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Here are some of the movies I saw since my birth per year from the year 1985-02-11, Monday, from Forest Grove, Oregon, USA: and it is 2017-09-23 Saturday right now and the dates are of when they first came out in theaters but I do try to get the dates archived of when I see and watch shows and movies and everything the first time at least....

Films Per Year

Joey Arnold [email protected]

Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 5:39 AM

To: Rick Arnold [email protected], marilyn mitchell [email protected]

Here is an update of films I saw in theaters, TV, projectors, computers, and online:

Films Per Year by Joey Arnold

I think I saw most of the following movies in theaters or at least in smaller screens

Dates of when the films premiered and not necessarily the exact dates of when I may have saw them (for those that I did in fact see in the cinema)


21 of June, 1985

Return to Oz: TV rerun: saw this later on

2nd of August, 1985

Sesame Street’s Follow That Bird: TV rerun: saw parts of it maybe

9th of August, 1985

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure: live-action: TV rerun


21st of November, 1986

An American Tail: cartoon: TV later


25th of November, 1987

Three Men & a Baby: Forest Grove Theater


22nd of July, 1988

Big Top Pee Wee: saw it in the Forest Grove Theater I think

9th of November, 1988

Child’s Play: saw it on TV

18th of November, 1988

Land Before Time: TV

29th of July, 1988

New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking: TV and/or cinema


30th of June, 1989

Karate Kid III: maybe saw this in a Hillsboro cinema

17th of November, 1989

All Dogs Go To Heaven: maybe saw this in a cinema

[email protected]


30th of March, 1990

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I: I saw this on a TV months after this

25th of May, 1990

Back In The Future III: I saw this in the Forest Grove Theater with mom and Rick

15th of June, 1990

Gremlins 2: the New Batch: maybe saw this in a cinema: did see on a TV months after this

16th of June, 1990

Home Alone: saw this on a TV after this

21st of December, 1991

Kindergarten Cop: I saw this in a cinema I think


22nd of March, 1991

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: I saw this on a TV at Teresa’s across the street some months later

22nd of November, 1991

An American Tail / Fievel Goes West: TV

11th of December, 1991

Hook: saw this in the Forest Grove Theater with mom and Crystal


14th of February, 1992

Wayne’s World: saw this on a TV in California in 1992 or 1993

3rd of April, 1992

Rock-a-Doodle: saw this in a Hillsboro cinema: I came home dancing and singing: my father told me to calm down

10th of April, 1992

Newsies: saw this in the Forest Grove Theater with my siblings and mother on a nice afternoon

19th of June, 1992

Batman Returns: I did not see this in the cinema: but I remember seeing this film or the first Batman of this series by Tim Burton at Tiffany Cumbo’s house which may indicate when I really met Tiffany or not: maybe I met Tiffany in 1990 or was it closer to 1992?

17th of July, 1992

Honey, I Blew Up The Kids: maybe saw this in a cinema

7th of August, 1992

3 Ninjas: maybe saw this or at least saw it later

20th of November, 1992

Home Alone 2: saw this in the Forest Grove Theater in 1992 or 1993

25th of November, 1992

Aladdin: maybe saw this in a cinema


19th of March, 1993

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: saw this with my mom & Crystal in a cinema in a city between Hillsboro and Beaverton

11th of June, 1993

Jurassic Park: maybe saw this in a cinema

25th of June, 1993

Dennis the Menace

16th of July, 1993

Free Willy

Hocus Pocus

29th of October, 1993

The Nightmare Before Christmas: maybe saw this in the cinema or at Bhakti’s

19th of November, 1993

Addams Family Values

24th of November, 1993

Mrs. Doubtfire

10th of December, 1993

Sister Act II: maybe didn’t see this in a cinema but later on TV


6th of May, 1994

Three Ninjas Kicked Back: maybe saw this in the cinema: or later

27th of May, 1994

Flintstones: saw this with my family in the Hillsboro Cinema

24th of June, 1994

Lion King: saw this in the cinema near Safeway in Forest Grove with my mom

5th of August, 1994

Little Rascals: maybe saw this in a cinema

11th of November, 1994

The Santa Clause, starring Tim Allen: I maybe saw this in a cinema

18th of November, 1994

Star Trek Generations: saw this with my mom in a FG theater near Safeway

16th of December, 1994

Dumb & Dumber: saw this months later at Bill Bailey’s

23rd of December, 1994

Richie Rich: saw this in the cinema with my mom


17th of January, 1995

The Brady Bunch Movie

31st of March, 1995

Born to be Wild

16th of June, 1995

Batman Forever

30th of June, 1995

Apollo 13: saw this with Karen & Jim Williams

Did not see the Power Rangers Movie which premiered this same day of the 30th of June, 1995

