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The Dissenter Web Browser

09:52 PM - You can download the Dissenter Web Browser - Dissenter | I didn't know Dissenter was a web browser until today. I thought it was just an addon thing. Maybe it was just a plugin before. If not, then people were not very proficient at explaining it until now.

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2019-09-30 - Monday

Published - 2019-08-26 - Monday - 11:59 PM LMS - PDT

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealEnglish | @OatmealHealth | @JoeyArnoldVN
Published in September of 2019

Stefan Molyneux

12:11 AM - Stefan Molyneux: My Brutal Year | He asks for help, suggestions, as YouTube suppresses his views. In 2018, he began doing more documentaries and speaking tours. But leftists attack. Expensive. Should he write more books? Is his show sustainable? Only if people continue to support. Also, what should he talk about? Go to Free Domain to donate. Can he do more cryptocurrency investments?


Vietnam Government

2019-09-27 - 01:13 PM - Steemit - Joey Arnold

I've heard that the problem that Hong Kong has with China might become a potential problem for Vietnam. Why? China is trying to invade Vietnam. So, I thought I read something somewhere concerning an agreement between China government and Vietnam government concerning a merging or something in 2020.

2019-09-30 - 08:11 AM - Haccolong

What you read is called the Chengdu Secret Treaty, a secret agreement between the two communist parties in 1990. Since it was not published, all speculation was speculative, I hope what many people still say in 2010 will not happen. However, this modern era is unlikely to be invaded by force. China may become "colonist" or "fascist" in a different way. In my opinion with the Hong Kong problem: It is a long-term war because it is difficult for China to make concessions, because if it makes concessions, it will create "precedents". And China cannot because it will have problems with Taiwan, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, etc. Interestingly, the fall often occurs under the domino effect. :) Too bad I found that is happening in Hong Kong has little impact on the morale of a small fraction of Vietnamese. It is great that you are interested in the developments in Vietnam

08:59 AM - Joey Arnold

One of the reasons I'm not in Vietnam was because I wanted to eventually expose government corruption. While in Vietnam, people would tell me about the corruption. So, I've heard that some journalists have been imprisoned in Vietnam. So, I may not want to end up in jail. But then again, I may consider returning to Vietnam someday. Other than America, Vietnam has become my second favorite country, like a second home.

Vietnam Fireworks

09:06 AM - Dtube

I saw fireworks in Saigon. So, do they allow fireworks in Saigon and other large cities in Vietnam but only by them, right? I didn't really think about whether they were banning firecrackers or not. Well, they also ban guns as well.

Vietnam Floods

09:13 AM - I had a welding class in high school. I didn't really enjoy it. But it is good that you can weld. I didn't know that rats attack baby rabbits. I have never thought about that before. Is there a lot of flooding in your hometown? I've seen pictures of floods in Vietnam. I rode bikes through some smaller flooded streets in Saigon. But I know the floods in Saigon are smaller than in other places in Vietnam. I hear that floods destroys houses, etc. So, like each year, some people have to rebuild and repair their houses, etc.

Rabbit Mice

09:17 AM - Yeah. I used to have pet mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs, in America, when I was about 13. Yeah, baby rabbits look like rodents. Yes, they're cute.

Gun Debate

09:29 AM - In Saigon, people would say that district 4 was the most dangerous because of the gangsters with big long knives. Oh, by the way, you can see how they ban guns in Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Germany in the 1930's (Hitler), China, England, some Gun-Free Zones, etc. You can see that they banned guns in Chicago and yet many African Americans have shot each other in Chicago. So, the crime rate has been higher in Chicago than other places in the USA.

Super Men Police

10:29 AM - The hard part is response time. If somebody tries to kill you, the officials, the police, may not get to you fast enough in order to save your life. In some cases, it can take several minutes for cops to get there in order to respond. But murderers, gangsters, criminals, etc, can pull out a knife, gun, etc, in seconds. It only takes a few seconds. That is why I was learning some karate.

Vietnam Oatmeal

10:33 AM - No. I was born in 1985 in Oregon, USA. My ancestors are from Europe. So, Oregon is a state above California. So, I taught English in Vietnam from November of 2012 to November of 2017. So, for five years, I taught English, made friends with Vietnamese, experienced Tet each year, and learned a lot. Tôi thích cà phê sữa nóng và cơm gà.

