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People didn't hear airplanes on 9/11. Why not? Why are people saying that? Did you ask them what they heard in New York City (NYC), New York, USA, back on Tuesday, the eleventh, the 11th, of September of 2001, and who were on those alleged planes? Can somebody post in the comments below a list of the passengers, flight attendants, pilots, people who worked at the airplane or airport control towers and the people who worked at the airports that day? Can we investigate each person that may have been on those aircrafts on that day? I want to know where each person was the day before. Also, I want to know if anybody have seen any of them after 9/11 or not. I'm not saying what happened or didn't happen. I don't know. I'm asking questions. It's not my story. Who killed Jeffrey Epstein? Did his clone die in jail? Is he hiding? If he is dead, then who murdered him? Was it Clinton, the British crown, or who? I hope the government in Vietnam continues to improve. Happy Halloween. They voted on this Halloween of 2019 to continue the Trump Impeachment Inquiry which they were already illegally conducting secretly before today as well. If we don't stop them, they will continue their attempts to impeach, remove, imprison, poison, drug, injure, abduct, blackmail, discredit, and murder Trump and then also millions of other patriots in America. Chinese police are attacking and killing people in Hong Kong. That kind of tyranny will continue to grow around the world. Patriots have to do what they can to stop authoritarians and others before it's too late. It's up to each one of us to do all that we can each day. Good luck.

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2020-10-31 - Thursday

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Published in November of 2019

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01:42 AM - Joe Rogan Experience #1372 - Kevin Smith

Fear The Walking Dead

02:26 AM - 03:12 AM - FTWD 509
03:13 AM - 04:06 AM - FTWD 510

Sleep. Orange. Pancakes. Coffee.


10:48 AM - Joe Rogan Experience #1153 - Macaulay Culkin

Lawyer Oatmeal

11:24 AM - Steemit

Thanks. I have had a bit of a lawyer mind since I was maybe twelve (1997).


Did you lose custody of your children? Can you see them at all? Sorry to hear about all of that. Conspiracy is a tricky word.

North Vietnam vs South Vietnam

Now, when I was in Vietnam, it still felt like two countries or states, the north and the south. The people and the government seems to be a bit unique between the north and the south. Well, maybe not to the degree of what Korea has.


I was in north, in places like Hanoi.


I spent most of my time in the south in places like Saigon.

Racist Northerners

Southern Vietnamese told me they have to pay more money for products when they are in Hanoi, that they are treated badly by the northerners.


Many Vietnamese would tell me that they love America. Many would even say they were happy that America was helping them fight against Ho Chi Minh.


So, they didn't want America to abandon them. But America shouldn't have been there in the first place, perhaps.


But at the same, southern Vietnam was a bit dependent on America during the end. So, that is a problem with war.

Civil War

But it was mostly a civil war between the north and the south. The south reminds me of Hong Kong.

Fight Your Own Battles

For the most part, America shouldn't try too hard to fight their battles.

Improving Vietnam

Now, the young people in Vietnam seem to be seeking after changing the government in Vietnam. So, some things seem to be improving. Someday, I may even consider returning. Vietnam is a bit better than China.

Dishes. Big cooler cleaning, day 2: bleach. Yesterday, soap, rinse, apple cider vinegar, and then Baking soda. Shower. Laundry.


02:25 PM

I don't everything about 9/11. It's good to investigate, to ask questions. If people haven't, they should at least find the lists of the passengers in the alleged planes that may have crashed back in 2001.

Crypto Loans

04:57 PM - Telegram | Dissenter

@51132344 (Arex), well, people say that the higher your credit score, the less you may have to pay for insurances, etc, perhaps, generally speaking. Naomi is right, the less time you spend paying back loans, the less you have to pay back, generally speaking. In other words, if you spend 20 years paying back a house mortgage (as opposed to say 5 years, hypothetically speaking, for example), then you end up paying back more. That is their way of profiting. I've never used a credit card. I have a debit card with a bank. I will try my best not to have any or too many credit cards, loans, debts, etc, as that can be sometimes too risky. But what you should do depends on many things. I didn't know that there were mortgage companies that use crypto as collateral. But that is no doubt the future. So, I would invest some of my money into crypto. If there aren't already, there should be crypto credit cards, crypto loans, etc. Someday, I would love to buy a car with crypto. Well, I did buy a plane ticket with some Bitcoin and Steem in 2017.

Can't my savings help me as I face challenges?

Some things may devalue in life. That is why people should diversify their investments, income pools (sources), options, etc.

Organized the green house, garden shed, big garage, a little, today. Took out the trash.

