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I saw a video of new wall construction on Trump's Twitter. It brings tears to my eyes. The liberals like a speaker who is quoting Hitler, and simply substituting Trump for Jew, in those quotes! Fog City Midge | Was Plato a Globalist? | Chicken Steemit | Making America Great Again | Americans, in 2013, spent more money to feed the government than they spent to feed themselves. Black Genocide = Abortion. Where is Planned Parenthood getting so much money? Why did Beto get a flu shot? What did they put in that? Batman: The Killing Joke. She told AOC that we need to eat babies to save the earth. AOC nodded her head. Did you see that video? | 557 - 7 WORDS YOU CAN’T SAY ON YOUTUBE! | Eric Cochran Guests | Louder with Crowder. Word of the day is aforementioned. Capitalism vs Communism Debate with Light Eye. Continued washing the truck.

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2019-10-04 - Friday

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in October of 2019


12:25 AM - IWA

@bannedmedia, why not upload Infowars videos to Bit Tube and why not prepare for the future as YouTube will be dying in the 2020's and these other websites will be rising like never before in the 2020's, the next ten years like never ever before.

Good Capitalism vs Bad Capitalism

01:22 AM - Steemit

Crony capitalism is not capitalism. Corporatism is not capitalism. Monopolism is not capitalism. These entities are globalists. They're cartels. The education entertainment media industrial complex has been colluding between different corporations and countries in their attempts against humanity. Now, one of the problems is rooted in the nature of humanity. People do bad things. People are greedy. Capitalism lets people fight and compete. Beyond that, some people choose to be very selfish, very evil. Over time, they form bigger groups. They create empires. I promote free markets. I promote private property rights. I promote rights that come from God and not from governments. So, I don't want government to tax YOU too much or at all. I hate regulations. I hate too many laws. I want people to mind their business. I favor classical liberalism.

Capitalist Julian Assange

01:29 AM - Steemit

Julian Assange is the personification of good non-crony, non-corporate colluding, non-government-funded, non-globalism guided, real and not fake free market capitalism. We have always had capitalism since the dawn of time. It is simply when you exchange your banana for my apple. That is capitalism. You might say no. But my definition of capitalism is very general and very simple. Now, what might be an alternative to capitalism?

Spam Debate

01:40 AM - Steemit

The downvote button is like a gun. So, they can say, "Shoot the animals you dislike or the ones you want to eat as a hunter." So, I could zap a rabbit. Then you might scream, "Billy The Rabbit was my friend." Now, I do promote the free market. So, the ability to buy and sell is good. Now, at a store, you can buy a banana. But a downvote might be like unbuying that banana. Well, that might be inaccurate. So, that might be a bad example. But I still might argue and say that. It comes down to whether upvoting is equivalent to buying a product or a service. It might not be. But if it was, then downvoting would, hypothetically, violate private property rights or other rights. Well, that might depend on whether or not there is any private property rights on the Internet or not. That's another topic that is controversial. I love the 4th amendment.

To be clear, I endorse freewill. So, people have the freedom to define spam however they want. I just like to rebuttal to say that, in my opinion, that they are wrong in some cases, perhaps. Yeah, I do hope for the best for Steemit, still.

Gay Oatmeal Catholics

01:48 APM - Steemit

You never listen to Infowars. Alex Jones talks about Madeleine Albright all of the time. Why are you destroying the real definition to capitalism? Like gay. You know. Yes, gay means homosexual, now. Before, gay meant happy. Same thing with capitalism. Now, capitalism has a new meaning. But that is not capitalism. So, you are erasing history like the Holy Oatmeal Roman Catholics who were burning books. You can join them.

Trump Hitler

01:50 AM - Steemit

They believe that the ends justifies the means. Subjectivity does this to the soul. Wow. Hitler Trump.

Land Rights

02:02 AM - Steemit

If you want to save the trees, buy them. People have to own the forest lands and find ways to guard them from loggers, forest fires, etc. I promote private property rights. So, if you own the land, you should have the right to burn your trees. I promote the rights to be the king of your land, good or bad.

