What I Learnt Today : 10 Unknown Amazing Facts About Animals - Part LXV

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(1) The world’s largest cat measured 48.5 inches long.

(2) In China, killing a Panda is punishable by death.

(3) The pistol shrimp catches its prey by surprising it with a loud banging noise made with its claws.

(4) Snakes always keep their eyes open, even when they are asleep.

pistol shrimp
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(5) Crickets have ears on their front legs.

(6) 70% of all animals in the jungle rely on figs for their survival.

(7) Most of the people think that arctic fox is just white, but in summer, their fur turns dark and blend in with the environment. This is most interesting among arctic fox facts.


arctic fox
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(8) A giraffe’s tongue is so long that it uses it to clean its ears. The color of the tongue is black. This is one of the weird animal facts about the giraffe.

(9) While nobody knows the exact number of ants in the world, estimates suggest there are in excess of one million ants to every human on the planet.

(10) Heron’s eggs have a greenish-blue pale color.

A giraffe’s tongue

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Heron’s egg
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reference : http://www.thefactsite.com/2010/09/300-random-animal-facts.html






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Thanks to you, I learned something new, especially about Arctic Foxes.

It's really great postings ,, I like your post article, I will follow you ,, follow me back and vote me

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wow, cannot believe that with snakes!

Very good collection of informations.I appreciate your great job. Wants to hear more from you as you did wonderful job.

Figure #4 and 5 took the cake for me. Thanks for sharing.

About to head to bed and all i can think about are snakes sleeping with their eyes open!

That giraffe's tongue is huge man :D

What is up with the size of the largest cat and the giraffes toung?! Haha crazy facts, thanks for sharing.
Amazing how you learn something new everyday, some days more sensible things than others.

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