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Watch out for the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). They arose especially around the 1920's, specifically in the United States of America. They started making trouble in the neighborhood.

They say Trump went to a hospital on Saturday. Probably because globalists poisoned his food. In history, globalists and others would try to assassinate world leaders, kings, etc. That is why kings would have taste testers. They have been trying to murder Trump since at least 2015 since he started running, that is at this level. Before that, not as many people were trying to kill Trump. When they test the dead bodies of ancient monarchs, ancient kings, etc, they find poisons in their bodies. That is how they would do it. Green House. Light. Organize. Youth Group. World Vision magazine. Christmas. Project. Fundraiser. Help people in other countries if you want. Buy them a cow, solar power latterns, water filters, chickens, bibles, soccer balls, etc. An elephant can lose balance. Heater. Turtle from Kung Fu Panda. Be in the moment, today. It is a gift. That is why we call it the present. Don't trip. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Dishes again. Alex Jones. Tucker Carlson on Adam Carolla. My Facebook ban ended recently in the past few days as scheduled after a month of be censored. What for? I don't know why I was kicked off and thrown in virtual prison. They didn't say why. Sometimes, they say why and sometimes they don't. You can grow plants in green houses during the winter. Give it a try. Turning Point USA seems to be endorsing authoritarianism through the means of censoring people that the rulers deem as racist, Nazi, sexist, evil, bad, etc. We must always choose between decentralization and centralization. Anarchy and capitalism are the same thing on a fundamental level, meaning that we should let people trade with each other. Governments should be limited. Private property is very valuable.

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2019-11-18 - Monday

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New People

01:10 AM - Discord

Sometimes, I read a post and I respond with ten paragraph to that person. I get inspired and I write it all down. Other times, I see something and I respond with a shorter message. I could write nothing to some people. But I still want to reach out to new people.

IBM Watson

01:24 AM - Telegram | Dissenter

Was Watson a person and did this person help some people find some other people?


2019-11-18 - Monday - 01:28 AM - 02:11 AM - Batwoman 107

The daughter of like the Riddler made a cameo. She was like a fake lover of Batwoman one time. Mouse is pretending to be Kate's dad via the face mask. Kate was able to almost fake her deaht as the other woman wore her suit. So, her black GF saw Kate and Batwoman in the same room at the same time. I guess Kate is not Batman. Well, she is but I guess that was all it takes to fool people. Kate fools her half sister, the Asian nurse chick. Imposter daddy does something even as the real dad is like getting divorced with Asian cougar woman. This seventh episode continues to focus on how Kate broke up with the back chick. This is like a funny show with an ongoing gag about lesbians. They were at a restaurant. The owner asked Kate to leave when they were holding hands. Oh, dress code? No sneakers? But he is wearing sneakers too. Let me call somebody. The fake news media. Then everybody will know you are racist against women. Oh no, don't do that. It is on the house. Oh, never mind, I lost my appetite. But don't worry, I'll open up a gay restaurant across the street from you lol.

Fear The Walking Dead

2019-11-18 - Monday - 02:12 AM - 02:56 AM - FTWD 211

Hotel. Ocean. Walkers led into the water. The junky guy kisses the hispanic woman. I like her. I would kiss her too. He told her that he found out that she was testing him. That is when she kissed him. He said something to her in Spanish, like goodnight lover or goodnight friend or something. That was all it took to tear down her walls.



10:30 AM - Came back to visit RevHI, the leader, his kids were still the same age as they were when I was there originally and they were happy to see me. We were either there or we were at like a camp event of The Salvation Army or something else.

Front yard sidewalks swept.

The Deplorable Choir

10:55 AM - Epstein didn’t kill himself, Roger Stone did nothing wrong song!

Overlord DVD

10:59 AM - Rise of Skywalker Leaks Test Screening Details | The Latest Rumors!


Rey fights Kylo. They join. Look for Palpatine. Rey fights Kylo again according to the test screening. They echo Return of the Jedi in the dialog and main beats. Rey finds Palpatine who says he knew Vader would betray him. Palpatine said that Vader killed a clone Return of the Jedi. But would force ghosts be fooled by a clone? Dead Leia called up Hux to join forces to go after Palpatine and his ships. Space horses on Star Destroyers, on the outside of those ships. Millennial Falcon blows up. People watching the test screening begin to leave. They beg them to stay and they start to curse. Lando, R2D2, C3P0, and others, died. The Emperor kills Dead Leia.

14:39 echoes what Deep Fake George Lucas said at the end, that Star Wars dies, spoiler alert.

General Shepherd

11:20 AM - The Alex Jones Show Mon 11/18/19 1st Hour - Infowars

They say Trump went to a hospital on Saturday. Probably because globalists poisoned his food. In history, globalists and others would try to assassinate world leaders, kings, etc. That is why kings would have taste testers. They have been trying to murder Trump since at least 2015 since he started running, that is at this level. Before that, not as many people were trying to kill Trump. When they test the dead bodies of ancient monarchs, ancient kings, they find poisons in their bodies. That is how they would do it.

They poisoned Alexander the Great to death. They couldn't get him out onto the battlefield. So, they poisoned him instead. With Trump, the globalists are thinking win-win in that either Trump dies or that they at least spin it via the fake news media to brain wash the general public towards thinking that Trump is dying due to poor health. Trump has great health.

David Knight talked about how globalists are trying to take out Roger Stone. They're trying to Epstein Roger Stone. We have a criminal justice system. As in CRIMINALS running the justice system. Not completely but there are many swamp creatures in there that we must always try to weed out or else.

