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RE: Capitalism and Mental Health

Are you talking about capitalism or the fake version of capitalism that has been consuming and enslaving the world. We don't have a lot of free market capitalism. We mostly have evil crony capitalism, cronyism, corporatism, monopolism, the tech cartel, plutocracy, the central bankers, Rothschild, globalism, Chinese infiltration, etc.


People seem to be blind to the difference....smh

These aberrations are sometimes necessary to jolt the people to be more competitive.

The good news is that they fades away gradually, to reveal the bests of the capitalist system!!

As long as people stay active and engaged enough.

The notion of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ capitalism is pure propaganda. Capitalism is an exploitative system and that cannot be fixed. There are only phases of capitalism. It starts as a ‘progressive’ system while the wealth gap is not so large. But it always ends in monopoly, corporative capitalism that doesn’t leave grass grow. It’s a historical fact. And it is happening again.

You prefer communism which is secretly authoritarianism, AKA globalism, which ends up killing over 100 million people or more in the 1900's alone, right?

No it isn’t. I’m trying to tell you all the time — your “model” of Communism is pure propaganda fiction. If you want to know what really is a Communism, you have to read Marx. If you read from the source, you will find that Communism does not need a state. Therefore it can’t be authoritarianism, AKA globalism. That is Capitalism. Capitalism is an exploitative order, and can only be maintained using a state force. Communism is a free society of Anarchy. Slaping a label of Communism over USSR or China is a pure propaganda aimed to destroy a humane idea

killing over 100 million people or more in the 1900's alone, right?

This is a pure propaganda rubbish easily can be refuted by a simple comparison of the facts. The greatest number of casualties in both great wars was induced by the capitalist expansionist powers, Great Britain (Indian population holds only Winston Churchil responsible for 11 million deaths) Austro-Hungarian Empire (WWI 16,234,153 to 19,174,335 casualties), Germany, Italy, Japan (WWII 69,000,000 to 84,000,000 casualties), Belgium, Italy, France, (colonisation of Africa), until U.S. take over and is waging war all over the planet:

Let’s just remember they have leveled North Korea killing one fifth of its population of 25 million, or at least 1,3 million of Vietnamese population. And how can we forget Madeleine Albright and 500,000 Iraqi children on her soul:

And now U.S. is “doing” Yemeni children with the help of their Saudi proxies:

You are talking of the casualties of Capitalism that has through propaganda been feed to you as “the casualties of Communism”. You should read from the source, not listen to propaganda.

Do you like depopulation, conducted the Bill Gates Vaccines in India or the Big Pharma and Monsanto projects? Do you love the Google Smart Cities?

Are you really gonna try to tell me that a criminal and murderer Bill Gates is not a capitalist? That Monsanto corp. is not a product of capitalism? That Google is somehow something other than capitalism?

Have you ever wondered how is it possible that “good capitalism” has brought two greatest wars on the planet, and is now threatening to destroy it completely?

Crony capitalism is not capitalism. Corporatism is not capitalism. Monopolism is not capitalism. These entities are globalists. They're cartels. The education entertainment media industrial complex has been colluding between different corporations and countries in their attempts against humanity. Now, one of the problems is rooted in the nature of humanity. People do bad things. People are greedy. Capitalism lets people fight and compete. Beyond that, some people choose to be very selfish, very evil. Over time, they form bigger groups. They create empires. I promote free markets. I promote private property rights. I promote rights that come from God and not from governments. So, I don't want government to tax YOU too much or at all. I hate regulations. I hate too many laws. I want people to mind their business. I favor classical liberalism.

Crony capitalism is not capitalism. Corporatism is not capitalism. Monopolism is not capitalism. These entities are globalists.

They are a phases of capitalism. It historically always goes to the extreme. You can deny it as much as you want, but at the end of the capitalism line, there’s always fascist dictatorship and war.

People are greedy. Capitalism lets people fight and compete.

You know, there is a science called Philosophy, and this ‘animalistic’ vision of mankind is dismissed long ago. Today, it exist in capitalist propaganda outlets only…

I promote free markets. I promote private property rights. I promote rights that come from God and not from governments. So, I don't want government to tax YOU too much or at all. I hate regulations. I hate too many laws. I want people to mind their business. I favor classical liberalism.