The Gift of Life

09:32 AM - Visuals can be guide towards experience, potentially, at least. Yeah, existence is pretty mysterious and that is why it is treasured, uniquely.

The Need For Speed

09:54 AM

Hi. Oh, just kidding. Well, it depends. In life, you never know what is more important. I'm also a pretty extreme individual, an all or nothing kind of guy in that I either say nothing or I talk for days. I'm either on or off.


When I try to write shorter comments like hey there. Like hi, how are you? See, that is my attempt at finding a balance between talking too little and talking too much. On Steemit, so far, since I joined in 2017, I've commented and posted over 60,000 times. So, some of that may be recycled words. Some of the words and phrases may be used a few times, again and again from comment to comment. Well, not every comment. But the bottom-line is that I just want to say whatever that I want to say kind of thing.

Are You Real Hehe?

Hey, you know, I'm not doing a good job at explaining myself. First of all, I promote freedom, etc, like I said already. Secondly, you may not always know which accounts are real and which accounts are really really real.

Bot Alert

Some profiles can be bots. Some people may not respond to comments as often as other people. Some people will choose to ignore you regardless.

Online Dating Haha?

So, it is kind of like dating. See, you just don't know. For example, you could choose not to respond to this. See, that is the nature to how life works. Some accounts are abandoned as well. I say all of that to say that there are many variables in making choices in life.

Character Development

I promote the development and decision process in making those choices. I'm also trying to raise awareness to the dangers, to the aspects, of spam, hate speech, etc, as that can be a subjective slippery slope to 1984 Germany. I believe in conversation starters as well.

Conversation Starters

So a simple hi can start a conversation. This might not be a chat room, but that does not mean it can't be. That does not mean that chat rooms are retarded. What applies in chat should apply here as well. I like ice breakers, conversation starters.

The Ice Breaker

At camp in 2008, my nickname was the Ice Breaker. I believe in that. But different people are different. So, no matter how much you write, no matter who you might be, some people may not respond back to you.

Win or Go Home

See, in life, there is risk involved. You can lose. So, when you write, the more time you spend, the more time you lose. That's valuable.

Kharma Scribbles

That's what original oatmeal is all about, dear Kharma Scribbes with a REP of 56. See, you could say that time is timeless or priceless. So, of course, shorter conversations is less valuable, generally.

The Deep End of the Pool

Of course, I prefer deep conversations as opposed to small talk. Yes, I engage in small talk sometimes. But when you run into new people offline, you may just say howdy at first.

Apples & Oranges

Yes, of course, on the Internet, things can work a bit different. So, hey, I may be writing some more posts about these types of things. I should probably make more videos and draw more pictures. I believe in scribbling. I believe in that kind of kharma.

Disclaimer Unicorns

And for the record, I don't always just say hi to new users on Steem. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. Sometimes, I write an entire sentence, oh my Oatmeal. Oh my God. Oh my Atlantis. Yeah. Sometimes, I write a bit more.


And I try to talk to a lot of people. And then I end up running out of time. Because I want to talk all day with each person. And then I end up not sleeping. Because I have like millions of things going on all at once and then I try to limit some of my comments and everything. And that is the tough part, you know, to know when to start, to stop, to go, etc.


I'm a perfectionist. So, I end rereading what I write. And then I end up editing what I write. And that slows me down. So, then I try to force myself to write less often or less content per time. And it really depends on whether or not it is the right time.


See, in life, it is about timing. It is about being in the right place at the right time with the right people doing the right things. Sometimes, you need to be there for people and not say a word. But how do you do that on the Internet?

Small Comments

A small comment might be the equivalent to being there for an individual. Sometimes, you should not say too much. Sometimes, you should probably write a book and just throw it at them and hope they read it, like this comment for example haha.

Purse Fred

10:39 AM - I think Fred likes spaghetti. What a cute fella.

Mystery Fred

10:42 AM - Sounds like the kind of dream I would have. I always try to see more in my dream. I want to see people and walk around and go into houses and explore. So, there may be some shadow creatures or fellas in my dreams. I might even dream about Fred tonight. He will hop up and down and tell me to follow him into a basement or something, which will either be full of spaghetti or It might be down there waiting for me alongside Chucky.

Steem Tribes

10:17 AM - Yeah. Great. I checked out Steem Tribes Online. I went to the different sites, the different Steem apps. Brilliant. So, when is the next hard fork?

