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Set deadlines. If you don't, deadlines will set you and then you'll be deadlined. You'll be dead, spiritually and then physically as well. You can probably do more than you think. A good friend can help set deadlines for you. That is the value in accountability. The heart of discipline can be found in friendship. A good friend is not going to encourage you down the wrong path. February of 2017 | I created a tire hill. We organized some food. A new cooking pan came in the mail. I was writing an article today all about my Facebook history which goes back to like 2006. So, I talk about different profile accounts, pages, groups, events, posts, etc, of mine. I'm still working on that. I was watching things like Fear The Walking Dead, Craig Mason, Steven Crowder, Geeks + Gamers, & ended with Stefan Molyneux.

Liberal PDX

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502 Pictures

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2015-07-31 - Friday - 11:52 PM PST - JA Screenshots - 502 Pictures | Photo Album: 2015-08-01 - Saturday - ICT
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/JA-Screenshots-1626759240898747/photos/?tab=albums

Obama Simpsons Rigged Video

2017-02 - February - Month in Review

I made the Homer Simpsons Obama McCain Rigged 2008 Election Video. I was teaching English in Saigon as usual. I was still trying to fix my visa since 2015. Got it fixed in November of 2017. I asked people about who they thought was smarter, Batman or Superman. I would post photo albums, every once in a while, since like 2016, of my favorite random women that I would run into on the Internet. Some of the girls were my Facebook friends. Some of them were the Babes For Trump which I would see on Twitter. David Nero probably got mad at me. So, he must of unfriended me. Actually, he probably blocked me on Facebook. I met him at camp in 2010. But I probably asked a question or said something about how I like Trump or about how Black Lives Matter (BLM) has problems or maybe it was Infowars related or something. I posted a bunch info about my family tree on Blogspot. Progressivism = Regressivism. Words with the Letter Y. Other letters as well.

My Facebook History - Part 001

I first joined Facebook around 2006 and 2007 while attending the Appalachian Bible College (ABC), in Bradley, West Virginia (WV), USA< during that same school year. Before that, I've been on social networks like Xanga, Live Journal, and especially MySpace. Welcome to this quick rough draft outline article named My Facebook History - Part 001. This post seeks to outline some of my Facebook profile accounts, pages, groups, events, posts, comments, messages, avatars, pictures, videos, activities, history, etc. Well, one of the main goals is focused primarily on identifying different accounts, pages, accounts, and events of mine or something like that. This is only part one as I may not have all the details at the moment. To be continued in the future.

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2019-11-02 - Saturday

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I've yet to attend conventions. Someday. Well, sometimes, you should have walls up. It takes wisdom to know when to be vulnerable. It is an art.

Magical Math

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That is the interesting thing about how numbers work.

Finding Truth

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Truth is discovered. Math is an aspect of absolute objectivity, the laws of the universe to how things work. So, objectivity is real. However, our ability to see objectivity is still limited. Therefore, we sometimes get things wrong. We try to discover math for example. But out ability to understand that is limited to our ability to have logic, wisdom, etc. And some people understand it more than others. Now, it can be tough as we don't know everything. So, our perspective is incomplete. So, we can sometimes conflate between what we claim we discovered with what we may have only invented, fabricated, tweaked.

Tyranny of China

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Yeah, I saw that. I love South Park. Yeah. China is involved in so many different things. Very bad things. Very long story. You know it.

Fear The Walking Dead

2019-11-02 - Saturday - 02:56 AM - 03:43 AM - FTWD 513

Zombie power.


Fire Power News

11:00 AM - Somebody called in to say that Trump is in the Bible. Now, first of all, the Bible may or may not be real. Either way, the Bible has good advice, even if it is fake. Secondly, Trump may or may not be in the Bible. Either way, Trump has been helping the world. THat is good. But regardless of that, each one of us has a part to play in history, if we choose to be part of it. Specifically, and technically, we could debate about Trump and the Bible. That can be a tough debate to have. There are several different things to consider. First off, the Bible was not written in English but in Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, etc. Secondly, people talk about Bible Code which may reference things. So, perhaps Trump is in the Bible Code. Thirdly, the Bible may have illustrations, analogies, stories, that might be applicable to Trump. There may have been a king that parallels Trump as the U.S. President in some ways.

Craig Mason

11:20 AM - Saturday LIVE Why Is This Relevant? Edition

The Amazing Lucas

02:13 PM - Conservative Inc.

I like both but I tend to prefer The Amazing Lucas.

Online Church

House Churches

Lucas Church

The Amazing Lucas Church

Trump Church

Tropical Theology vs Systematic Theology

IQ Thing = Generality

IQ Thing is Real, generally

IQ Thing is like the Gender Thing

IQ plays a factor like gender plays a factor. But some women can be stronger than men. But generally not.

IQ Thing is simply a General Pattern

Welfare encourage women to have too many kids.

Transgender is like trans-state. But your birth state is still your birth date, even if you move to another state.

Geeks + Gamers

08:03 PM - Rian Johnson Admits He's Trolling Star Wars Fans With His New Movie!

Waffle Johnson is WAFFLING it up!

