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Llamas Invaded The Alex Jones Show. Bitchute Dissenter Problem. Trump Medicare Signing. Washed the truck. Bit Tube might be better than Bitchute. Hi Spam. They can see your WIFI location. That's dangerous. They can find you and kill you. They're trying to murder Trump. After that, they'll go after you too. Make Local Farms Great Again. Leslie Lane Farms. MK Ultra. Who is not retarded? Who is not brain washed? Cough cough. China has missiles that can hit America in 30 minutes. Evil people are secretly tricking humans into killing themselves. Some vaccines are bad. Big Pharma is messing us up. Big tech cartels are warping our brains. They're putting stuff in the sky that goes into the crops. They're poisoning us. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to ignore this or will you join the revolution and be part of history? Which side of history are you on? My phone is Blu. I use TracFone (AT&T).

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2019-10-03 - Thursday

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in October of 2019

The White House

11:23 AM - President Trump Delivers Remarks and Signs an Executive Order

Hi Spam

11:36 AM - I was flagged for talking to people.

Downvoting Fantasy

11:43 AM - Steemit

I understand and that is how subjectivity spreads like cancer. People should be only upvoting. There should be no downvoting. Hypothetically, there should be downvoting. People who are ok with downvoting are lost in that hypothetical world. I understand why people think that way. But we don't actually live in that world. But some people think we do. But we don't. But some people truly feel that is the reality that we live inside.


11:44 AM - I grew up watching Disney. It's almost as magical as reading a book. I remember visiting Disneyland in 1992.


11:46 AM - I rode a horse once when I was about three, back in like 1988 in Oregon.

Bitchute Dissenter Problem

11:57 AM - Dissenter

I can no longer watch videos on Bitchute using Dissenter as of today. I can on Firefox but not on Dissenter. It worked yesterday. It suddenly stopped, @a.

Bit Tube

12:30 PM - What is Bit.tube? Click here to read all about it

Bit Tube is an alternative to YouTube. It may be better than Bitchute, Dtube, Dlive, Brighteon, etc. Bit Tube uses IPFS, which is a decentralized system for storing videos on different servers. What is a server? A server is a computer that is serving something to computers, phones, devices, etc. So, a server offers a service. So, IPFS is a system designed to let people share (seed) content. Others download it. So, IPFS may be the same kind of system as Bit Torrent. So, Bit Tube is a video website platform

12:31 PM - 04:10 PM - Truck wash.


04:20 PM - My phone is Blu. Now, my OS is Google Android. But I should probably put a Linux OS onto my phone. Maybe something like Ubuntu. My phone service is TracFone (via AT&T) which has pay per minute plans. So, I pay about $25 USD / 90 days. I miss the summer.

Bit Tube Over Bitchute

04:26 PM - Bit Tube might be better than Bitchute because Bit Tube uses IPFS and it is also a cryptocurrency called TUBE. Bitchute might be centralized to some extent. Telegram comment.

Dying Dinosaur Media

04:32 PM - @scottmccatty , I listened to that audio. Yeah. That's why dinosaur news media has been dying out during the 2010's like never before. And some people believe in Open Borders. I prefer emphasis first on private property rights. Like, if I got some land, I want to make sure I can protect that land. But I mostly want the right to protect myself. My middle name is Scott.

The Eye of the Hydra

05:00 PM - IWA

Here is an excellent video describing the formation of global government during the 1900's. This is a miniature sized documentary which mentions the CFR, Bilderberg, Greta, etc. It shows a bunch of different things including quotes from Bill Clinton and others. This was very well done.


World Government & Chill

This video is on Bitchute. I was unable to find a copy of it on YouTube. Maybe somebody should put it on YouTube.

05:01 PM - 08:00 PM - Dishes. Truck. Bed. Happy. Good. Rain. Zoom car. Mud. Spaghetti. Pound it. Double pound it. Rhymes with berry. Strong like a lion and starts with that. Windows washed. Cold. Cough. Blew nose. Vitamin C. China 70th Anniversary. New missiles from China can hit USA in 30 minutes.


08:11 PM - IWA

@xeno, so, we have this really old book from the 1800's that talks about giants and dwarfs. Do you realize how much of history people have been erasing? So, of course, you may not know about the evidence, because they try to hide bones, fossils, books, etc, from you. But all you got to do is to look for it.

2 Unlimited - No Limit (1993)

Logan's Run

08:29 PM - Yes. That's right. I agree. Logan's Run also talks about how the system messes up with a lot of things. That system embodies the tech cartels.

Agenda 21

08:32 PM - Do you like depopulation, conducted the Bill Gates Vaccines in India or the Big Pharma and Monsanto projects? Do you love the Google Smart Cities?

Not Capitalism

08:36 PM - IWA

@lighteye, Alex Jones loves that video. So, I didn't know that you were a big Alex Jones fan. Mister Light Eye, have you any idea how many times that video has been shown and played on Infowars? Sadly, you sir Light Eye, say "CAPITALISM." But you are not talking about capitalism. Those big problems are not and is not capitalism. That's fake news. That's corrupt and evil propaganda that you are associated with.

Chem Trails

08:38 PM - Geoengineering is almost as bad as the Bill Gates Vaccines and Big Pharma.

No Trespassing

08:43 PM - Suddenly, Han Solo appeared right out of your guts of doubt and worry to say, "I have funny feeling about this."

Kharma Scribbes

08:50 PM - Steemit

Yes. I agree. Every homeless person is different, perhaps. I used to work with The Salvation Army in an outreach to the homeless in Hawaii. Also, I'm 34 and have felt very old now. I've felt like I've gone through a lot in a short period of time. That can be good. That can be an aspect to the meaning to life at a fundamental level towards the sanity of eternal perspective.


MK Ultra

11:20 PM - I am very brain washed. Who is not?


11:26 PM - I love Final Fantasy and Mario.


11:32 PM - Steemit

I knew a girl from Wisconsin. Cute accent. She might have pronounced that state wis-COULD-sin. Some might say Wis-c-AWE-n-sin. I love history too. The many tales of the pet owners. I tend to prefer cats over dogs. Hey, good work with starting a family.


11:40 PM - Do you also draw brains? Oh, my favorite here is the drawing of the eye. I love the eye. I like to draw too.


11:58 PM - Steemit

Powerful. Film the police. Keep people accountable, especially those in the public. Know your rights, which don't come from government. We should try to stop government from stealing rights.

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