Wake Up Kitty

10:23 AM - Earlier in 2019, when some of my posts were flagged for alleged hate speech, I tagged @freezepeach who upvoted some of those posts. You asked if it is allowed to downvote for promoting Steem? I'm not sure about that. Your REP might go up faster if each post of yours gets more money on average, it seems. And, same thing with your upvotes that you give out, which factors into it as well. New users seem to be able to go up in REP faster than people who have been here longer. For me, I've been here on Steem since 2017 and I've been at 57 or 55 for over a year now.

Rich Within

11:03 AM - Yea, gotta be rich in the mind before ya can be rich in wealth on the outside as well.

Climate Change

01:22 PM - I guess, without internal lava, the insulated guts of our planet would grow colder and colder as it is isolated from the heat of the sun. So, that coldness would begin to freeze or cool the surface of the globe or at least attempt to. So, the atmosphere, the air, may act as a blanket, meaning it gets colder up in the mountains, even as you move closer to the sun.

Geoengineered Global Warming

I've always assumed that things are warmer as you move closer to sea level. I've never thought about what the temperature of the inner organs of the earth. It's true that climate change is partly due to geoengineering, Big Pharma, Monsanto, Microsoft, Bill Gates, Vaccines, Bio Weapons, etc. However, at the same time, climate and weather is mostly dependent on the sun and secondarily dependent on volcano activity, perhaps. CO2 helps the earth. Humans are carbon based. We emit carbon. The trees breath the CO2 and turn that into oxygen. We can notice climate cycles that repeat daily, monthly, quarterly (each season), annually, every decade, fifty years, century, 500 years, etc. So, climate can go up and down during droughts, ice ages, global warming, etc.

Vacuum. Living room. Dishes. Recycling. Compost. Mail. Back door. Spices. Few years. Jars. Soup from yesterday. Coffee. Water. Super Blue. Distilled water jar refilled. Under coffee table. Table.

Ron Gibson

01:10 PM - ALEX JONES (1st HOUR) Monday 9/30/19: Cold Turning Hot - American Civil War News & Analysis

Capital Punishment

01:30 PM

On the allegedly main stream news, on Fox, CNN, etc, they're talking about impeaching and removing President Trump for the crimes that the left is guilty of, that is of treason, espionage, etc. Some guys on television are reading off code, law, that says that you must put the criminals to death. So, they are saying that Trump must be murdered or executed.


However, the crimes leads back to Obama, Bush, Clinton, Soros, Rothschild, CFR, globalists, central banks, EU, UN, etc.

Digging Prohibition

01:39 PM - I don't know about the worm theory. Should I look that up? So, how does the Vatican enforce this digging prohibition? Are you just talking about places that the Vatican has control over, right?

Steem Tribes

01:45 PM - When they deliver the SMTs during next HF, will the tribes be integrated into Steemit for example? I'm asking because I see that the tribes have separate websites, apps, that you have to log into similar to how you log into Steemit, Busy, Dtube, Partiko, etc, separately. So, are the tribes supposed to be integrated so you don't have to log into each tribe or app separately? Is that the goal? Are the developers, etc, on the same page concerning that?

We Are Retarded

02:19 PM - Can dumb people improve, evolve, develop, at all? Who isn't mentally challenged? The more you know, the more you know you don't know, thus the reasoning behind Alex Jones saying to Joe Rogan in 2019, "I'm kind of retarded."

Old People

02:22 PM - These past several centuries, some people have been living over two centuries each, over 200 years, some or most of them being Asian.


Black Leadership Summit

Nigger Angels

02:48 PM - If God wins in the end, according to the Bible, would an excessive obsession on such an assumption, such a theory concerning the future, the fate of humanity, would it therefore, by extension, persuade some people towards excessive, contagious, and aggressive, pacifism, fatalism, ignorance, arrogance, Luciferianism, nihilism, selfishness, Marxism, communism, isolation, unhealthy tolerance, leftism, paganism, globalism, etc, in reflection and application concerning influencing the world that we live in today as opposed to waiting aimlessly for a man to appear in the sky, in the clouds? Didn't the angels NOT say to the disciples, and I quote word by word, from the original Greek, I swear to Oatmeal God, Hell yeah, verbatim, "Yo, what up niggers, why ya staring, glazing, looking up at the sky towards yo JC in da house, down in the hood, with da greatest basketball hang-time ever, yo, dogs, why you aint being salt and light in dis earth, yo, why ya mad and why ya just becoming couch potato NPC SJW keyboarder warriors, yo, white crackers, what da deal yo, we big tall angels talking with our yo White & Black Michael Jackson Angel Privilege."