So, you do not know what capitalism is, but simply call “capitalism” things you think it is, and dismiss as “non-capitalism” everything you don’t like. It is clear why you are so confused. You do not have criteria. You do not know definitions. You do not know history. That is why it would be very important to start learning. The World will open to you.

So, you believe that the only evil in the world is capitalism, right? You believe that the phases of world history is actually and merely the phases of capitalism, right? And yet, let's pretend like we don't see those phases in other countries. Let's pretend as if capitalism did not work. Let's live in your fantasy world where you ignore so many things in history.

@lighteye, Alex Jones loves that video. So, I didn't know that you were a big Alex Jones fan. Mister Light Eye, have you any idea how many times that video has been shown and played on Infowars? Sadly, you sir Light Eye, say "CAPITALISM." But you are not talking about capitalism. Those big problems are not and is not capitalism. That's fake news. That's corrupt and evil propaganda that you are associated with.

Then you don’t know what capitalism is. And it isn’t the tragedy that you don’t know, but that you do not want to know.

And BTW, if InfoWars has shown that video, does that make Madeleine Albright acceptable mass murderer? That video is authentic, InfoWars didn’t make it up. Unfortunately, you have fallen to the fake news, and you even don’t know that.

You never listen to Infowars. Alex Jones talks about Madeleine Albright all of the time. Why are you destroying the real definition to capitalism? Like gay. You know. Yes, gay means homosexual, now. Before, gay meant happy. Same thing with capitalism. Now, capitalism has a new meaning. But that is not capitalism. So, you are erasing history like the Holy Oatmeal Roman Catholics who were burning books. You can join them.

You have wrong notion on capitalism and you don’t even know it.

And why are you so fixed to Alex Jones? Who cares about him? If he doesn’t exist at all, Madeleine Albright wouldn’t be less mass murderer then she is.

So, you love murder, then. The problem is the condition of humanity. But you think you can cure humans. You live in a fantasy world. People do bad things. But in the Nature Nurture Debate in psychology, you believe that a perfect world would stop these big problems. But some people do bad things. You don't stop that, completely. Would you rather that we all lived in the same sized boxes, the same sized houses? Should all humans make the same amount of money all of the time? Should we all get Universal Basic Income (UBI) as Andrew Yang suggests?

Still quoting Karl Marx?! Are you mad? Karl Marx (allegedly) wrote his communist fairytale because he was paid by the elite of ‘the West’ to do so. Staged revolutions are the new world orders weapon of choice when it comes to overthrowing a nation’s political system. It works now and it worked back then when the ‘glorious’ workers revolution finally got rid of the powerful Russian dynasties and the British empire finally got rid of one of its biggest enemies. Communism is the blueprint for the new world order as it is based on an unelected elite ruling over a powerless and heavily surveilled population. How anyone can still route for any of that crap is beyond me.
Study natural law and about true free market economical systems and get a job instead of hoping for the government to fix your shit for you. Or try starting your own business and experience first hand how unfree you are and how socialist welfare bullshit is stealing away your profit.

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Allegedly? Oh, I love people who are ready to talk about the things they have not read, and don’t know anything about. You are ideal mass for manipulation, @leavingtheherd. Congratulations :)

I don’t need to read stupid books when there are important ones to read. And if you click the link you’ll find out I sometimes even do videos about them and their content. And I don’t give a fuck about Molyneux.
You’re the one that’s all about mass manipulation (aka communism) and I’m the one that wants humans to be free and responsible for what they are putting out there.
Good day, Bern-bot! 😂

I don’t need to read stupid books…

This beginning of your sentence is telling more about you and your education than everything you ever wrote in your life. It is really sad.

I didn't know Karl Marx was paid. @stefan.molyneux makes interesting videos about Karl, etc.

OK, you didn’t read anything about Marx and his theoretical postulates of communism, and you are invoking the other guy who also didn’t read anything about Marx — and you call it an argument?

You will one day see how silly you were, and that will be a day of your unpleasant awakening.

Yeah right. 😂
I don’t argue with mentally challenged, sorry.
Why don’t you go and sell your propaganda somewhere else? I’m too busy having a life than to discuss the ‘pros’ and cons of communism in 2019! Silly? Seriously?! 😂😂😂

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Of course, when you’re out of arguments, you just can laugh as a fool. You have chosen a blue pill. But the life will teach you better than I could.