Decentralized and Blockchain Based Internet Coming Soon ?

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This was in plans since long time, project closest to achieving this was MAIDSAFE.

The token trades on exchanges since longer time and network is in early alpha for this moment.

Yet the race has begun.

Current season of amazing show Sillicon Valley - a comedy about creating unicors in the hearts of VC world - is exactly about new idea of our heroes, the decentralized internet. I dont want to put spoilers here but if you never seen this show ASAP ride by seasons 01 and 02 to land on our beloved 03 where soon i feel we will meet blockchain. Richard says:

What if we use all those phones to build a massive network? We use my compression algorithm to make everything small, efficient, move things around. And if we could do it, we could build a completely decentralized version of our current internet with no firewalls, no tolls, no government regulation, no spying. Information would be totally free in every sense of the word.

Bitcoin has already been refered in previous episodes of this show ie two examples below.

Mozilla Offers 2 Millions USD

If you have ideas on how to decentralize the web, not necessarily full product or technology but good tech background, some MVP.. You can get this big prize from Mozilla right now.

Prizes will be available for both early-stage design concepts and fully-working prototypes.

Former Princeton Sciencist Are Working!

Blockstack is an addon for browsers that will allow you browse decentralized internet using blockchain technology.
Its in the works since over 3 years and has some users already. Product is far from being finished of course.

Bitttorents Maelstrom Project

This is a torrent based browser made by Bittorrent crew. The main idea here is to be able to watch movies of listen to music live based on streaming from torrents instead of waiting for full files like its now. The full plan is to make internet working in P2P system like torrents do using their distributed technology.
It has entered even Beta but now all links disappeared and you can only download the torrent client.

Revolution is Close

Worth to note that despite cryptocurrencies we already have decentralized blogging platform on our very own STEEM, decentralized exchange on Bitshares, decentralized file storages on SiaCoin/Storj, Ethereum based projects, IOTA and loads more.
So with all things moving this way and big companies working on our security and privacy protection we can assume soon we shall see some decentralized versions of internet that will be blockchain based and fully encrypted.
Until then we have to just watch mentioned projects and have weekly fun with Sillicon Valley tv show.

Im sure there may be more projects targetting decentralized internet - but this are the ones i`ve choosen for the article. Feel free to leave other names that you know of in comments.

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How could one talk about the decentralized internet and not mention Urbit or Ethereum? The most ambitious and most likely attempts at decentralizing the internet respectively.


Watch these videos:


People who believe in conspiracies or who obsess about the Bilderberg group are not work paying attention to. It's an unprofitable rabbit hole of poor critical thinking. Read A Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan to better understand critical thinking and how to avoid pseudoscience bullshit and conspiracy theory blabble.

You know, you give me hope, but just look around you. Why cant Vitalik Buterin answer a simple question? That question is soooo important. If you didnt catch it, watch it again. Also, why has Putin already started to itergrate ETH in their economy?

What I think is that all this crypto is just a learning tool for the ones who got in early. This will allow them to each the others when they HAVE to integrate into this digital monetary system that is forming around us.

Once this is implemented the Elites will have us by the balls.


Eye rolls forevs

Look what happened right after my post. I moved everything to Tether the day before and 3/4 is still there.

Read my past posts....


The way society works right now has made everyone paranoid beyond belief haha.

A true Digital Panopticon panopticon-image.jpg

Good point... Scary indeed.... Will any cryptos be safe from this all seeing digital economy? Are the likes of Monero and other 'anon' cryptos truly safe to use as an 'off-the-grid' user?

We beginning to see how volatile they really are....


Well done!
Question everything. Nothing is as it seems any more and the rabbit hole is deep and winding.

You see what happened to ETH right after I posted this? People should have taken notice on several fronts: 1. ETH was worth $7 in Jan. 2. It is our enslavement. 3. It will turn into the ·System of the Beast." 4. It is the "Internet of Things!"


I have to say, many conspiracies are fact. Critical thinking usually leads to suspicion of what's presented. Testing it against other information is vital in coming to some sort of conclusion. In the case of Ethereum, there are many great things about it that I think will benefit society as we fight against and tear down the current fiat system. However, just because we tear down one system, doesn't mean the new one won't have the tentacles of the elite cabal all over it.

I outlined some things in a video in my second post ever on steemit (which was today), and you actually commented on that post as look for the rest of my response there.

Most conspiracies are not fact. Conspiracies are incredibly difficult for human beings to pull off because human beings are weak and fallible and not omnipotent. Sigh. It's really sad to see someone write: "conspiracies are fact."

I've zero interest in"debating" you on this because if you think that, you're lost relative to anything I'd ever find interesting.

Truly, good luck and I hope you find what you're looking for.

@eeks Big difference between a conspiracy and a conspiracy theory..for anyone to beLIEve anything is a bad practice, notice the root word of knowledge is to know:) Saying who's worth paying attention to is subjective, opinions are subjective I like rock music you don't who's wrong or right? All subjective, cheers!