Bingozee Book

03:05 PM - Yo, aint we all talking cryptic? So, what @FlagDUDE08 said about Bingozee is basically true to an extent that Bingozee might be trying to impress people like as if he is Qanon. That doesn't mean Bingozee isn't his own version of Q to an extent. How valuable is Bingozee compared to Q, Infowars, Wikileaks, Drudge, Project Veritas, 4chan, etc? I don't know. I would prioritize these others over Bingozee. It's all about priorities in life. I try to have an open mind concerning people, etc. I can talk all day about Bingozee and I will. Just hold my beer or oatmeal. But more on that later.


So, Mister Flag Dude, yo, what you say concerning @Kryptic_Crit1kal is partly true perhaps, allegedly, and yet there seems to be more to the story. So, Flag, you say that the beef all started when Griff was not permitted to post something that other people could post. I don't really think it matters how much of that could be or might be accurate. Why? Because that is not the whole story. There are details that people zoom past. That is deceptive, potentially. That is many things. I have more to say on these matters, as usual. Stay tune to that same Bat Channel, I mean Original Oatmeal Channel haha.

Rapture is Fake?

03:17 PM - I don't know the future. The more I know about the future, the more I don't know about things that are happening, can happen, might happen, etc. So, I try to plan for the future in some ways, to some extent, and I try to live in the moment. Specifically, it is critical to plan not just for ONE POSSIBLE FUTURE. Very simple. So very simple. And yet that is overlooked, generally. See, we all gotta always plan and prepare for multiple outcomes concerning the future, both good and bad. Assume and expect the best and the worst. What matters is truly trying your best to make the world a better place for the future, for our children, etc. Oh, by the way, around 37 minutes into the third hour of today's The Alex Jones Show, Alex kind of said, like, that the rapture either is or might be fake or whatever. I can't tell exactly. I don't want to misquote. But I think Alex said that the rapture is a lie. What do I think? Well, I think I don't know. I have heard different arguments concerning the Bible and not the Bible. So, I've studied prophesy, Revelations, etc, all of my life, going back to the 1990's as I was born in 1985 in Oregon. So, I'm not going to say that the rapture is fake and not real. I would rather not focus too much on what may or may not happen in the future. Why? Not because you should never ever think about it. But instead, we should focus more on being in the moment and being active in being in the world and not too distracted, misguided, etc.

Hear Life. Offer good to the sixth of this month. I misread it earlier. If you complete it, then you win a prize which expires on the 30th.

Ban Masks?

06:20 PM - That is a catch 22. You're damned if you try to do that and also damned if you don't, on a federal level, theoretically speaking. However, that doesn't mean, practically, politically, that it isn't better to press government to do what we want them to do with our tax dollars. Technically, they should raise funds. Crowd source. Ask for donations. Government shouldn't have our money in the first place, not by obligation, requirement, legally, etc. But since they are getting way too much of our money already, we should be pressing them to spend our money to do what we want them to do. Now, that's not the whole story, but this is a step in the right direction. It's not that simple. But it is good to talk to people about these things. Get conversations started talking about this and things like this. That is critical. Alex Jones should be asking for donations via cryptocurrencies.

Steem Cleaners

06:25 PM - @steemcleaners - Three of my comments were flagged. I wrote hi to three different people. So, I am an evil monster, right? Because hi is too simple, right? I can't start a conversation? I wrote an article about this.

Timeout - Tim Out

06:28 PM - Tim, I did. I went on the @steemcleaners group on Discord and they placed me on timeout: Here is what I wrote to them:

Memory Palace

06:37 PM - Is Memory Palace the same thing as the Method of Loci? A lot of that involves visualization which I've been learning since I was a small boy. I love stories, graphs, illustrations, maps. So, common sense would tell you to branch from the general down to the specifics, or up via pyramids. I was homeschooled, meaning I don't know what normal kids learned in public schools. Well, I did go to public high school and then went to 4 colleges. But are you saying that a lot of people aren't really taught enough (or at all) concerning things like this? I love Sherlock Holmes, etc.

