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You could watch Snatch if you want. Landscaping. TV. Vikings. They returned. Weeding. Kaitlin. Millie. Trump. Molyneux. Great videos. IWA. Surviving EMP. If Facebook was private. Liberty Hangout is NOT Infowars. When did you realize that MSM is Fake News? Millie Weaver asked people this at a Trump Rally and some of them said since Reagan, since the 1980's in the USA for example, if not longer. A truck read that CNN is fake news. Part of America great involves making it free. Millie is NOT Alex Jones. Proving the Bible in the ground. Are there alternatives to 5G? Twitter Trending - Soccer USA Over Trinidad. Second Steemit Account @oatmealjoey talk.

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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My Life in 2019

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Liberty Hangout

Some highlights from Saturday the 22nd of June of 2019, as follows:

New Facebook Friends

Lett Muyar Nyein


Twitter Trending

Toy Story 4

01:15 AM - 02:47 AM - Watching - Toy Story 4 - Sporky said: "I'm Bonnie's trash." Bo: "Woody is not my friend, he is my accessory." Dare devil: "Be who I am right now... Yes, I Canada." Love the love story in how Woody got Bo in the end. Best ending out of all four of the Toy Story films.


09:03 AM - Public Commons - @cyberpunkspike, I strongly disagree because what you said sounds very dangerous, potentially. I'm against normalizing public commons as it can promote communism, socialism, leftism, globalism, as it seeks to fundamentally alter the public's understanding of what private property is by creating a situation that might interfere with and violate private property rights.

Platforms / Forums

Also, platforms and forums can form from the same private property territory and realm. Facebook is not private, but that is not because it is whatever that the general public may think it is.

Black Contracts

Facebook probably got funding from government, liability protection, black contracts, etc. Had Facebook not, then Facebook would have been private and therefore could possibly do whatever they want.

Terms of Service

According to what I have read in their terms of services, which Facebook users sign, it seems to have loopholes, an ability to change their own rules at any time and that they can terminate any user at any time even without explanation, reason.

Only If Private

If Facebook was private, which it isn't, their contract with their users would show the world how users consented to being banned without notice by signing their contracts when registering for accounts on Facebook. But only if they were private, which Facebook is NOT private, but if Facebook was private, then their terms of service (TOS) would backup how they ban random people like me at any time.

Learning English

09:14 AM - He is about to do what? Me too? Do you have two? Do you have to? Do you have it too?


11:00 AM - 05:00 PM - Weeding. Took an hour or less to get there. RL Kelly song, I believe I can fly. Pulled up stuff around the sheds. Put a couch in a truck. He has my name and helped. Wheel barrow. The taller one did the riding lawn mower. Weed the front. Big 60 inch fat not flat TV. But we are not taking it. He wants to get rid of it. What happened to the Vikings? Some of them became Christians. Where does money come from? They already have a cure for cancer. Bingo night. We went to the park and saw this fundraiser thing there. They are back today and they left Thursday. Mount Reindeer or how do you spell it? Fishing. Back Saturday evening. Leading Sunday School tomorrow.

Liberty Hangout is NOT Infowars

04:52 PM - Kaitlin Bennett said in this video that she is not a man, she is NOT Alex Jones. But Media Matters is trying to get YouTube to ban her. So, they continue to lie about her and other people. This video sets the record straight.

Video Editing

05:03 PM - There are video apps you could download for your phone that can mix music with video. There are YouTube videos that show you how-to do that. It could be better to download music and videos to a computer for video making.

You can mix the music with pictures, art.

The app on your phone might have an option for other song choices. I could show you where to look. You could try to show me a screenshot, a picture of your screen, so I can see what the options might be there, or you could tell me the name of the program you used on your phone.

Or you could try to use a different app on your phone or maybe a computer.

Fake News

05:14 PM - When did you realize that MSM is Fake News? Millie Weaver asked people this at a Trump Rally and some of them said since Reagan, since the 1980's in the USA for example, if not longer. A truck read that CNN is fake news. Part of making America great involves making it free. Millie is NOT Alex Jones.

Alex Jones

05:19 PM - Is selfishness really a bad thing? @Pipeline said the same thing I said.

Archeologically Proven

05:39 PM - @Starmaster is right about the Bible as we are digging it up, names, places, times, details, that are mentioned in the Bible. It is accurate. Archeology proves that. Science confirms the Bible. We can talk all day about this.

Bible Germs

The Bible told people to wash their hands because of germs (unclean). There is a long list of these things.


