What I Learnt Today : 10 Unknown Amazing Facts About Animals - Part XI

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(1) Some male songbirds sing more than 2000 times each day.
(2) Most elephants weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale.
(3) A python can swallow a rabbit whole and may eat as many as 150 mice in a six-month period.
(4) In Croatia, scientists discovered that lampposts were falling down because a chemical in the urine of male dogs was rotting the metal.

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(5) Alligators cannot move backwards.
(6) Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders.
(7) Dog nose prints are as unique as human finger prints and can be used to identify them.

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(8) Scientists had to go 45 million years back in history to find the elephant’s oldest ancestor.
(9) Hyenas regularly eat the faeces of other animals.
(10) Pikachu is a mouse type Pokémon.

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reference : http://www.thefactsite.com/2010/09/300-random-animal-facts.html

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Excellent work dear friend @royalmacro, thank you very much for this new information

thank you my friend :)

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I laughed a lot with the #10 :D

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