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January of 2017 | They quit a Star Wars trilogy. Not a movie. Not a game. Said Dday Cobra. Is trick or treat a service, a fashion show? Do we pay them with candy? Wow, nice costume, here is your reward? Oh, what is the origin of Little Red Riding Hood? Did they find men who would dress up like women in Germany thousands of years ago? Are they promoting sex with bugs? Should we protect our children from drag queen story hour men? Is it racist not to have sex with bugs? Should we have sex with weird animals and dead bodies? Anti-humanists want us to. I was trying to fix the old computer tower. Jack Posobiec talked about the Dump Star Wars movement which evolved into the Fandom Menace during the 2010's. Jack was one of the earlier voices. Jack also had the Angry Game of Thrones Fan hashtag. Millions of people got on board. The writers there recently ditched their new Star Wars trilogy plans. After Last Jedi, we saw the rise of not Skywalker but the rise of Geeks + Gamers. Oh, the force is not female. The force is human. The force is your intuition. The force is your soul. The force is your heart and soul. The force is inside all of us, thanks to God. That's why we pray, to tap into psychic abilities. Stone Cold Steve Austin: "Don't Trust Anybody." TDA. Nice shirt. You can trust some people. But be careful. My Steemit REP is now 56.

Lost My Phone

2017-01 - January - Month in Review

This was my last January in Vietnam. I lost my phone possibly at McDonald's. They refused to look at the security cameras. I was watching the Simpsons and noticed how they painted some of the good U.S. Presidents in bad light. I was telling people about Obama. Some Vietnamese couldn't believe it. I was teaching several different English groups as usual. We had the Tet holiday. I would take showers at Purio and I was teaching the owner there since like December of 2016. He lend like locker space for my clothes from like April 2016 to November 2017 (which was when I returned to America). I was watching that famous Bill Nye versus Ken Ham religion versus science debate. It was like three hours. It was mostly about creation versus evolution. It was on YouTube. I also watched as Trump became the 45th President. I seriously started thinking even more about returning to America because of that for example. Tears were in my eyes.

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2019-10-29 - Tuesday

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Rep 56

11:45 AM - Steemit

I noticed this morning that my reputation went up from 55 to 56 on Steemit. Yesterday, it was 55. Earlier, some months ago, or something like that, my REP was at 57 or 58, which was the peak. Then some accounts flagged me for alleged spam. I was not spamming.

Red Letter Media

12:32 AM - Best of the Worst: Jack-O, Rock n' Roll Nightmare, and Shark Exorcist

Trick or Treat Service

12:51 AM - Red Letter Media - Halloween Special

The father told the children that if they wanted free candy, that is free hand-outs, then they would need to give him money. This father was in one of the movies (Jack-O) that Red Letter Media reviewed. Actually, when you hand out candy on Halloween, the trick or treaters are giving you a service. That's right. The service is like a fashion show. If you don't want the service, then turn off your lights. Now, if people throw eggs at your house, then install security cameras or something. But technically, you do get something out of it. You get to see people. So, hand them out candy. Give them some apples. Free marketing. Give them a sack of candy and include some ads, tracts, etc. I know, some people might get mad at you, but they're in the wrong.

Lennon Born

01:08 AM - Weku

Real Papa Pepper said he was born when John Lennon was shot, the same day my parents married, Saturday the 8th or eigth or eight of March of 1980, that is 1980-03-08. I wonder if that is good luck or bad luck.

Resistance 1776

11:00 AM - 🚨◄ Alex Jones (Segments 1 and 2) 🎙️ • Tues • October 29th, 2019 ►🚨

Pedo Wolf

11:21 AM - Dissenter

In ancient Germany, they would find the wolves, the men who would dress up like women. Parents would tell their children not to strangers because men would kidnap them in the forest, the woods. The story of The Little Red Riding Hood is based on actual history. It was an allegory. It was an illustration of a reoccurring theme. Yes, they had story hour drag queen thousands of years ago. They would hide out in the dark places like jungles, forests, woods. Sadly, big cities became like jungles as well. So the gay people attack children. The transgender people are very bad and very evil. They are promoting animal and insect sex. Anti-humanists are pushing us to have sex with insects, animals, etc.


11:27 AM - Dissenter

Vampire Dracula would torture and murder babies.

Pedophile Judges

11:32 AM - Dissenter

Thousands of leftist judges have sex with children. Same thing can be found in the Catholic church.

Phone Backdoors

11:35 AM - Dissenter

There were global agreements by countries, companies, etc, to have backdoors in phones by the year of 2000 in some ways, if not sooner, but specifically in 2000, especially, for example.