Liberal PDX

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2017-02-08 - Wednesday - 07:33 PM
URL: https://www.facebook.com/13HCM/posts/1290597961006106

Portland, Oregon, USA

On my 13HCM Facebook page, on the 8th of February of 2017, I wrote the following at Purio at 10:00 AM ICT - Posted at 07:33 PM PST:

I didn't realize how liberal Portland Oregon (PDX) is in the United States and I grew up 20 miles from there (PDX). I'm more Republican than them, people in PDX, that big city above California and below Seattle, and I'm for Trump and for freedoms, capitalism, smaller governments, less taxes, less communism, and I didn't know about Racism before high school or not really as much. That was taught more in college and taught on TV through programming (brain washing).
I'm a fan of Stefan since 2016 and I believe in conversation, dialog, debate, and that is a big contrast between the new and old world or the east and west, the developed, undeveloped, and developing countries.
I'm 31 years old, but I'm still learning and I moved to teach English in Vietnam four years ago and Vietnamese and Asians tend to be more liberal than conservative, generally, and many of them get news from CNN which is fake news by default.
I have debates with Asians and people in Vietnam and it is hard because many seem to blindly believe in CNN and the dying dinosaur main stream media that has been and is funded by countries in the Middle East, you know, China too, and somehow connected to really bad people, you know like terrorists, like ISIS, maybe directly or indirectly, or through Soros, Clintons, certain groups, banks, Rothschild, the NWO, shadow governments, rich people, and this is what I believe, but the evidence and the patterns for this is there in videos where Obama and many others talk about the NWO specifically and talk about the redistribution of the wealth (communism) and there are books and many things out there. The truth is out there for people. If you want to know more, dear readers, then do your own research. Don't just take my word for it. Some people cannot handle the truth. But the truth will set you free.
But Vietnamese tend to love Obama and Clinton and hate Trump mostly based off the headlines and the theory that is spoon fed to people globally through the gospel drug of globalization. Asians want to move to America for example. Asians want to make a lot of money. Many people run from talking about politics most of the time and they don't see connections between their money and politics. People believe in subjectivity which is like building a tower on mud (Mexico has cities built on mud, or that is what I heard). I believe in objectivity much more.
I might move back to America because I feel like I am not able to help people in Vietnam enough. I help them speak English better but I also try to help them with life skills, critical thinking, with asking questions, with developing researching skills, and problem solving skills, and conflict resolution skills, and the ability to think independently and other things too. Some Vietnamese are awakening and are smart and are trying to understand history and religion and culture and governments and many things.
I'm online a lot when I'm not teaching Vietnamese English and stuff in Saigon Vietnam and my mind is in America most of the time and I'm here trying to promote other people like Stefan for example. I also like Tomi and Milo and Info Wars and Drudge and Breitbart and we are all part of this new revolution in this informational age and info war that we are in. I support your country and family and people and groups first. I think it is better when people have that kind of priority. I believe in the golden rule and the ten commandments. I like science too. But there are different kinds of science. There is the kind of sciences we do now in the present tense, as in observable sciences where we test our hypotheses and we do experiments in real time and we observe it actively and study it step by step and we go through the processes of the sciences.
There is also historical sciences too where we try to date rocks, bones, fossils, dinosaurs, artifacts, wood, mosquitoes stuck in the wood, ancient ruins (cities), and old stuff on mountains, in seas, in the ground, and from asteroids, and all over.
Different scientists disagree about the age of a rock for example. We make some assumptions. We assume certain patterns. A new ring may appear each year inside the trunk of a tree. People count the tree rings to find the age of the tree. In some cases, there may be one or two or more NEW TREE RINGS in ONE YEAR or maybe even less than one new tree ring in one year. Therefore, the accuracy of that kind of dating method can then be therefore be like RECONSIDERED or QUESTIONED or DEBATED or DOUBTED or whatever.
Stefan Molyneux, and readers, keep up the good work.

The Amazing Lucas

02:13 PM - Conservative Inc.

The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat


2019-11-01 - Friday
2019-11-02 - Saturday
2019-11-03 - Sunday

My Blog Journal Diary Autobiography

I have a machine shop, so it is a vertical Mill for cutting metal.

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I am Princess Lea my dad is military dad Darth Vader. I am going do my best to get some Death Star Plans on open source..... sending out R2D2s now..... look for old battle designs which can be used in near future for REPARATIONS. We start with an APOLOGY to the People of Viet Nam. We are sorry we hurt you Viet Nam. We love you, the American Girls. Our men acted like violent pigs in your country, and we ALLOWED the cover up too long.

The National Socialist Party, and Steem, 2019.... Make of this what you will.....Sunday ramblings

A possible nuclear false flag attack on Seattle on November third?

The Evil of liberal minds surfaces, as antifa posts that they intend to poison Children's halloween Candy, for politics!

To Conservatives, Truthers, Christians, Patriots & First-Amendment Supporters: You Can Keep This Blog Alive, or...

An article Removed from CNBC almost instantly speaking of the $43 Trillion missing from Treasury a lawsuit brought to Elitists appointed by Obama or connected to him like Jarrett and Kamala Harris. CNBC Exce's 2 children Heinously murdered within hours

Pathocracy... Rule by Psychopaths (Part 4)... Conclusion- The Lowest Common Denominator

People are Self-Interested. [/fullstop]

MASSIVE IDIOT ALERT: Freedom FROM Religion Goons want Judge Censored for giving Bible to Dallas Policewoman Amber Guyer.

Oklahoma is now a Constitutional Carry state as of November first 2019; and we are safer as a result!

Money = Power = Energy – Why Money Systems Enable Evil and How Free Energy is a Solution

Great New Movie About Freedom Of Speech Is Out Soon

Disappointment as a weapon

Pathocracy... Rule by Psychopaths (Part 3) The Psychopathy of Abortion Activism

Must See! Kennewick PD Excessive Use of Force

Common drugs may alter gut bacteria and increase health risks

They sowed terricide and harvested rebellion!


Why I won't "tone it down" I say what I believe and stand by it!

More Proof CPS is NOT about "Protecting" Anybody, but Sexual Predators...

MemeLogic - Epstein Didn't Kill Himself

People didn't hear airplanes on 9/11. Why not?

China is Murdering People

The United Nations

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