprung out of nowhere



Ho ho!


Ah! Yes, welcome to the pantheon!



Told you I'm the Pun God.




Amished the drunk party in April
There was so much booze it was like a rumspringa

I fell into a burning springfield on fire
I went down, down, down
And the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns
Springfields on fire
Springfields on fire


You heard about the accident, right? Little Hope was just playing on her pogo stick when out of the blue a big dog knocked her over and ran off with her toy. When her parents bought it they wanted Hope to spring eternally, but now the child never wants another pogo stick she is just a no spring chicken.

See, it is funny because you could probably see the "Hope springs eternal" coming as soon as I called the kid "Hope" but you probably were not expecting the one-two PUNch of the no spring chicken, so it is like double or triple funny which was the bare minimum considering how long it has been since I dropped a pun in here... LOL! Too much cool stuff on steemit, I can't keep up with it all!


Glad you're back, though! Huzzah for both the PUNches.

  ·  last year (edited)

I hope she was OK after that dog sprung up out of nowhere!

Good job :)

Nice, I had a spring in my step once, so I nailed it down.

I will go check the howto and hopefully I can enter also this seems so fun.


Lol, I think you nailed it good. :-)


What do you call a sprung spring?....Gone.
As in shot off into who knows what direction like when you take a pen apart to replace the ink. You twist off the end piece and bam, there goes the spring. I'm not sure if this was punny or corny, so would that make it porny? :D


Pretty sure that's a word for something else entirely...



Pretty sure, HAHA


That is what you call a great save.


Oh I am so busted, lol.


HA! Now you gotta PUN

The gardener nearly starved over the long winter. By springtime, however, business was blooming.

For last weeks Pocket Choice Award. Thank you.

Not one word springs (jumps out) up in my mind. It isn't as flexible, the springs (the helical things) are worn out. Yet I participate in hopes I might turnover a new leaf on my sprig (small stem) if I spring (spend) a little more time. Pungod I stand before thee!! :)


Your offering has been accepted. Proceed to Heavpun!

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you for the Pocket award. I feel I should apologize for not being involved with the pocket part of this Punday. First of all, I do not understand how to use it. Secondly, I spread myself a bit thin in the outside world and on Steemit, so I do not take the time... ect. But I love writing these puns as a kind of challenge and also I like reading all of yours.

@Improv. Thanks for keeping it laid back: no mandatory this or that, no limits on entries, ect. And thanks for upvoting the submissions.

Anyway, I'll post a link for a tipu on my next pun. Thank you.

"Don't give me any lip," yelled the red faced fellow.
The other man scowled, "any lip? You sonofabitch, If I want to, I'll give you tulip."

First thing first, let's resteem and upvote this post. Now let's read it...

This is a hard one. What can I come up with:

  • Doc', we brought another folk.
  • What are the injuries? What can I do?
  • See the lingering arm ...
  • You should not laugh about someone's pain.

Yeah a crappy one. The pun is an ancient art I don't master.

Keep the freewrite spirit! All posts from the awesome community #freewrite get an automic sponsor vote from @lablockchain ;-).


Aw! Sweet!


ahah I will give it a try!

Nice way to "spring" a new pun-topic on us...

Here's one for ya: What is spring's favorite ice cream topping??



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