@Memeart, you cannot stop being a Christian. That is impossible. In other words, you were never a Christian in the first place.


You might be lying about something. That is too bad. You actually are lying about many things. More on that later. We can talk for days about the things you are lying about concerning Christianity. So, we may not even have time to talk about it here. I could write a book about it.


Have you not heard of Josephus or other historians and other things? Did you not see the Dead Sea Scrolls? Who said people didn't record it? How can you prove that the scrolls, the records, don't or didn't exist?


After talking about that, then you say it doesn't matter as that wouldn't make it true, even if a bunch of people wrote about Jesus.


In other words, you hate Jesus and you would deny Him even if He was right in front of your face. You just said that nothing can confirm what is true.


You slip over to the realm of subjectivity, away from absolute truth. You continue to lie and you probably hate

Answers In Genesis.

Surviving EMP

05:50 PM - @Bingoze might be wrong and he might be promoting negativity, hopelessness. Trolling King.

Surviving EMP

Is it impossible to survive EMP or the end of the world or globalists or this thing or that thing, etc, etc?

Ice Breakers

Great questions but questions nonetheless.


We should focus on what we CAN do and not on what we can't. We should be open to better ideas each day.

Conversation Starters

We should encourage people not to focus too much on what if situations. We can talk all day about hypothetical situations.


That is why we focus on the practical. That is the power of the blockchain.

Blockchain Magic

If there is EMP, then have your backup in other countries and all over the world and on computers on the moon and different planets and spaceships, etc, etc, in space and everywhere and anywhere.

Reconsidering Limitations

Find ways to protect data through EMP and other things. Try and keep trying. We have options.


We have so many things that we can do. Let's focus on practicality.

Computer Problems

06:00 PM - @GreggHuestis67, it could still be you even if you tried different devices and browsers because the problem could still be if there is not enough speed, space. That can happen when cache and RAM and temporary files pile up and accumulate over time to become too big, too heavy. The problem could be a combination of a few different factors, things.

Stopping 5G

06:03 PM - How do we promote alternatives to 5G in order to engage culture? Lionel Nation talks about this. Too often, we geeks know stuff because we are so red-pilled. But how do we get people to care? You can't just get people to care by saying: "Stop, you are going to die." Because they say, most of the time: "But everybody dies. No big deal." So, negative persuasion is not effective enough.

Deportation Debate

06:08 PM - What @FlagDUDE08 said - about @FreedomFighter414 about waiting for things to cool down, to settle, for that guy to settle down and come back down to earth before "Coherent discussion can ensue" - that is something he might never say about me or certain people allegedly. That's too bad.

Understanding Conservatism

06:15 PM - That is why we have to minimize government and help people understand what you just wrote. People should study the constitution more in school for example. People should teach kids fundamental principles of how things work, the cycles in history, the info war, etc, etc.

Israel Empire

06:17 PM - @AtypicalRift, did Israel have an empire?


But didn't shave my beard.


Rice. 2 potatoes. beans. Raspberries. Strawberry. Cherry.


07:51 PM - USA Men's over Trinidad & Tobago, 4-0. #USMNT - Trending


08:57 PM - Many liberals accept open borders and other things because they believe that America is bad as an empire, as Robin Hood Obama put it, that this USA tyranny stole from the poor and gave to the rich. Therefore, logically, when you try to debate with leftists, they will pull out their victim card as they believe, logically, that America is the exception, that we must share the money, etc.

Charlie Brown

09:24 PM - @VRfluxx, my favorite was the last scene in that video, spoiler alert, where Lucy described Charlie Brown. All these great qualities: kind, brave, funny, compassionate. He goes to kick the football to the moon. He goes to kick the ball, she pulls it away and says, "And gullible." She forgot to mention that last one. He falls onto his back and killed himself or so he said. Very interesting skit in the Peanuts cartoons. It can be symbolic. Stefan Molyneux had a dream that a giant wave came and swallowed him from the ocean, kind of like what happened in Star Wars Rogue One, and his arms came off his body.

Kingdom v Empire

@AtypicalRift, I asked about the empire of Israel because I thought that might have been a reference to the first century A.D. during the time of Christ and after that as opposed to during the kingdom era.


