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Steem Cleaners:

The three downvotes I got on Sunday were lead by @steemcleaners who flagged three comments that I wrote that read "Hi." Now, by the way, for the record, I think I have the freedom to say hi. But, also, people might have the freedom to flag, to downvote, etc, perhaps. I don't really disagree with a person's ability to respond, to react, to downvote, to flag, etc. However, also, I think that I might also have freedom to protest lol. I'm not saying that I have to be right. I might be wrong. Now, I think I am right. But that is besides the point. I have a lot to say. I'm going to say a few things right now. I will say much more later. This is an ongoing series. I have written many articles about Banning Oatmeal. So, all of this is a long story. It is very deep and full of juicy oatmeal. This is a rough draft outline of a few things that I am trying to say. I will say more later.


I'm responding to the flags. I just want people to know what happened. So, I went to Discord and somebody said that I was spam. I believe it was a representative of @steemcleaners. Now, @steemcleaners appears to be an official account. It seems that Steem Cleaners have been flagging people. So, to some extent, perhaps, from an excessively subjective and bias perspective, bots and people like the Steem Cleaner, may be helping, to some extent, possibly, sometimes, in reducing spam, plagiarism, theft, repetition, hate speech, calls to acts of violence, more spam, troll behavior, bad words, naked pictures, NSFW stuff, you know, not safe for work content, bad grammar perhaps, viruses, computer hacker stuff, more hate speech, parodies, perhaps some memes which the EU is banning in Europe, and perhaps some Chinese President Winnie The Pooh Memes, perhaps some Facebook Pro-Nazi and Anti-Nazi Hitler pictures which are banned on Facebook, and also perhaps people who say unbelievably bad stuff, very evil material, like hello, you know, how are you, like the things that I've written in trying to start conversations with some people who may never respond back to me sometimes, etc, etc, etc, etc. On Discord, I was placed on timeout. Alright, they took me out of timeout. One guy wrote to me the following:

Banned Oatmeal Screenshot at 2019-10-01 18:00:43.png

Guilty Parties

2019-09-30 - Monday - 09:40 PM

Guilty Party wrote to me:

@joeyarnoldvn If you want to say hi to users, write original comments. Repeating the same comment is considered spam by the community. We didn't decide on the fact that its considered spam by the community; the community decided that. You're more than welcome to write them comments about their intro post and start a conversation with them.

Bot Privilege

2019-10-01 - Tuesday - 06:04 PM:

I replied

Why are bots allowed not to be original and yet I have to be original? Why the Bot Privilege? I thought I had White Privilege? Whatever happened to equality? Why are bots elevated above real humans? In real life, people are not always original. When you start a conversation, you say hi. Sometimes, you run into bots or fake accounts. So, I have to waste my time writing an original comment to a fake person? Sometimes, in life, you don't know what will happen. There is risk. Time is money and money is time. It holds value. Each second holds value. The freedom of speech includes the freedom to spam. But spam is like art. According to who? We are having subjective debates that are isolated from eternal principles of original oatmeal.

To Be Continued

I have more to say. For example, I am not trying to repeat myself. But it happens as I've written over 60,000 comments and posts on Steem, on Steemit, on Busy, etc. Just Steem alone, not counting other places. And sometimes, you end up saying similar things, accidentally. Is that spam? No. But what is spam? These are great questions. But King Solomon said that there is nothing new under the sun. Hey, I wrote that before. Oh no, please flag me because I already mentioned that quote from Solomon, before, right? Alright, I'm going to try to stop writing. But I can go all day on these things. And I will. Hold my beer. I mean, hold my oatmeal haha.


@joeyarnoldvn See someone is asking to help to.flag/downvote two word comments which is considered as spam! More flagging/downvoting is comming up. I thought it was meant for bad content, posts of one line and a link, photos without text (at least 44 words). No respind from the steem team 🤔

I understand and that is how subjectivity spreads like cancer. People should be only upvoting. There should be no downvoting. Hypothetically, there should be downvoting. People who are ok with downvoting are lost in that hypothetical world. I understand why people think that way. But we don't actually live in that world. But some people think we do. But we don't. But some people truly feel that is the reality that we live inside.

@joeyarnoldvn I had an answer it was not about the one or two words but about a person coly-pasting the same comment everywhere. 🤔

Happy Friday, the downvote and flagging can be better used for what it was meant but I doubt it will. Let's see what is left from Steem in a few months. ❤️

The downvote button is like a gun. So, they can say, "Shoot the animals you dislike or the ones you want to eat as a hunter." So, I could zap a rabbit. Then you might scream, "Billy The Rabbit was my friend." Now, I do promote the free market. So, the ability to buy and sell is good. Now, at a store, you can buy a banana. But a downvote might be like unbuying that banana. Well, that might be inaccurate. So, that might be a bad example. But I still might argue and say that. It comes down to whether upvoting is equivalent to buying a product or a service. It might not be. But if it was, then downvoting would, hypothetically, violate private property rights or other rights. Well, that might depend on whether or not there is any private property rights on the Internet or not. That's another topic that is controversial. I love the 4th amendment.

To be clear, I endorse freewill. So, people have the freedom to define spam however they want. I just like to rebuttal to say that, in my opinion, that they are wrong in some cases, perhaps. Yeah, I do hope for the best for Steemit, still.