You put food in your body. It goes into your gut, your stomach, which is a microbiology garden. Good bacteria and bad bacteria are taking the materials that you put in your body and they make new compounds, chemicals, materials, vitamins, minerals, etc. It takes the right combination of foods with the original trace elements in order for the bacteria to make material that your body needs. You make new things out of the stuff you put into your body. It is complex.

Tik Tok is brain washing people to love vaccines by saying it makes us live longer when it actually makes us live shorter and kills people and many different things depending on the person.

Front yard Leaves raked. Green house organizing, assisting. Heat light. New shelf from big garage. Garden stuff to the gardening shed, the far shed. He calls it the far shed. Green house related stuff only in the green house now. Some stuff thrown away and recycled.


02:50 PM - Egg bagel toast sandwich. Soup. Brown corn bread without the corn.

Bill Gates

03:03 PM - Bill Gates finances shows that tries to demonize Alex Jones who is on his ass. Alex has been educating people through Infowars the crimes that Microsoft and Bill's other foundations are involved in.


03:12 PM - The Alex Jones Show Mon 11/18/19 3rd Hour

Globalists use weather modification to cause problems. They use geoengineering. They use many differen things. They are always trying to mutate and pervert humanity in a variety of ways. Good salt is good. Bad salt not so good. They're trying to end humanity. At an innate elvel, we all know this. We hate to admit to what we already know. They try to stop us from going to the next level in this life and in the next.

98% of the ingredients within bad vaccines are generally made in China and places outside of America.

Tax-exempt smart cities are being developed by Google and other tech cartel systems. They try to bake us in 10G. Well, maybe not 10G yet. It is 5G right now. Also, vaccines. Also, geoengineering. Also, many different things. They try to herd us into smart cities. They try to depopulate the earth to only 500 million people for the whole world. So, they are trying to murder over seven billion people and counting to keep all the humans on the planet to less than 500M.

In Revelations, a name for the Devi or a devil seems to be translated from like Hebrew or Greek or whatever, the translation, meaning, or whatever, to be, in English, Barack, according to one caller. As in Barack Obama.

Youth group.

Scooby Doo is funny. Imagine walking. Tag. Flashlight. Talents. Use them or lose them. Spider Man quote. Where much is given, much is required. I was watching Batwoman last night. There are two genders, generally, basically. People are normally born male or female. A man can identify as a woman. You can do what you want on your private property with your stuff and your people to the extent you don't violate the private property rights of other people. A man is a man, even if the man says the man is not a man. The man can say he is not a man.But the man is not a woman, well unless if he is a woman. But that is highly unlikely. Yes, possible but not probable. Reference in Luke. I was an assistant manager in high school on the Girl's Basketball Team at Forest Grove High School (FGHS) during my senior year, 2003-2004, with Richie Van Dyke. I recorded games. Yeah, younger people may not be ready for competition. Some might be ready. It depends on the main objectives. Coaching can be tricky depending on the goals of the teams and everything. There are many factors to consider and exceptions may apply. For the most part, educational wise, it is good to let people play. Let different players play. Rotate the players. At the same time, some of that might be dangerous to the extent that the better players are not rewarded for playing better. Walking tag. Comic Con. Seattle. Anime cosplay. Not too many Marvel super hero cosplay perhaps. Not too many other super heroes or other characters perhaps. Different than usual perhaps. Nachos. Pumpkin and apple pie. Apple juice. Umbrella. Piano. Ninja Turtle Tip. Learn how to play the piano by using three of your fingers, every other key. Press on the keys, just three fingers, every other key, and give it a try. It may sound better as those are generally notes. Focus on a simple pattern.

I love the quote from Back to the Future Part II where the guy is like, "You need more power."

My nickname is the Green Oatmeal.

Little House on the Prairie.

Alex Jones.

Owen Shroyer.

Turning Point USA is turning away from the USA.

Gay Orca Man.

Woman was on hold for like three hours just to talk to Alex Jones, on the phone, and finally got on during the War Room.

Adam Carolla.

The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat


2019-11-17 - Sunday
2019-11-18 - Monday
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My Blog Journal Diary Autobiography

Drenus and Bloom flagged my 2017-11-16 post.

I may stop mentioning Bloom in the future.

I like ice-cream.

If you think what this @BLOOM turkey does to my blog every day is just fine...go ahead, DON'T HELP!

Also, Bloom has been flagging @MePatriot posts for many months now. So, I shared one of his posts. I linked to a post by MePatriot that mentioned Bloom who doesn't post or comment. Bloom only flags the past several months since like July 2019. So, I probably got the flag for linking to MePatriot who is like an enemy of Bloom.


@informationwar @freezepeach - this post was flagged by Bloom probably because I linked to @MePatriot who Bloom has been attacking and flagging for many months now in 2019, this year, for talking about bad vaccines and CPS and Information War related subjects.

@informationwar @freezepeach this post was dv because it linked to @mepatriot who gets dv from Bloom daily for the past many months as of 2019. So, Bloom may continue to dv my posts and articles in the future like he does to @mepatriot.

I got hit a lot some months ago in 2019 and my rep fell from 58 to 50 and now my REP is back to 56.

yoda said i write controversial articles and that is why i get dv (down voted)

yes perhaps and yet there is more to it than just that

i was dv a bunch because i was saying hello too often to new users and they said that was spam

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I visited this English Club in 2015 in Vietnam

Information War

@informationwar, @cheetah, @freezepeach, my 2019-11-18 article post was downvoted by somebody who seems to hate Trump and America. So, I reposted it as seen here like @mepatriot does. This could be a bloom thing.

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