What I Learnt Today : 10 Unknown Amazing Facts About Animals - Part XXXIII

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(1) Lion is very lazy for hunting. A male lion in the wild usually makes no more than twenty kills a year. Generally 90% hunts are done by lioness. But, lion always take over 70% share of flesh per hunt, and 30% are for lioness & cubs.

(2) It is astonishing that some male songbirds sing more than 2000 times per day.

(3) The first commercially cloned pet was a cat named “Little Nicky.” It costs 50K USD to clone it.

(4) Are you tensed about insomnia ? You must be astonished when you know that elephants only sleep on average only two hours per day.

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(5) Do you know that flying snakes can reach up to 100 meters (330 feet) in air while gliding. They use the speed while free falling and contort their bodies to generate lift.

(6) Dolphins have an instinct to help humans without any specific reason.

(7) When cats grimace, they are usually “taste-scenting.” They have an extra organ that, with some breathing control, allows the cats to taste-sense the air.

Flying Snake
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(8) It’s hard to believe that dogs may get jealous if they see their master showing affection toward something or another person/dog.

(9) If the Sun Bear is grabbed or bitten around its head, it can turn round inside the wrinkly skin on its head and bite the predator.

(10) The extinct colossus penguins were taller & heavier than humans. These types of penguins existed 37 to 40 million years ago.

The extinct colossus penguin
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Fossil of the extinct colossus penguin
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reference : http://www.thefactsite.com/2010/09/300-random-animal-facts.html






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Excellent work dear friend @royalmacro congratulations on another selection of important data. have a beautiful day

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Nice post!
Heres a video of a male lion getting in on the hunt! enjoy!

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