Not Federal Reserve

11:44 AM - Steemit

Did you not read what I wrote? I wrote "Not-Federal Federal Reserve" which means not federal. And not federal means not governmental. In the European Union (EU), not only are people kicked off the Internet, off social networks, but they are thrown in jail. For example, the Hitler Dog Man. Also, Tommy Robinson. The list goes on. Anti-humanists and tech cartels have been trying to monopolize the Internet. They collude with governments. What you are saying is ignorant to reality. There are so many bad things happening. Do you want no government? Do you want big government? Do you want self governance?

How Many Voted 2016

11:52 AM - Steemit

For 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections, they will attempt to steal even more votes than they did in 2016 when they deleted millions Donald Trump votes and fabricated millions Hillary Clinton votes. Trump still won even as Clinton was stealing it from Trump just like Clinton stole it from Bernie Sanders that same year. Ask around about that. Therefore, in your city, you should do your best to find the actual numbers of how many voted for Clinton, Trump, etc. Compare the different numbers. Try to find exit polls. Then publish the numbers everywhere. Then we could add them all up from the different cities, counties, and states of out United States of America (USA). We could then see how Trump votes were not counted. We could see how many Clinton votes were falsified. We could find out how many people voted multiple times by voting in the names of dead people, other people, etc. In 2020, anti-humanists will attempt to steal the election at an even greater level, possibly tenfold or a thousand-fold. So many people have been talking about rigging, the fraud, the theft. It has been happening in many different countries for so many years. Create a blockchain. Keep the voting records transparent. Verify each vote. If you find out which votes are real, then you can contrast that with the official numbers that we were given. Then we can see how many votes were altered.

Hawaii vs Australia

12:04 PM - Steemit

This beach kind of reminds me of the beaches I visited in Hawaii. I'm guessing it is a little tropical in Australia. Well, maybe not as much. But it still has a magical look there.

Global Family Courts

12:08 PM - Steemit

Are these global family courts connected to CPS in the United States, to the United Nations (UN), to the European Union (EU), and are they united like the UN? I've not heard about international family courts before. I've heard about other kinds of global courts.

Vietnam China

12:14 PM - Steemit

Is that too much money? I guess it probably is. So, it sounds like they are getting involved in the free market. So, it reminds me of censorship. And if they really don't like you, then they throw you in jail, especially if you are a journalist. But I would tell Vietnamese that they can't throw everybody in jail.

Ancient Vietnam Taxes

12:19 PM - Steemit

I didn't know about the ship taxes but have been down those streets that are named after those people in Saigon. I love history.

Real Big Bad Wolf

12:22 PM - Steemit

Big Bad Wolf was a man dressed as a woman. Ancient German Lore had stories of men in dresses in the woods. Hey, don't talk to those guys. They will eat you up, drag queen story hour style.

Conflating Truth With Opinion

12:26 PM - Steemit

Subjective blinds me and persuades me to call my opinion as fact. That is why @stefan.molyneux philosophy is so priceless as it attempt to realign humanity towards objectivity, perspective, eternal principles, through the sciences of logic, truth, evidence, patterns, context, etc. Conflation is a common practice, for sure.

Crumbling China

12:29 PM - Steemit

Is that good news for Hong Kong and Vietnam? I was teaching English in Vietnam. The Vietnamese would tell me how much they hate China, specifically the government of course.


02:36 PM - Zero Tolerance: Ann Coulter Interview | FRONTLINE | Dissenter

Ann Coulter said that Stephen Miller is blocking hiring good people in the Donald Trump cabinet. That might be true. If so, how do we stop Miller, if Miller is blocking things, stopping things?

Real Wolves of Jungles

02:45 PM - Twitter | Dissenter

Men would dress up like women for thousands of years in Germany. They would hide in the forest. Parents would warn their children of the real wolves of wall street.

Computer Work

03:00 PM - 07:33 PM - I spent several hours working on the old computer tower today. The three fans spin. The motherboard has a light. THe cover has a light. It makes some sounds but no beeping sounds. I have a VGA cable but I did not get a signal from the PC to my TV. I have stopped now. I may continue tomorrow.

Old Tower

03:52 PM

HD = Hard Drive

Western Digital (WD) - 4-double pins or 8 pins in total: two rows of four.

WD Caviar SE - 250 GB SATA

HD Pins Advice

4th Dimension Computer

Intel Desktop Board Class B DG965RY
AKA motherboard

Information about the motherboard.


Owen Shroyer

07:30 PM - 🦅◄ WarR00m (Segments 1 and 2) 🎙️ • Tues • October 29th, 2019 ►🦅

Cold Winter

07:34 PM - Steemit

Will it be especially cold this winter? Here in Washington State, near Seattle, in February of 2019, it kept on snowing. It was a bit surprising.


07:41 PM - Steemit

But are there not different Kurd factions? Just like the Jews. But regardless, I agree that they should fight for their independence.