Republic vs Democracy

02:10 AM - Steemit

America was originally designed to be a constitutional, representative republic, not democracy, with four branches of separated governments. So, I prefer 1776 over 1984. So, the USA was born out of a revolution. Now, since then, globalists have been infiltrating and have been turning America from a republic and more into like a democracy or worse. I love aspects of democracies. Beyond that, I love capitalism, etc. I hate the USA INC. of 1871 and the FED formation of 1913.


02:15 AM - Steemit

That's why we must continue accelerating in developing Quantum Cryptocurrencies, etc.


11:30 AM - IWA

We can all hate Trump at times. Now, my friend probably doesn't know enough about Trump and about other big global issues. I was making this thread to say that whatever I do on the Internet I don't always do offline. There may be a time and a place for different tactics for reaching people. The bigger and more well-known you are, the more you should probably do what Alex Jones does in trying to educate, in raising awareness to the issues, etc.

Specifically, I'm trying to say that you should emphasize on a public persona, more so, the bigger you are. Technically, and of course, you don't have to be an exact replica of Alex Jones. I'm using him as a template of how it can be done. I'm being very general. Some people can criticize the way Alex does things, for example. But what Alex does is suitable for the position he is in. See, because, when you are very well known, you probably should do certain things that you may not do if you were a small fry.

Likewise, if you are less known, you may not want to always do things that bigger people do. You know, bigger people, like Alex Jones, Trump, and others. Why? Because your position is different. Your ability to influence is different. And it may also depend on who you are talking to. It depends on who you are trying to influence. I'm thinking about starting a new thread to emphasize on the value of wisdom in knowing when to do certain things and when not to. It's like chess. It takes wisdom. It can also take some luck. Gotta be in the right place at the right time, etc.

Why can a bigger person, like Alex Jones, get away with being a Gay Frog, or screaming 1776 if they take our fire arms, or other things? Well, there may be many reasons why. Importantly, one of the reasons has to do with percentages. See, the bigger you are, the higher the probability that your crazy routine may reach some people. See, you may increase your odds. If you are only talking to one person in a private conversation, however, on the opposite end of this, then there might be some things you may not necessarily say to that one person in a private conversation. It depends on a few things. It depends on the situation. It depends on who you are talking to. But if you were Alex Jones for example, then you need to remember that all kinds of people are watching. Plus, people in the future will be watching Alex. So, people who are not born yet will be watching Alex with the help of a time machine. Wait, I mean with the help of a thing called the video.

I say all of that to say that you gotta know you role in life, your limitations, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

The smaller you are, the less likely you should focus on certain Alex Jones Comedy Bits like the Gay Frog. Because it may not always work with smaller crowds or certain crowds. Same thing with the Owen Shroyer Lefto The Clown Comedy Routine. If you knocked on the door of somebody's house as Lefto, you might get punched in the face. So, you got to know your audience. You should possibly experiment to see what works best for you. If you're making a video, then there might be potential there as people in the future may watch you as well. But it may come down to percentages. The smaller you are, the smaller the probability you have of red pilling or educating or whatever you're trying to do. I will try to stop writing right now. I always have more to say. But let's stop for a second. I'm Joe. Let me take a sip of Joe (Coffee). I'm drinking myself.

By the way, some people might be in the middle of being very small and very big like Alex Jones. So, you might not be invisible. You might not be the smallest person. You also may not be the most famous person in the world either. So, you might be in the middle. So, you might be asking yourself, "Am I small or big?" Or better yet, "Am I smaller than I'm big or bigger than I'm small?" Or, "Am I big down there?" Just kidding. But regardless, a lot of people can be in the middle. To those people, I say you can pick one. Just pretend you are big or little and focus on that. Wake up in the morning and decide which approach you want to take, a small and more personal approach or a big over the top Broadway approach. The next day, you can wake up and you can change your mind if you want. Take it a day at a time. You could choose to commit to a certain approach for an entire year. But it is valuable to commit to something. If you don't commit to something, you will fall for anything. You might break. Speaking of break, I thought I was going to take a break from writing haha. Alright, I'm going to end with one more thing.


