What I Learnt Today : 10 Unknown Amazing Facts About Animals - Part XLVIII

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(1) The peacock mantis shrimp can throw a punch at 50 mph, accelerating quicker than a .22-caliber bullet.

(2) A prison in Washington pairs up “death row” shelter cats with select inmates as part of a rehabilitation program. It seems to be a pretty wonderful thing for both the inmates and the cats.

(3) Because beavers’ teeth never stop growing, they must constantly gnaw on objects to keep them at a manageable length. Their teeth would eventually grow into their brain if they didn’t maintain them.

(4) On average, there are 50,000 spiders per acre in green areas. Bet you’ll think twice before going outside now – unless you’re this guy.

peacock mantis shrimp
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(5) Be careful if you own ostrich. Very often ostrich kicks can kill a human.

(6) Cicadas expand and contract their exoskeletons to make their loud calls.

(7) In the uk, the british monarch legally owns all unmarked mute swans in open water.

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(8) To escape the grip of a crocodile’s jaw, push your thumb into its eyeballs-it will let you go instantly.

(9) Male ring-tailed lemurs will “stink fight” by wafting scent at each other.

(10) A cat can jump approximately seven times its height.

ring-tailed lemurs
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reference : http://www.thefactsite.com/2010/09/300-random-animal-facts.html






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Marvelous !!

Very much knowledge base post. Thanks for the valuable information about the animals world. Upvoted.

interesting facts. the crocodile one seems useful :)

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