14th of July, 1995

Indian in the Cupboard

28th of July, 1995

Waterworld: I saw this at Bill Bailey’s house months after this

4th of August, 1995

Babe: saw this in the theater

18th of August, 1995

Mortal Kombat: did not see this in the theater but saw it later at Bill Bailey’s house

22nd of November, 1995

Toy Story: I think I saw this in the cinema

15th of December, 1995

Jumanji: saw this in the theater


12th of January, 1996

Lawnmower Man II: Beyond Cyber Space

16th of February, 1996

Muppet Treasure Island

12th of April, 1996

James and the Giant Peach

10th of May, 1996

Twister: maybe I didn’t see this in the cinema

26th of May, 1996

Mission: Impossible: I did not see this

14th of June, 1996

Cable Guy, starring Jim Carey

3rd of July, 1996

Independence Day: starring Will Smith

12th of July, 1996

Harriet the Spy

2nd of August, 1996


9th of August, 1996

Jack: starring Robin Williams

23rd of August, 1996

A Very Brady Sequel

4th of October, 1996

That Thing You Do: starring Tom Hanks

Mighty Ducks III

1st of November, 1996

Romeo & Juliet: Starring Leonardo DiCaprio

22nd of November, 1996

Jingle All the Way: starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Star Trek First Contact: starring Patrick Stewart

27th of November, 1996

101 Dalmatians

13th of December, 1996

Mars Attack: starring Jack Nicholson


31st of January, 1997

Star Wars IV: A New Hope

21st of February, 1997

Star Wars V: Empire Strikes Back

7th of March, 1997

Jungle to Jungle

14th of March, 1997

Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi

21st of March, 1997

Liar Liar, starring Robin Williams

28th of March, 1997

Power Rangers: Turbo

9th of May, 1997

The Fifth Element

20th of June, 1997

Batman & Robin

19th of June, 1997

Titanic, Mouse Hunt


Parent Trap, starring Lindsay Lohan

Prince of Egypt

3rd of April, 1998

Lost In Space

A Bug’s Life

5th of June, 1998

Truman Show

3rd of July, 1998


2nd of October, 1998


What Dreams May Come: I saw on a Sunday night in Hillsboro

11th of December, 1998

Star Trek Insurrection

18th of December, 1998

Prince of Egypt, You’ve Got Mail

25th of December, 1998

Patch Adams

Mighty Joe Young: I think I saw this


Matrix, Star Wars I: Phantom Menace, Stuart Little, Sixth Sense, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Fight Club, Inspector Gadget