Here are at least two reasons why I started this thread:

  1. The public persona of Alex Jones may be more suitable for a mixed audience. The bigger you are, the more likely you'll have a wide variety of people listening. That may mean you should be extreme or more into your own character. The people who criticize the WWE wrestling style persona of Alex might be unaware of how probability works. It's mathematical. It's many things. Some people might say Alex shouldn't do this thing or that thing. But Alex is on the world stage. Keep that in mind.
  2. Know your place. So, say for example, if I'm a small guy, then I might not want to run around yelling at people, "I'M OATMEAL JOEY ARNOLD, RAAA RAAAAA ROOOOO ROOO." Instead, I should simply talk to people in a more normal kind of way.

That Guy

I'm using this guy as an example. I may say a few things to him in the future. But I may try to be subtle. I may try to be more gradual. I will take it a step at a time. For example, this guy doesn't always like what the city might be doing. So, he may be in favor of smaller government. He may not be happy with how the city spends money, especially with the road construction side to it. He may be very happy with the investigations, the hearings, on a national level, as the probes and everything can cost money. Eventually, this guy may mention some of the good things that are happening. I might even bring some of those things up to him. And then, eventually, I might say that Trump helped with that thing or this thing. And of course he can say yeah right or how they did it without Trump or how Obama did it or whatever. But at least I tried my best and I planted a seed. Smaller people can plant the seeds. People like Alex may be sowing the seeds during the harvest, generically speaking as that may not always be the case.

What about you?

What about you, young lad? So, he asked me if I was a Democrat or a Republican. I said to him, on Wednesday, "I just want government to leave us alone. I want less taxes, regulations, tyranny. I want less government. I want more freedoms and private property rights." That's what I said. I didn't pick from his two options. You could say that I'm a Republican. But I decided to describe what I believed in, what I cared about. That might be better "TACTIC" to do in that kind of situation.

Oh Little Marco, don't be like that. Trust me, I'm big. I'm YUGE!

Joker Movie

11:53 AM - IWA

I especially like the backstory of Joker that was presented in that Gotham television show on Fox. In that show, one guy was a classmate alongside teenager Bruce Wayne. Eventually, you find out that guy becoming like a Joker. Eventually, he runs into a dead end. So, he falls or jumps off that building. Later on, his twin brother ends up taking on his older brother's persona, the Joker, to continue work, his legacy, his mission. Part of it includes some kind of revenge or relationship with Batman, AKA Bruce Wayne. After that, the story continues. See, the Joker Story needs to be intertwined with the Batman Story. I can't imagine a Joker movie with no Batman.

Eating People

12:09 PM - IWA

Are those actual people in those photos on the tables? Are they alive or dead? Are those people eating them in those photos here or are they only symbolic of what they do when there are no cameras?

Didn't Die?

12:14 PM - IWA

@bannedmedia is right. Yahoo is still around. MySpace didn't die. AOL didn't die. You can still get an Atari. You can buy a record player. Corrupt Media is still around. CNN did not die. So, I guess you're right. Never mind the statistics that would prove otherwise. We aint got time for real numbers. I'm glad you forgot to bring your calculator today. You might as well burn your calculator along with your brain. Aint got time for facts and logic.

Mark Dice

12:27 PM - Is This Our Future?

Owen Shroyer Memes

12:33 PM - IWA

@Rob_Roy, thank God you didn't put your Owen Shroyer Memes up onto other websites as a form up backup, because that would have been stupid. Thank God. Who needs that? Infocomms is the new Facebook. Infocomms is the only website in the world. Steemit who? What in the world is that? Doesn't exist. And don't meme me and give me all your money. Do as I say. Whatever I say, you have to do. You have to do what I say. I say, don't meme me. So, you don't meme me. Then I say, "Suicide Ya Self." Oh, and drop off your car at my house. Yes, sir. Follow the orders. Be a robot. Don't think about it. Just do it like Nike.


12:35 PM - My current avatar or any avatar I have ever had in my life?

Same Sized Boxes

12:49 PM - Steemit

So, you love murder, then. The problem is the condition of humanity. But you think you can cure humans. You live in a fantasy world. People do bad things. But in the Nature Nurture Debate in psychology, you believe that a perfect world would stop these big problems. But some people do bad things. You don't stop that, completely. Would you rather that we all lived in the same sized boxes, the same sized houses? Should all humans make the same amount of money all of the time? Should we all get Universal Basic Income (UBI) as Andrew Yang suggests?

