What I Learnt Today : 10 Unknown Amazing Facts About Animals - Part XLI

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(1) While sleeping Dolphins keep half of their brain awake. This behaviour helps them to be safe from potential predators, and enables them to breathe while sleeping.

(2) Turtles, water snakes, crocodiles, alligators, dolphins, whales, and other water going creatures will drown if kept underwater too long.

(3) The giraffe is known for having a long tongue. It’s also known for having a tongue that’s dark black, blue, or purple in color.

(4) Armadillos found in the U.S. nearly always give birth to identical quadruplets.

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(5) A male gorilla can eat 40 pounds of food a day.

(6) A cat’s whiskers help to detect objects and navigate in night.

(7) During breeding season, a lioness can mate up to 100 times a day with multiple partners with an average interval of 17 minutes. A male, on the other hand, mates about 20 to 40 times a day.

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(8) A squid’s eye can get as big as a basketball.

(9) Dogs’ smell power is 10K to 10 million times stronger than humans.

(10) Some Reindeer migrate over 3000 miles in a year than any other mammal.

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reference : http://www.thefactsite.com/2010/09/300-random-animal-facts.html






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