31st of March, 1999

Matrix released in theaters: but I did not see it until some years later

9th of May, 1999

Star Wars I: Phantom Menace premiered in theaters

30th of June, 1999

Wild Wild West, starring Will Smith

14th of July, 1999

Muppets From Space

23rd of July, 1999

Inspector Gadget: I saw this in theater

15th of October, 1999

Omega Code

25th of December, 1999

Galaxy Quest, starring Tim Allen: in a theater


6th of October, 2000

Meet the Parents: TV with HCBC, Rachel Gasser

20th of October, 2000

Pay It Forward: TV years later

17th of November, 2000

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: cinema I think

22nd of December, 2000

Castaway: FG Safeway Cinema with dad, mom, siblings: dad fell asleep


12th of January, 2001

Save the Last Dance: near FG: TV: neighbor of Joe Spreitler

15th of June, 2001

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: maybe cinema

18th of July, 2001

Jurassic Park 3: FG Safeway cinema

10th of August, 2001

The Others: Nicole Kidman: TV later apx 2004 or after

2nd of November, 2001

Monsters Inc: TV later

7th of December, 2001

Ocean’s Eleven: TV later


3rd of May, 2002

Spiderman 1: cinema maybe

16th of May, 2002

Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones: cinema

14th of June, 2002

Bourne Identity 1: TV later

3rd of July, 2002

Men in Black II: cinema I think

26th of July, 2002

Austin Powers: Gold Member: Hawaii TV 2007/2008

13th of December, 2002

Star Trek Nemesis: cinema


28th of March, 2003

Head of State: Chris Rock: TV later

15th of May, 2003

Matrix Reloaded: TV later

23rd of May, 2003

Bruce Almighty: TV and maybe cinema

30th of May, 2003

Finding Nemo: TV and maybe theater

5th of November, 2003

Matrix Revolution: TV in apx 2006 maybe

21st of November, 2003

Cat in the Hat: TV later

5th of December, 2003

Last Samuri: TV December, 2004 or early in 2005

17th of December, 2003

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: saw it in a theater


22nd of January, 2004

Butterfly Effect: TV in 2008 with Angie near Camp Kuratli

13th of February, 2004

50 First Dates: TV later

25th of February, 2005

Passion of the Christ: saw it at Dave Kelly’s house Dec.2004 or Jan.2005

18th of June, 2004

Terminal: saw this around December 2004 at a house maybe in NY

25th of June, 2004

The Notebook: TV later in December 2004 or so

9th of July, 2004

Anchorman: saw it on TV or projector later

15th of July, 2004

I, Robot: TV later at a house during a CMT trip in NY or NJ, etc…

23rd of July, 2004

Bourne Supremacy: TV later

29th of October, 2004

Finding Never Land: TV later

5th of November, 2004

Incredibles: TV: New Jersey: apx 12:30 AM: 1st of January 2005

10th of November, 2004

Polar Express: TV later: apx December 2004 maybe

19th of November, 2004

National Treasure: TV later

9th of December, 2004

Ocean’s Eleven: TV later

10th of December, 2004

Phantom of the Opera: TV later

22nd of December, 2004

Hotel Rwanda: TV later

Meet the Fockers: TV later


10th of February, 2005

Hitch: saw it in an airplane in 2007 or 2008

4th of March, 2005

Pacifier: Vin Diesel: TV later on at a friend’s house in NY or WV maybe

19th of May, 2005

Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith: maybe NY theater later

Madagascar: TV later maybe

10th of June, 2005

Mr. & Mrs. Smith: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt: TV later

Batman Begins: TV later

15th of July, 2005

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory: TV later

29th of September, 2005

Serenity: TV in 2010 or after: by Matt Kurtz

7th of December, 2005

Narnia 1: saw it with Katie in a theater in PDX


20th of January 2006: maybe

End of the Spear: maybe saw this about missionaries

Underworld: Evolution: saw this on my TV years later apx 2012 maybe

17th of March, 2006: saw it on TV later on

V for Vendetta

19th of May, 2006: somehow and somewhere at some time

Da Vinci Code: in a theater I think eventually

Over the Hedge: saw this on a TV later

16th of June, 2006: on a TV later

Lake House

28th of June, 2006: on a TV later

Superman Returns

7th of July, 2006: later on a TV

Pirates of the Caribbean 1: Dead Man’s Chest: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom

