What I Learnt Today : 10 Unknown Amazing Facts About Animals - Part XXIX

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(1) The very first bomb that the Allies dropped on Berlin in World War Two hit an elephant.
(2) Two dogs were among the Titanic survivors.
(3) There are an estimated 400 million dogs in the world.
(4) Starfish don’t die of old age.

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(5) It takes 3,000 cows to supply the NFL with enough leather for a year’s supply of footballs.
(6) There are 3,000 kinds of lice in the world.
(7) There are approximately 450 million goats around the world.

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(8) There are almost 60 million dogs in the United States.
(9) The oldest recorded elephant lived for 82 years.
(10) The U.S. has the highest dog population in the world. France has the second highest.

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reference : http://www.thefactsite.com/2010/09/300-random-animal-facts.html

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Very interesting! If I had to pick the one, has to be this:

Starfish don’t die of old age.

Never knew. How do they die then?

I know that amoeba also never dies at old age

I shouldn't have bunked those science classes!

Super Interesting post, thanks for sharing. Animals have so much to teach us.

thank you. I love animals.

Nice, I love animal.

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Nice , thank you for sharing this experience and information.

Excellent work dear friend @royalmacro, thank you very much for all this information
have a beautiful day

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