Ubuntu & Fdisk

07:46 PM - Steemit

I have used Fdisk. I'm currently using Ubuntu Mate 16.04. But I may try Ubtuntu 20.04 in April of 2020. I prefer Ubuntu Mate over Ubuntu. I like Fdisk.

Jack Posobiec

07:49 PM - We won!!! #DumpStarWars #AngryGoTFan

Back around 2012, that is seven years ago, Jack began speaking against the terrible Game of Thrones (GOT) writers. We are winning. We stand up. We have truth on our side.

World Class Bull

08:37 PM - Who Ruined Star Wars? | Submit to the High Council

Boycotts or botcotts are not bad.

BOYCOTT is like the word RACIST. Because it has no meaning.


@the Bastard of America but boycotts are not bad.

If a boycott is a bad idea, then people should not do them.

If I say boycott, and that is a bad idea, then I am crazy. But it is just an idea. Maybe a good idea. Maybe a bad idea. But just an idea.

@James Gochnour Yes a SOY Cott and and SOY SNOT.

I will watcx Rise of Soy Walker for free online.

Calling for a boycott is a mechanism of the FREE MARKET.

Rose is Jar Jar Binks.

@James Gochnour they drink it and then snort it back out.

@Dio Brando I will watch the Mandalorian for free on the Internet. People will be sharing the episodes like they normally do for free on different websites, etc.

Oh wait, Rose is not cute enough to be an Ewok. That is an insult to Ewoks and Star Wars Christmas Specials everywhere.

Chew Bacca. Angry Bacca. Sad Bacca. Happy Bacca. The Seven Dwarfs. The Seven Baccas. And the Terminator Arnold I'll be Bacca.

I have time for high council but don't have time to play video games haha.

@James Gochnour but aint that kind of racist to say haha just kidding.

Wedge has knights?

Rise of Mary Sue.

But Both Political Sides are THE SAME SIDE. Because the RINO REPUBLICANS are FAKE.

Cold Weather

09:00 PM - Steemit

It got really cold when I was living in upstate New York as well. But I was also teaching English in Vietnam for five years. So, I kind of got used to tropical weather.

Objectivity vs Subjectivity

09:03 PM - Steemit

So, you don't believe in objectivity? If you don't, then I say it is right for me to kill you? If there is no objectivity, then I cannot be wrong.

Meaning to Life

09:07 PM - Steemit

I believe in objectivity. I also believe that humans are not perfect. We don't know everything. Therefore, we don't understand objectivity completely. But we attempt to. Yes, we make mistakes. We fall into subjectivity. We can be blind. But out failure to master objectivity does not prove it does not exist any more than people can prove that there is no god, no higher power. I'm not going to say that people have to believe in objectivity or in Jesus or whatever. The meaning to life involves freewill. But if there is no objectivity, then anything goes. I mean anything. It is a bottomless pit.

Fighting Anti-Humanists

09:14 PM - Steemit

Thanks for that. I'm against war. So, yes, I agree. I'm against the anti-humanists, the globalists who divide and conquer countries, races, cultures, religions, land, health, education, science, entertainment, news, movies, and even genders / sexes.


09:28 PM - Steemit

I write a lot. So, I'm not always specific. But if you read everything I wrote, you would see what I was trying to say. I make a lot of videos. I speak in generalities and sometimes hypothetically. Now, if you have bad government, you should try to remove it. Now, I could suggest a theory of having no government. People can fight for that. We might call that anarchy. But regardless of that, we don't have that and we will never ever have no government. So, it does not matter if I say that we should have no government or less government because we will always have different forms of governments, internally, personally, within our families, within ourselves, within our private property, within communities, cities, counties, states, countries, globally, etc. The details within the different levels of governance changes throughout the course of history.


The United States was founded with this idea in mind. It comes down to private property rights. You should have the right to do anything you want with your property on your land. Government should work to protect our borders and resolve conflicts between claims concerning private property collisions. People should have the freedom to take other people to court to settle cases. Beyond that, they should not be required by government to go to court apart from cases that were initiated by the alleged defendants, the alleged victims, of the cases. In other words, government should not be trying too hard to violate 4th amendment rights, that is the right to privacy.

Hibernating Oatmeal

09:39 PM - Steemit

I tend to hibernate more when I'm cold. Yeah, you always got to find that sweet spot in life, AKA balance.

Boiled Egg

Geeks + Gamers

09:46 PM - BREAKING NEWS - Game of Thrones Creators Quit Star Wars Trilogy!

Not a Movie

11:37 PM - YouTube | Dissenter

Not a movie. It is a penis. Boing! Pew Die Allen Iverson Stone Cold Jeremy. Pool House Video, Clap Clap. Waffles. Jeremy has time to read every troll COMMENT, boing, but don't have time for the high council. But not a movie.

Ended the day finishing my January of 2017 review. I was eating peanuts. Not RL Kelly the singer.


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