Quantum Crypto

12:52 PM - Steemit

Julian, I am saying that regular cryptocurrencies should NOT be resistant to quantum computing. I am saying that the cryptocurrencies should use quantum formulas, that is quantum cryptography, in order to become quantum cryptocurrencies, that is Crypto 2.0. They should use quantum encryption. Not normal encryption but quantum encryption.

Capitalism vs Depravity

12:58 PM - Steemit

So, you believe that the only evil in the world is capitalism, right? You believe that the phases of world history is actually and merely the phases of capitalism, right? And yet, let's pretend like we don't see those phases in other countries. Let's pretend as if capitalism did not work. Let's live in your fantasy world where you ignore so many things in history.

Hey Old Man

01:04 PM - Steemit

Hey old man, are you against private property rights? Do you want the right to do anything you want in your car, house, store, land, property, etc? Do you want to be taxed more or less? Do you like taxes? Do you like regulations? Do you want more regulations or less regulations? How do you survive? Can you live without money? Would you rather make less money? Would you rather make more money? Do you really hate money? Do you hate freedom? Do you want other people to violate your private property rights?

Ignoring Roots

01:11 PM - Steemit

You blame many problems on capitalism. I blame it on the people that make those choices to do bad things. Why? Because I believe in accountability, transparency, integrity, character discipleship, eternal principles, hope over dope, joy over circumstances, eternal perspective, infinite altitude, ironic mystic, original green oatmeal, painting propaganda, etc. I believe in going back to the source, the root, to these issues, these problems. We face many different problems, all of the time. One of the problems is that of centralization. Hypothetically, centralization can be good. But we don't currently live in that kind of hypothetical world.

Capitalism vs Trade

01:35 PM - Steemit

When I say capitalism, I'm talking about trade. When you say capitalism, you're talking about a lot of things. One of those things may include what was happening America in the late 1800's. Some of that may include slaves. Now, historically, some slaves have been black. Some slaves have been white. Also, some of the slaves have been children.

Capitalism vs Communism

The following defines communism: “I have a banana plantation, and a group of you who are ready to work at my plantation all day are going to get one banana. The rest of you can drop dead.” So, your quote defines communism, not capitalism. Also, your Marx reference is also defining communism and not capitalism.

Defining Capitalism

Wikipedia defines capitalism as an economic system based on private ownership of the means of production.

Kinds of Capitalism


How is a Capitalist System Different Than a Free Market System?

click here to Google for more articles on these things.

Defining Terms

It comes back down to how words are defined. As an English Teacher, I can tell you that words mutate over time. Some words can be coined. Words can have specific and also generic definitions. Also, some people, like Light Eye, may be triggered by words like Capitalism. So, I just use the the word "TRADE" instead as that is the word he used. So, I will say that I like trade. That is what I like. I like "C" word. But I guess that "C" word is bad. Yeah. So bad. So, we will use the T word. Trade.

01:36 PM - 07:10 PM - Dishes. Mail. Truck. Wash. Tires. All over. Scratches. Dishes again. Jar broke. Trash. Box kept.

Prager U

07:13 PM - Fireside Chat Ep. 102 - Climate Change Is Not an Existential Threat

Was Plato a Globalist?

07:28 PM - IWA

Alex Jones talked about how Plato talked about keeping people enslaved in caves in fake realities. Plato may have talked about flying machines and the city of Atlantis. There was an explosion that darkened the skies for years. The world became cold. It was like man-made climate change, as in global freezing. So, was Plato educating or purposely tricking people? I think Alex said that, now, the globalists are carrying out "Plato's Vision." Alex talked about this on his show around 35 minutes in.

Helping Trump

07:37 PM - @FreedomFighter414, did you share this to Trump Twitter?