Steem Tribes

06:49 PM - So, in other words, two different things. I like the idea of having different Steem apps like Busy, Steemit, Partiko, Dtube, etc. So, that's one thing. So, the thing would be to add a tribe feature into the code, the blockchain of Steem itself. I guess one of the challenges is in regards to the ability to moderate your own tribe like a person might moderate a Facebook group. So, I was reading a bit about that earlier. So, I guess it's a debate between whether tribe leaders should be able to delete comments, posts, threads, etc, on their tribes, or if they should only be allowed to hide all of that. Technically, I would vote for allowing them to hide the posts. But if it is hidden, then where would those posts be? Would they just want to keep hidden posts at the bottom of a tribe? Perhaps, they are all debating these types of questions right now. I've heard that blockchains either cannot or should not allow for comments and posts to be removed, that they stay in the blockchain forever. So, tribes could encourage people to chat more, meaning something closer to a chat room. But would they factor in RC Mana into that? If so, some people might run out of mana if they're commenting in the tribes too often.


07:06 PM - I wonder, I know people can cool down computers, but wouldn't overclocking wear down the hardware faster or, if not that, could there be other side effects, other issues? I am considering overclocking. I just feel like overclocking is going to age my computer faster. If not, then how is overclocking even possible? Like people pay money for hardware that is not living up to its full potential or what? Oh, so, it wears down components. If a person replaces their computer every year, that might be worth it. But if you want to keep the same computer beyond ten years, not so much it seems. Mark, are you saying that you are still using the same CPU since 1998?

YouTube Tyranny

07:15 PM - Upload to Dtube, Minds, Bitchute, etc. By the way, over three of my YouTube channels have been terminated as well, like yours, @GreggHuestis67, meaning you can still make new channels. I have over twenty channels on YouTube. You can do the same. Upload to Twitter, Facebook, etc.


07:26 PM - When we get to 163, that was my house number in Forest Grove, OR, USA. By the way, the URL says this is comment number 163. Oh, ironic, huh?

Brigade Party

07:29 PM - Please ban everybody, Lord. My boobs are bigger than yours.

Milk Chocolate Americans

07:38 PM - I love censorship. @AtypicalRift, yes. No. Yes yes, no no. I mean yes. Michael Jackson had a skin condition, some say. But regardless, some people are promoted and they end up being like light brown which tricks everybody towards fake equality. See, everybody can relate to milk chocolate Americans because white people love white milk and African Americans love chocolate. See, what color is a mixed breed? It’s whatever you want it to be. Is the person Mexican, Vietnamese, Japanese, Egyptian, Syrian, or possibly Bruno Mars, the secret son of Michael Jackson? Who knows. Nobody knows. But we all think we do know. We all feel like we can relate better to somebody who appears to be on both sides of the aisle.

Avoiding Viruses

08:02 PM - Most viruses are designed for Windows. So, therefore, don't use Windows to potentially reduce your risk of running into viruses, etc, theoretically at least to some extent.


08:04 PM - Can I be a Statist to my parents?

Hunt Down Tech Cartels

08:13 PM - What's more important, hunting down tech cartels or patiently promoting private property rights?

Tribe Incentive:

08:22 PM - Yeah, they should let tribe owners sell or delegate RC out to their members. I think I've read that is the plan. Yeah, I heard that an app can remove comments from the UI, the App, be it Busy, Steemit, etc, like you said. It remains on the blockchain. If I can't find something of mine on Busy, then I can swap out the domain name for another, in the URL, to find it, perhaps. So, if Busy removed something of mine, I might still find it on Steemit, etc.

Finding Hidden Content

But in Tribes, I'm not sure how that would work in regards to finding things via the URL address bar because I don't know what kind of system the tribes might have, how the URL system will work, etc.


08:24 PM - Are rights given to us by people or not by people?


08:32 PM - @satishluintel, what are OPCODES? You say architecture as in motherboard and CPU? Did you say hidden codes? So, does that mean that there is a POST, BIOS, ROM, or some kind of hardware system that sits between the hardware and the operating systems (OS) within a computer? But isn't BIOS just like a key ignition to jump-start a car, your computer, meaning BIOS does not remain active in the background while you are on your computer, right? BIOS only has one job, load your operating system, right? Or, wait, that's the job of POST, to load the OS, right? Is POST a part of BIOS or is BIOS a part of POST? Doctor Wikipedia said that, In IBM PC compatible computers, the main duties of POST are handled by the BIOS. My question is if POST might be a sub-program of the BIOS program thing.