18th of August, 2006: later on TV


29th of September, 2006: later on at TV maybe

Open Season

1st of December, 2006: in a theater

The Nativity Story

15th of December, 2006: in a theater I think

Charlotte’s Webb

The Pursuit of Happyness: Will Smith: saw this later not in a theater I think

22nd of December, 2006: later on TV

Night at the Museum: Ben Stiller


16th of February, 2007: a theater

Ghost Rider: Nicholas Cage

9th of March, 2007: online or somewhere later


23rd of March, 2007: online at ABC

TMNT (animation): Patrick Stewart, Sarah Michelle Gellar

4th of May, 2007: in a cinema maybe

Spider Man 3

25th of May, 2007: in a cinema a few times with Salvation Army friends

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

8th of June, 2007: a cinema later on… maybe in Hawaii

Oceans Thirteen

11th of July, 2007: a theater in Hawaii

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

20th of July, 2007: on a TV in Hawaii later on

Hairspray: John Travolta

27th of July, 2007: maybe a theater

The Simpsons Movie

17th of August, 2007: theater in Hawaii with Jeff Walters, Blake Webb… later

Super Bad

7th of September, 2007: a theater in Hawaii with Jeff Walters, Blake Webb… later

3:110 to Yuma: Russell Crowe

2nd of November, 2007: in a theater in Hawaii: big island

American Gangster

16th of November, 2007: Hawaii theater

Beowulf: Angelina Jolie

21st of November, 2007: saw it in a theater Christmas day near Honolulu, Hawaii


7th of December, 2007: Hawaii

Golden Compass

14th of December, 2007: somewhere

I Am Legend: Will Smith

21st of December, 2007: Hawaii

Sweeney Todd; Johnny Depp

Charlie Wilson’s War: saw this a different week

National Treasure: Book of Secrets: saw this a different week as well

25th of December, 2007: online in 2013 or 2014

Bucket List: Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson


16th of May, 2008: a theater maybe

Narnia 2: Prince Caspian

22nd of May, 2008: a cinema maybe

Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull

6th of June, 2008: a theater maybe

Kung Fu Panda

27th of June, 2008: a theater in PDX with Mike Kurtz & friends


Wanted: on a weekend as a break from Salvation Army Wilderness Camp Counseling

2nd of July, 2008: in a theater maybe


10th of July, 2008: a theater

The Dark Knight: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger

13th of August, 2008: a theater

Tropic Thunder

25th of December, 2008: PDX theater with a gay friend

Valkyrie: Tom Cruise


23rd of January, 2009: online later and maybe other places as well

Batman Begins 2: The Dark Night

6th of February, 2009: PDX theater with Matt Smith: he paid

Coralline: saw it with Matt: he paid with money he borrowed from me

6th of March, 2009: Matt Kurtz’ TV

Watchmen: saw this at Matt Kurtz

8th of May, 2009: in a theater maybe

Star Trek (2009)


15th of January, 2010: online later: much later

Book of Eli

19th of February, 2010: online and maybe a theater as well

Shutter Island: saw this in the theater with Matt Smith maybe

14th of May, 2010: PDX theater

Robin Hood: saw it with David Sheppard, Moore Street friends, after Blake Webb died May 2nd

18th of June, 2010: online later

Toy Story 3: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen

13th of August, 2010: Matt Kurtz’ TV later on

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World

10th of December, 2010: in a PDX theater

Narnia 3: Liam Neeson


20th of May, 2011: online later

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

26th of May, 2011: online later

Kung Fu Panda 2

15th of July, 2011: online later

Winnie the Pooh (2011)

23rd of November, 2011: online later

The Muppets: saw it in a cinema in PDX with Mike Kurtz, Matt, Spike, Tasha Houston, etc…


23rd of May, 2012: online later

Men In Black 3

16th of July, 2012: online later

Batman Begins 3: Dark Night Rises

6th of September, 2012: online later

Looper: Bruce Willis

7th of September, 2012: online later

Taken 2: Liam Neeson

2nd of November, 2012: online later

Man with the Iron Fists: Russell Crowe

28th of November, 2012: online later

Hobbit 1: An Unexpected Journey


17th of January, 2013: online later

Hansel & Gretel

31st of January, 2013: online later

A Good Day to Die Hard

14th of February, 2013: online later

Oz the Great & Powerful

26th of March, 2013: online later


23rd of April, 2013: online later

Star Trek Into Darkness

1st of May, 2013: online later

After Earth

7th of May, 2013: online later

Fast & Furious 6

21st of May, 2013: online later

Now You See Me

2nd of June, 2013: online later

World War Z

5th of June, 2014: online later

Monsters 2: Monsters University

10th of June, 2013: online later

Man of Steel

22nd of June, 2013: : online later

Lone Ranger: Johnny Depp

24th of June, 2013: online later


26th of June 2014: online later

White House Down

5th of October, 2013: online later

Secret Life of Walter Mitty

19th of November, 2013: online later


24th of November 2013: online later

Anchor Man 2

2nd of December, 2013: online later


6th of December, 2013: online later

47 Ronin


30th of January, 2014: online later


1st of February, 2014: online later

Lego Movie

4th of March, 2014: online later

300: Rise of an Empire

11th of March, 2014: online later

Muppets Most Wanted

28th of May, 2014: online later


29th of July, 2014: online later

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (reboot)

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