Capitalism vs Communism

07:48 PM - Steemit

Are you saying that humans don't ever exploit each other outside of what you call capitalism? What is this war on a word? You have this religion that declare that depravity and humanity were radically different prior to the 1800's. You seem to promote communism, which is full of slaves. I guess you have no idea what communism is. Who should own the means of production? Do you want the government to have a monopoly over the means of production? @Stefan.Molyneux made awesome videos about Karl Marx that is many hours long. I've watched them. Too bad you've never seen them. Too bad you don't want to talk about how Rome fell. Humans hurt each others. Humans exploit each other. But you believe that humans wouldn't if they were given a better system. You believe that you can be Jesus. You want to save humans. So, you blame everything on capitalism, the Boogeyman. So, you talk about problems. I wonder if you also talk about solutions, answers, alternatives. If we don't have capitalism, what do we have instead? What should we have, instead? That's valuable to focus on. We should not just talk about problems. We should focus on solutions. Too often, we get lost in negativity. We get lost in talking about what not to do. Instead, we should be talking about what to do. I love Steemit Capitalism.


07:58 PM - Steemit

Centralization can be good. You say no. I agree with you. Now, you are worse than CNN. I didn't say that it is good. I said it can be good. See, God is the King. So, centralization from God is good. Why? Because God is good. Absolute power corrupts people because people are not good without God.


People use everything for bad. People have used guns, money, technology, cars, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, children, adults, rope, to steal, hurt, abuse, kill, murder, destroy, etc. I love capital. I love profits. So, please give me your capital. Please give me all your profits. Please give me all of your money. Man, you old man, you have too much capital. Give it to me. Give it to Bernie Sanders. You got to throw your money out the window. Man, you got too much money. That means too much centralization. That means way too much power. That means way too much corruption. So, please get rid of your capital. Get rid of your rot. Why? Because you said that capital is bad. So, based on your own logic, you should give up your own capital. Was Plato a Globalist?

Abuse or Not Abuse?

08:24 PM - Steemit

Who gets to decide what is abuse and what is not abuse? See, if I have private property, then I can open up a factory on my land. So, then I may have the means of production. Then, I might begin to hire people. So, I might trade with you. That is good for the economy. And then, if I make a profit, then I can buy more capital. I can begin to buy more equipment.

I Need More

I need more money to maintain my capital. It costs a lot more money to pay employees and to maintain capital. So, where do you draw the line between me exploiting people and not exploiting people? If I trade with you, an orange for a banana, am I exploiting you? If I'm not exploiting you, then how would me exchanging my money for your time as my employee then somehow be exploitative when my orange for your banana is not exploitative, assuming it isn't?

Objectivity vs Subjectivity

Are you the judge that can decide where the line is? If you draw a line, then you might be violating the meaning to life which involves freewill to exploit.

The Meaning to Life

That is the meaning to life. I want the freedom to do good and to do bad. I want to do good. However, life is an adventure, an exploration.


So, people make choices. We figure things out. We choose whether we want to do good or bad. You might be an authoritarian. For the record, I didn't say you were one. But you might be. Why? Because you would rather rob people of their freedom to exploit, to profit. That's crazy.


So, go to China. Go to Cuba. Go to Venezuela. The list goes on. You endorse socialism, communism, Obama Care, etc. Now, I say that. You respond with a no. But a no does not undo reality. Yes, I want to buy some robots. I want to make robots. But some people might have more robots.

Seeking Anarchy

I promote a pursuit toward anarchy. I promote nationalism for each country over globalism (world centralization). I promote family first focus. Also, community first priorities.


I agree. I promote Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (Bitcoin SV). I hate Rothschild. I hate Soros. I hate Amazon. Please remember that Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc, are products of collusion among governments and globalists through corporations, organizations, etc. Historically, you can follow the money back many centuries to see all of it.


I love competition. I'm against cartels and monopolies. I promote smaller businesses and local businesses over larger ones, generally. I prefer to have priority, a focus, as much as I can, on the smaller guys over the bigger guys. But I don't want to like murder the bigger guys. I don't want to just tax the 1% because that may not be the best way to fight some of the issues we face in the world. You like trade. I like trade. I use the term, capitalism, because other people use them. So, I decided simply to use the word that other people used.


I chose to focus on certain aspects within capitalism. I am not against capital. I am not against exploitation. Everybody exploits everybody and everything all of the time. Your job is to simply try your best to stop people from exploiting you. That is personal responsibility.