Basic Input Output System


Power-On Self-Test


But isn't the POST a process that begins when you press the power button and end when your OS begins loading? In other words, the BIOS appears in the middle of that, right? Or is that what you mean? Or maybe I have that backwards? My laptop loads Ubuntu in like 5 seconds, so, everything is happening so fast. Edit, I guess you are right. If I close my eyes, I can remember the computers we had during the 1990's. I can see the POST thing. And then I can see the BIOS thing. Cue in the Funny Talking Grapes. Remember? The Member Berries. Yeah, I remember. But I was trying to forget about AOL and the dial-up. Eh eh, you got mail. Oh, what, are we there yet? Are we on the Internet yet, AOL? Oh, please wait 5 billion years. Oh, yeaaaaaa. Cannot wait.

Windows vs BIOS

09:04 PM - If Windows sucks, we can try other operating systems. But can the same be said about BIOS, POST, ROM, the OS loaders, things between the OS and hardware, etc? Do you need a microscope to see some chips, etc? I have been copying VHS and also audio tapes, onto DVD, and sometimes directly to HDD. Does that mean you changed your BIOS or updated or upgraded your BIOS?


I figured out how to copy copyrighted VHS tapes. How? Easy. When I was about fifteen. I figured it out. All you need is three VCRs. So, I was fifteen back in 2000, which is when I started teaching myself how to do it.


Windows has problems. But can a BIOS have problems? What kind of people make BIOS firmware? But is it as bad as Windows-related issues? Are you saying that Windows might be a symptom that stems from the root, being a BIOS? Could a BIOS work to like spy on you or hack into your OS, like a backdoor system? Do Microsoft people also make the BIOS? Wait, better yet, does IBM make BIOS systems? Is the BIOS on most computers not open-source? Can BIOS be open-source? If so, it might be better to have an open-source BIOS. My concern is the backdoors that Snowden probably referenced. I may try to build a computer. Step one, the hardware. Step two, a custom BIOS, perhaps. And then maybe Ubuntu Mate 16.04, which is the one I'm using right now. Unless if there might be something better.

Radio Shack

09:46 PM - Oh, Radio Shack, Goodwill for nerds haha.


I don't trust Apple or IBM. But what about Dell? Who can we trust for hardware? I guess I shouldn't trust Intel, then? What about AMD?


10:00 PM - Today, Alex Jones said the rapture is a lie. However, he didn't clarify as to what he was trying to say. So, do you know exactly what he was trying to say?

Oatmeal Blender

10:03 PM - Flag Man, yo, hold on as I pull my oatmeal out of your blender, if you know what I mean.

Barbie Joey

10:05 PM - I see a Hell of a lot of oatmeal here but where the eff is my blender yo?

Meme Art vs Dark Alley

10:51 PM

Meme Art: Yo Kid

Dark Alley: Yo Father

Meme Art: I'm not yo daddy

Dark Alley: But ya said, ummm....

Meme Art: I said I'd slap ya around if I were your daddy

Dark Alley: so, you do love me, papa?

Meme Art: What the Hell? I thought I said....

Dark Alley: that you yo momma, that you are my momma

Meme Art: I said daddy and ummmm......

Dark Alley: So, you are my daddy.

Meme Art: Like yo father.

Dark Vader Alley: Noooooooooooooooooo!

Dark Luke Skywalker: No, that's impossible.

Dark Greta: How Dare You!

Dark White NPC: It's Ma'am. If ya say that again, I'll take ya outside and show you who ya daddy is.

Dark Effin White Male: But you're a Beeping White Male.

Dark Dinosaur: Not Da Momma. Gotta love me.

11:10 PM - Yea Santa Anna - VIRTUE SIGNALLING MISOGYNY - The Star Wars Girl

Evergreen Content


New Zealand

10:58 AM - What is New Zealand like? Is it more beautiful than Hawaii? Oh, is this a fake account? Is this your Instagram? Actually, I mean, is this your Steemit account? Oh, I think the answer is no according to what others have said in the comments here.

New Zealand

01:53 PM - Is this a picture of a play that highlights some of the history of the original settlers of New Zealand?


Barbie Melissa

10:55 AM - Hello Barbie Melissa, welcome. Are you really into fashion? Nice to meet you. I love Germany.

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