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The Walking Dead 1001 | Super Mario Trump Team Video | Baptism Day. 1988 SUV mentioned. Potluck. Took pictures of mom in dresses. U.S. Marines reserve units activated for “emergency within the United States” which “will come with little warning” – cites “threats in the Homeland”

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Banned Video

2019-10-06 - Sunday

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealEnglish | @OatmealHealth | @JoeyArnoldVN
Published in October of 2019

Censorship is Censorship?

12:01 AM - But is censorship any worse than firing your employees?


08:40 AM - Woke up.

No Sunday School. Independence. Always do your best to prepare for the future. When you're learning to drive, even when you're not driving, pay attention to the driver. Stay in the middle of the lane. Keep your eye on the road. Traffic can be similar to how things were in Vietnam in some ways. Your main focus can be on what is straight ahead. Baptism. The name of my character from my comic from 1997 or 1998, the Action Strip or Action Stripe, Jimmy Cricket Ninja, a stuff animal that I won from a 1990 or 1991 or whenever Easter Dance Contest. Sparky. Nickname for coffee. Also, my name. Tall. Blond. Joe Cool. The camel. My high school nickname. Making time for people. He is on it. Stalker. Pictures. Potluck. Star Wars. Star Trek Picard. Pictures taken of mom. Dresses. Cucumber man. 3 people today. I was working on a Post outline.

Car Crash

1988 - November - December - Thanksgiving - Mom, Ricky, and I, went to see Katie at a gymnastic practice downtown. I went to the bathroom. I saw the mats. I saw Katie, other girls, and other people. I played in the play place. We went home. We got off the bus, near the Seven Day Adventist church on Pacific Ave, down the road from 7 Eleven, and across the street from what is now the Best Western hotel. Some type of SUV car vehicle the size of Whitey Ford hit mom as she bent down to grab something. She said she doesn't remember what she grabbed. She got hit by the front of the SUV. She probably hit the front of the car, the window. She was on the street. I was crying. I laid down next to her. The man in the SUV ended up paying the medical bills for her broken arm. She pursued to get money on top of that but they said she should have went to the street light as opposed to jaywalking. She went to a surgeon doctor every three weeks from that point on, that is after she got out of the hospital, until like March of 1989. She may have went to physical therapy during that time and/or after that.

Health Ranger

02:51 PM - Dems ramping up for HOT civil war across America - Emergency message | U.S. Marines reserve units activated for “emergency within the United States” which “will come with little warning” – cites “threats in the Homeland” | Brighteon | Banned Video

This video was published on Thursday, the 3rd of October of 2019. This video has the same title as the video in the Natural News article that was posted by the Health Ranger today, Sunday, the 6th. Trump said he would order the Marines to circle the White House whenever the globalists try to arrest Trump & his cabinet.

Dishes. Imagine tilling the ground. Imagine overcoming all odds, including cancer. Three blind mice. Wait. 4. At that year. Almost at that year. Recovering three years later. Now, it's been 6 years. Beans from a can. But rhymes with my name. And starts with till.

[Mark Vasilli

05:37 PM - Super Mario Trump Team Video - Level 2 can be Swamp City inside the pipes.

Ron Gibson

05:40 PM - ALEX JONES (FULL SHOW) Sunday 10/6/19: U.S. Emergency - U.S. Marines Reserves To Stop Illegal Coup

07:00 PM - 08:00 PM - Nap. Sandwich.

State News

08:17 PM - The Fake News networks have been hiring former agents of government agencies like the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. Heard about this as I continued watching Alex Jones that night.

Dark Alley Hates Bill?

09:14 PM - IWA

Dear readers,

Remind me that Dark Alley shared a picture that connected Trump to Bill Clinton. We should always ask Dark Alley if he wants Bill to go to jail or what. We may have common ground on that issue. We can all agree that Bill and Hillary should go to jail or worse. Also, others, too. Watch the Sunday's Alex Jones show to know what I mean.

Hillary Joey Clintonite

09:17 PM - IWA

2016-08-06 - Somebody made a a fake profile using my name back in 2016. The fake account was Hillary Clintonite.