The Art of the Deal

But you should feel free to attempt to exploit people. Try your best. But they should try their best not to be taken advantage by you. That is supply and demand. That is the bartering system. Buy low. Sell high. Invest long-term. Don't keep all your eggs in one basket. Eat oatmeal. Buy guns, canned, foods, solar power, etc. Be independent. Become your own employer. Try not to get enslaved by corporations, etc.

Globalists Murdered Epstein?

08:50 PM - Steemit

If Jeffrey Epstein is dead, then globalists probably killed him in order to stop the patriots from attempting to lock them up. So, I would encourage people to remind Trump that the globalists will continue to try their best to limit the draining of the swamp. It's a complex issue.

Interactive Future

Regardless of how much Americans may hate or love Trump, Americans should always try to tell Trump what they really want Trump to do. In other words, Americans should not just say that Trump has it all under control. Some people are way too lazy. That's too bad. If you want a better future, you got to fight for it. And as they continue to arrest and imprison bad people, they got to up their game as globalists will always try to assassinate the potential leakers, whistle blowers, in jail. I don't know if Trump gets that or not. I will assume he doesn't until he says otherwise. How do we get Trump to stop geoengineering, Big Pharma, Rothschild, China buying up America, CPS, 5G which gives people cancer, Bill Gates' Vaccines which kill people, Agenda 2030, tech cartels, Jihadism in America, etc? This week was good. It is another step in the right direction. But we gotta all up our games each day and keep fighting for our children's future no matter what.


09:11 PM - Steemit

Hello cute Lemon Chicken, ate any good bugs lately? Which bugs do you recommend?

Making America Great Again

09:24 PM - Facebook

Jim Cantrell replied

America didn't need to be made great again it was great already it became less great when that buffoon was elected president but we will fix that very soon

I replied

Jim, so, you don't want to maximize freedoms? You don't want to reduces taxes, regulations? Jim, so, you are promoting authoritarianism, as in bigger government? Jim, do you hate private property rights? I'm currently working on a secret article about Plato. Oh man, Jim, the things I could tell you about Plato. But the tech cartels told me I can't talk about it. So, I will be posting that on my secret website. I'm very happy that you, Jim, will never ever see my blog. I know you will never look at it. Why? Because you live in a bubble. So, Jim, I hope you enjoy your bubble. Please don't cry when Facebook bans me again.

Sucky Phones

09:30 PM - Facebook

Jorge Peralta, not if you root your phone and install a different OS onto your phone. Take control of your life. If your OS is limited, then your phone OS may be too sucky. Romelus Saladar, sucky. Nice word. Sucky. The word of the day. Sucky. Sounds like a Japanese girl name. Sucki. Yo, sounds like a name for noodles in CHINA. Yo, some OS may be too sucky. So, get rid of the OS and put in a new OS. If you are not willing to do that, then why do you have a sucky phone? Why did you pay so much money for a retarded phone? I paid about $120 for a smart phone. Why would you pay more than that?

Dear Facebook, don't ban me quite yet for this sucky comment haha.


09:35 PM - Romelus Saladar, how many am I allowed to marry all at once?

Cats & Dogs

09:37 PM - Steemit

Who is the good lady? Is it the wife or some kind of nun? Oh, cats have parties? Do they drink more than dogs? What kind of parties do dogs have?

Identical Uniqueness

09:57 PM - Discord

What is unique about one user may be identical to another person. For example, person one joins. So, I could say, "Wow, you're an amazing basketball player." Now, person two joins. Then, I could comment, "Wow, you're an amazing basketball player." Imagine if those two people were Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Now, what makes Michael unique? Basketball. What makes Kobe unique? Basketball. Now, how do you make unique comments for thousands of people? I've written thousands of comments. So, I might accidentally say the same things every once in a while. I'm not trying to. But it happens. But I'm the bad guy, right?

Was Plato a Globalist?

10:13 PM - Was Alex Jones right to say that Plato didn't say certain things? Perhaps, Plato knew more about Atlantis. Perhaps, he hid some of that from people.

Bingozee Key

10:21 PM - I thought Bingozee wanted people to key his honk honk.