Super Heroes

10:19 PM - Steemit

She could play Catwoman or the former lover of Batwoman.

Child Protection

10:34 PM - Steemit

I agree with you. If private confrontation fails, then you probably should move on to publicly exposing the problems like you said. Continue making videos. Fluoride is a problem. Oh, one of the reasons I keep a blog is because people have lied about me. So, I try to tell my side of the story, my autobiography. You are a smart person for sure.

Penn State is Racist

10:40 PM - Steemit

The Walking Dead Zombies are the leftists, indeed. The good news, however, is that there is a cure, perhaps. It is called the red pill. So, it is like the Matrix movie. But patriots shouldn't get violent, physically, against progressive NPC robots. Try to ask them questions. Plant seeds in their hearts. Be very patient. But also, try your best to limit your time with them, perhaps.

Cosplay Betty

10:47 PM - Steemit

Hello Cosplay Betty, I grew up with an alcoholic father as well. My mom went on to remarry. You're brave for moving away. Some people tend to struggle with moving on. Sorry to hear about your father passing away. Creativity comes when you're open, vulnerable, open minded, patient, and especially when you are present. Creativity is like the wind as it comes and goes. Love your style. I love cosplay. I'm glad you are here, Betty.

Cosplay Betty

11:09 PM - Steemit

You know Betty, wow. Lucky you.


I was homeschooled as well, in Oregon.

Give Blame Where Blame is Due

Well, you can blame your parents for some things. Perhaps, not for everything. But parenting is a job. I know some people can over-blame everything on everybody, like all of the time. So, I'm not saying that you should do that.


LOL Joker memes. Oh, you might be a psychopathic killer but instead chose a different hobby, writing. Brilliant, me too I guess or so some have said of me.


Catholicism has problems. My dad was verbally abusive. So, yeah, it can be tough. Oh, welcome back to Steemit.


I'm not on drugs, but I can write really long sentences. I'm forcing myself not to right now, but I can be very random when I talk. I go all over the place. I'm not on drugs but I am on oatmeal. Kind of kidding. When I was a kid, I was eating oatmeal so much that some people would call me Oatmeal Joey. So, the name kind of stuck. You are what you eat.

Srey Poy

11:18 PM - Steemit

I was teaching English in Vietnam. I visited Cambodia. I'm excited that your family is on Steemit. I'm glad Justin got you on here. I'm proud of the ministry you participate in. Very beautiful.

Diana Architecture

11:24 PM - Steemit

I love architecture. You are a very thoughtful woman. So, you are a story teller. But you may not be a performer. You might be more the personal story teller. You might be good at telling another person about your life. Different people may have different styles. So, you probably have a different style. If you are a bit random, then you might be like me. Welcome to Steemit.

CIA Bin Laden

11:46 PM - Steemit

I first heard that Osama Bin Laden was a CIA operate back in 2016 by Alex Jones of Infowars. Alex was talking about it as early July of 2001 for example, if not before that as well. Alex predicted 9/11. Others have been talking about some of those things as well for many years.

Murdering Patriots

Globalists are trying to murder Trump. After that, they will also try to murder and imprison thousands of other people. I would go to the White House and protest. I would tell Trump everything that I want Trump to do as he works for us.

Tech Cartels

One of the biggest problems is technocracy. If I ever saw Trump, I would try to yell at him or something as my way of trying to wake him up, assuming he isn't being aggressive enough. We must continue doing all we can do before it is too late.

I was working on daily blog templates to Friday, the 10th of January of 2020. So, I all of that prepared.


All timestamps are generally in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), unless otherwise noted.

The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat


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Reminds me of Katy Perry - Roar. The trailer in the background reminds me of that Eminem song where he sings in a trailer park talking about riding a bicycle.
The horns reminds me of Angelina Jolie in Maleficent. I love gardens, forests. You could make some kind of awesome music video on that Ford.
The fluid nature of memory can be a gift.
Yeah, I'm not sure if fungi are aliens but it sure does make me wonder.

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Rising in the darkness is the secret to success.

A tool is like a leverage for the hand. You are a smart engineer, indeed.

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The sham of an impeachment investigation continues with stacked perjury, and admitted attempts at evidence tampering!

Truth suffers as Biden lies again; and the Main Stream Media ignores his lies, again!

Former NASA Scientist Claims Alien Life Was Found On Mars In The 1970s

8chan rebranded as 8kun why did Cloudflare stop hosting. What is the honey pot? Why was a project Cloudflare owners were involved in called Honey Pot and what does that name entail for other projects? Hugh Hefner's launch into breaking down families.

Another Dead Terrorist

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