Troll Master Joey

09:31 PM - IWA

Bingozee secretly thinks I'm worse. Why? Because, according to Bingozee, I'm a bad boy for getting around an IP ban. I've been banned too many times. So, Bingozee might have said that these other people make Joey look tame or lame. However, Bingozee is being deceptive. Why? Because at the end of the day, Bingozee calls me the Master Troll. Bingozee does not call everybody Master Troll. Bingozee calls me Master Troll. So? What does that mean? I'm glad you asked. That black guy told Anakin Skywalker that he would be given the rank of master and yet not placed on the high council. Oh, so he became Darth Vader in Star Wars. Oh, not fair. I hate sand. It gets all over the place. Oh, I hate trolls, they get all over the place. So, speaking of master. I identify as a master. Why? Because Bingozee called me master. Bow down to me. So, that means I am a bigger troll than Norman and others, according to Bingozee. Because I was given the rank of master and yet not placed on his high council of respect.

Master Troll Bingozee

09:36 PM - IWA

Bingozee is the master troll. He copies and pastes a lot. @1984, so what did Norman whistle blow and where is the website or other places for these sources?

Satan Greta

09:51 PM - IWA

From the voice of Greta herself, from the pits of Hell, "How dare you spam," Dear Freaky Loser @Minutemen-Of-America.

The REAL Post a Meme, Image, or Video MEGA THREAD

09:58 AM - IWA


10:20 AM - IWA

@joey used the avatar of @TheIsz. Does that mean that @joey and @TheIsz are and is the same person? I say that in reference and in contrast to the accusations concerning people like Griff, @FreeThinkingPatriot, @c0mRaDe, @1984, Norman, @Minutemen-Of-America, @Memeart, @Rob_Roy, @UltimateknobGobbler, @MEMEWARROGER, @Zor, @DuckDuckGo Porn, @MITCHELL, @Bingozee, @Vitt, @cyberpunkspike, @DarkAlley05x, @DEPLORABLE_HILL, @FreedomFighter414, @Leviticus, @Kryptic_Crit1kal, @qwertyuiop, @well_well_well, @AtypicalRift, @rickMAGAvich, @SoWhat, @Hollywood, @Slayer, who are all obviously the same person.

Lord Oatmeal

10:29 PM - IWA

A decree from our Lord, Sir Oatmeal III:

Stop the foolery. Stop spamming. You fools.

2019-10-06 - Sunday - 10:53 PM - 11:51 PM - TWD 1001 - Vid To Do

The black girl might have replied to say that as soon as we continue to ask whether we are the good guys, we lose sight of being the good guys. I kind of disagree. But being obsessed over the question might be bad. But being good is about being aligned to eternal objectivity, truth. We see a USSR satelite in space at the beginning. The episode opened up with this USSR satellite falling from the sky. The one guy asked, "What if we are the bad guys?" The black girl was like, Hell no, we are the good guys, but if we start to ask questions like that, then we may lose sight of that. I think I disagree with her. But I get what she might be trying to say. And then you see Negan picking fruits. He is an interesting character.

Bingozee Book

10:48 AM - IWA - Bingozee

Bingozee replied

joey: “I sense a bit of jealous in the room.”
-LOL Correct @joey , I think your sensing your own stupidity as you continue to answer your own comments with an account we all know is fake and that belongs to your Alternate persona, which you have had many evidently… You are Worse only for the sake you are one of the LOSERS whom has Returned to Troll after being KICKED and BANNED multiple times, and for the fact you are also completely incapable of fully comprehending anything, thus any meaningfully communication with you is frivolousness and nonsensical.

joey: “I’m a bad boy for getting around an IP ban.”
-No, your a moronic loser…

joey: “I’ve been banned too many times”
-Who like’s to boast about being a Fucking loser Troll… Your Pride @joey.

joey: “Bingozee calls me the Master Troll. Bingozee does not call everybody Master Troll.”
-You are correct, your special…

joey: “So, that means I am a bigger troll than Norman and others”
-Lol, Yes!, Abso-Fucking-lutely!

joey: “I was given the rank of master and yet not placed on his high council of respect.”
-You better hurry and join IWA, I am sure you will feel more accepted around people more your equal, I am confident you will be placed on their High council almost immediately of shear fucking stupidity…

Don’t worry @joey Master Troll is your title, you earned it fairly.

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