The Center for Medical Progress

11:02 PM - Human Capital - Episode 3: Planned Parenthood's Custom Abortions for Superior Product | IWA

11:03 PM - 12:05 AM - Nap

#trump #blacksummit #economics #governments #history #life #people

Jim For Open Borders

05:19 PM - Facebook

Jim Cantrell replied to the Fog City Midge post of her holding a gun that I shared on my Facebook on 2019-10-04 - Friday - 09:54 AM PST. This is the update to the conversation as follows:

07:33 PM - Jim Cantrell replied

America didn't need to be made great again it was great already it became less great when that buffoon was elected president but we will fix that very soon

09:24 PM - I replied

Jim, so, you don't want to maximize freedoms? You don't want to reduces taxes, regulations? Jim, so, you are promoting authoritarianism, as in bigger government? Jim, do you hate private property rights? I'm currently working on a secret article about Plato. Oh man, Jim, the things I could tell you about Plato. But the tech cartels told me I can't talk about it. So, I will be posting that on my secret website. I'm very happy that you, Jim, will never ever see my blog. I know you will never look at it. Why? Because you live in a bubble. So, Jim, I hope you enjoy your bubble. Please don't cry when Facebook bans me again.

11:15 PM - Jim Cantrell replied

Joey Arnold, but Trump stands for none of that! He doesn't maximize freedoms he does the exact opposite! He is a tyrant he is hateful he is a liar which he proves every time he opens his mouth he is corrupt he is absolutely the worst president history and quite arguably the worst human being he is bad for our country he is bad for our world and on top of everything else he is quite stupid so much so that he believes what he says justifies his absolutely inept actions if Hitler were alive today he would shake his head and say man this guy is terrible and by the way he did not reduce taxes for people I mean you he raised them he gave attached to the rich he gave it to have to cut to Corporate America in by the way that tax cut did not go back into the economy it went into stock BuyBacks to enrich shareholders even more Plato has nothing to do with a dude and these illegals as he wants to call them to give more to the economy than they ever take away in fact if they would let me drive to the border and bring as many Mexican people in as I could I could double this economy yes f*** Donald Trump if he died tomorrow it would be good for the country and good for the world hopefully we'll be rid of this bastard soon

05:17 PM - Saturday - I replied

Hillary Clinton 2020

Concerning NPC Americans

05:47 PM - Facebook | Fog City Midge | Impeach Trump Video | Opa Tom Helus

06:45 AM - Opa Tom Helus replied

Their whole stance is based on lies, hate, and the personal vendettas of a few celebrities.
In reality, he's done everything he said he would and is kicking ass for US. And these hate mongering protesters just make me like Trump even more, every time they speak.

05:46 PM - I replied

Opa Tom Helus, that's good. Well, Trump is not perfect, but he is the best president ever, possibly or potentially. George Washington was good, but some things were simpler back then. Trump has a cabinet that works against Trump and against America. So, in other words, everything that Trump is able to do is a miracle. They will try even harder to steal votes from Trump in 2020. Millions of votes were stolen from Trump and other votes were fabricated for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Hillary is attempting to run in 2020. Evil is trying to take down Hong Kong, Brazil, England, America, Russia, etc. The good news is that patriots all around the world are rising to stand up to fight for freedoms, private property rights, liberties, independence, etc.

Spirit Animal Food

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@Zor, my spirit animal is also my spirit food. If you copy and paste what I write on IWA into Google, your computer will blow up. So, please don't do it. @Rob_Roy, you too. @Bingozee is right that I plagiarize everything I write including this comment right here. Well, wait about 25 hours before researching what I write on the Infocomms. Better yet, find something I wrote from 2 days ago. Put parenthesizes around my quotes and you may find out where I stole my content from. Actually, some of it may not show up in a search result until some months into the future. Oh, right, I almost forgot, I am only kidding. Just kidding about kidding. I'm kidding. No joke. Just kidding about kidding about the kidding. Thanks for reading. Because you read this, a virus will detach from the cat behind you and go into your brain. Yeah, not your computer, but your brain. Enjoy. The virus will suck up all the oatmeal from your brain. So, whatever you do, don't Duck Duck Go my name. Because, @Zor, you are right. I do not exist outside of this website, just like Bingozee. I am totally secret and totally anonymous. My face is as bland as an ugly Vietnamese Secret Agent Man.

The ends rarely justify the means !