Each animal serves as an illustration of the attributes of mankind. For example, our skin can peel off like snakes. Our skin can grow back. We can work hard like ants or as lazy as sloths. We can be as busy as the bees and beavers. We can stay up late like owls or early like birds to get the worms. Humans can run fast like horses. We can swing around like monkeys. We can swim like fish, dolphins. We can be strong like gorillas. We can smell bad like skunks. We can bark like dogs. We can follow commands like dogs. We can be independent like cats. Our brains can grow back like starfish. We can eat oatmeal like the oatmeal animal that does not actually exist haha. We can fly like hawks. We can build houses like beavers. We can travel like birds flying south for the winter. We can learn like a school of fish. We can fight like teenage mutant ninja turtles. We can spread like germs. We can shock people like eels. We can hug people like bears. We can rule like lions. We can have great vision and perspective like eagles.

Private Property Rights

10:05 PM - @cyberpunkspike, do you want to steal private ownership rights from the big tech giants like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media networks, websites, in order to stop them from banning certain people, and which governments should enforce that and how? My question is hypothetical, theoretical, as in not a real question because big tech is not actually private because of the black contracts, etc. They might be government owned or a combination of different things.


I believe in promoting land rights, property rights, privacy rights. Why would you want to violate classical liberal values of property rights? My body, my choice. My computer, my choice.


A website can be hosted on a computer. I want the right to do whatever I want to do with my computer. You don't have to visit my website which comes from my computer, for example. Facebook is not private. But hypothetically, a publisher website can do whatever they want or should be allowed to do so because private property rights matter. Why trespass on that and how do you enforce that?

Future Problems

You might be able to enforce an Internet Bill of Rights right now and for now, through the government, but only for as long as the government is good. We are winning now like I said in previous threads but we face bigger challenges in 2050 or before that, that is in coming generations in the future and the government can be run by different people in the future and those people can mess up how certain laws can be enforced or even interpreted.


The government can be fair now or soon if we can continue to get better people in. So, we can vote and get better people in for the next decade or maybe longer. But after that comes the real dark ages. In the future, coming generations may become less fair. It is dangerous and that is why we should always try our best to limit government in order to prepare for the dark ages and let free markets sort the Internet out.

Giants On Mars

10:19 PM - @Artsyneva, who knows, really. I try to keep an open mind. So, did the giants live on Mars or other planets? Did humans live on other planets and were later moved to earth?

Floods Inter-Planet

Did the flood move Noah's Ark from one planet to another planet? I'm curious about all sorts of things. So, I have no idea about anything or I should be careful as the more we know, then the more we don't know as it opens up more questions than there might be answers.


Are there aliens? No idea. But I guess it depends on your definition to aliens. Always start with what you do know. We know there are different kinds of animals. Different kinds of animals are like aliens in some ways.

Different Dimensions

Alex Jones talks about aliens traveling through dimensions. Star Wars Rebels had an episode about that where the Emperor was trying to go between dimensions and time. Some aliens might be demons, animals, robots, deformed humans, life on other planets, life in other dimension, life from other timelines, life from other parallel universes, life from other time periods, life from other pocket universes, and/or etc, etc.

Big Tucker Video

Over 22 Million Illegal Immigrants - Tucker Carlson

Second Steemit Account

I registered for a new Steemit account @oatmealjoey and I am telling people about it since Thursday. Logic wrote: "There is nothing wrong in having multiple accounts if they are not used to exploit/abuse the platform." I replied: "who determines that? your statement is subjective and probably not objective enough according to the condition that humans are in. some people believe that America exploits the poor people all around the world."


11:40 PM - @AtypicalRift, no, that was not my question. My question was not about the kingdom of Israel which began with king Saul around 1300 B.C. After that, we had David, Solomon, and others. That kingdom split at one point.


My question was not about whether you called that kingdom an empire. Now, you might be calling the kingdom an empire. You can call the ancient nation of Israel a kingdom, an empire, a planet, a zoo, or anything you want.

My Question

My question was simply on whether or not you referenced something that might have been erased from history. Maybe the Roman Catholic Church hid from us something that was happening 2,000 years ago after the time of Jesus Christ. During the first few centuries, A.D., was there a nation of Israel? I guess not, if it fell in 70 A.D. thanks to Emperor Nero. I know that, but I was thinking that you might know something that I don't. But I guess I already know the answer that you were not addressing secret history and were only talking about that kingdom of Israel. Oh, maybe the kingdom of Israel fell before the birth of Christ, thanks to maybe Babylon or other empires.


11:52 PM - @Memeart just said that if Alex Jones didn't give a left a target, then he would be fine.

Stafan Molyneux

Forgiveness Versus Closure

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