What I Learnt Today : 10 Unknown Amazing Facts About Animals - Part LXXXI

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(1) Don't go by their cute appearances – poison dart frogs are some of the deadliest animals on earth. A single poison dart frog possesses enough venom to kill 10 adult men. Sometimes, animals die simply by touching a spot where a dart frog had just been.

(2) Penguins can jump to a height of 6-9 feet in the air. To do this, they cocoon themselves in a cloak of air bubbles that come from their feathers, swim swiftly to the water surface and burst out to land at their destination.

(3) There’s a spider in Brazil whose bites can cause an erection that lasts for hours!

(4) A full-grown bear can run as fast as a horse.

spider in Brazil whose bites can cause an erection that lasts for hours
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(5) Crocodiles have brains no larger than a cigar.

(6) The strongest animal in the world is the rhinoceros beetle. It can lift 850 times its own weight.

(7) A Shark's teeth are normally replaced every eight days.


rhinoceros beetle
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(8) Snakes can hear you. They have ears on the inside of their head.

(9) Cows from different areas have a different moo accent.

(10) Cat owners are 30% less likely to suffer a heart attack.


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reference : http://www.thefactsite.com/2010/09/300-random-animal-facts.html






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cows from different parts have different mooo accent ... just like humans that is interesting, we need to get this spider from brazil and give to those people who buy viagra, it safer and cheaper hehehehe with no side effects


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Cool, I Didn’t know these facts. Number three cracked me up 😀

Great informative post. Very nice, cat owners are beneficial to get it. Thanks for sharing such a valuable lesson, Merry Christmas to you my dear friend.

Really ... interesting facts about animals
I never before heard this facts..
Thanks @royalmacro ...for sharing this post..
Resteemed for more visibility...

incredible what we learned today Dear friend / @ royalmacro, I did not know that multicolored frog could be so poisonous, capable of killing 10 man Wow.
Thank you very much for sharing all this information
I wish you a great day

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