Your arguments are those that missed the age of enlightenment, which is what the US, modernity, and science are built on. Science is literally "knowing" and it's built on facts, on what's provable, importantly, on what's disprovable", and on doing the work.

The root of "science" is "Scire." It's not "Credo." There's a difference, and that difference is crucial. Man's goal should be Scire, not giving up or being lazy and just focusing on Credo.

Next time I will agree with your subjective the fact you didn't like not the fact I gave constructive feedback and you didn't up-vote me almost like your rubbing in my face nanana bobooo i have power to say im right and your wrong! Anyhow congrats your steem power won this ego battle..cheers!!!

Yes, you do have the power to decide what you think. I don't think science is a "subjective" view though -- I mean one can make that argument it is and you can deconstruct everything semiotician style and say that communication between two people is impossible, technically, and also nothing can ever be objective. But that time of circlejerk conversation is pretty boring and it's more of a useless debating tactic than something that can allow some to live a more enlightened or more profitable life.

I will say that looking into your profile, you're doing fascinating things. I hope you make on American Ninja Warrior, and when you're on it, I'll root for you. Cheers.

Thank You, Will Do My Best On There!!!

Haha and then he mentions Carl Sagan

Your comment is unclear. Can you clarify it? What's the significance of highlighting my mention of Carl Sagan.

Carl Sagan is working for fake news. Do some research on his early years.

Right. Uhm. Good luck in life. no ... he is not ..... are you actually serious? Spend 5 minutes reading about his life and you'll figure out his goals were aligned with spreading scientific awareness .... not 'fake news' lol....

Do you believe in any conspriacies? I mean history is one conspriacy after another why would the present be any different?

My mom was a history professor, I was a history major, and I have immersed myself in more history study and reading of all kinds than almost anyone I've ever met. I reject "history is one conspriacy after another" [sic] as very poorly informed. What a weird twisted way to conceive of history. It's simply not.

Well then. We have nothing more to say to each other. Best wishes

Thanks now I'm following pressfortruth as well :)

And the videos confirmed my research that indeed BitShares could really work, so thanks again!

Nice presentation, except for the enslavery hype.

I think the the first building block of "internet of things" is "blockchain"....Blockchain is going to be involved in every aspect of our lives.

Forget internet of things, the future is internet of everything! Security is going to be paramount, and if anything can secure the internet it is strong encryption and blockchain technology.

EDIT: Also, Silicon Valley is a great show, if you haven't watched it yet it's worth it!

Im ready for blockchain to take over everything....That is why we are lucky because we are one of the early ones in the platform.

@eeks ETH is mentioned in last paragraph - did not want to make article about something that everybody knows already :) Urbit is not - will read on it now, thanks!

@evanrvoss theres project called IOTA (wrote about it some articles ago) which already got huge marketcap, its targetin IoT so yes we are close here!

Urbit is the real deal. They are building everything from zero. The design seems absolutely great, but it also requires a lot of work and that's why they have very little to show even after years of development.

The next crowdsale will be in the near future, if anybody happens to be interested in it. Subscribe to the mailing list to get notified:

Blockchain and decentralized internet represents a new way of tackling problems. When a decentralized internet brings value to people in any capacity, then things will continue to take off. I think we are moving closer to a more sharing economy versus a more consumption based society, a block chain based, decentralized internet can help enable this.

Won't EOS be able to achieve a decentralized internet?

EOS won't even launch for a year and is designed to put as much money in the hands of Dan Larimer and his investors as possible with no responsibility for delivering anything. Promise everything, deliver nothing, uncap it and let people pour in their own imagination, FOMO and dollars.

I see no reason to bother at all. If one plans to bother, tactically I would wait 6 months and then start dollar cost averaging in. A constant dribble of supply will wear on the market and is a technical overhang on the EOS price. Also, surely there will be better times to buy crypto than today's frothy/FOMO environment.

But by the time it launches EOS will have a dozen or more more seasoned, more tested, more ingrained competitors including Steem itself.

These are possibilities but from what I know about Dan I see him as being honest and having bigger and praiseworthy goals than making money for the sake of making money.

As for the EOS launch I haven't seen anywhere whether the launch would be during the ICO of after. I'd really love to see a confirmation either way.

Thank you for your input though I think some of your reflections on the current markets outlook might make me more cautious about investing in EOS early.

Honestly, I don't think an honest person would design a crowdsale structure like Dan has, which is uncapped, easily manipulated by EOS itself (and I expect it will be by buying into certain periods themselves, buying in supply, jawboning the price), and runs for a year.

Actions speak loud. His past actions speak loudly too, in a bad way.

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I believe at some point the in the future most companies will clone pre-existing technologies such as Ethereum and render the current ones obsolete. They are more or less prototypes that have no other significant use so far other than making ico's.

I agree, that is the inevitable result of competition. However, those that continue to innovate will continue to reign. I explain blockchain tech to EVERYONE. Recently got a bartender back into cryptos after a decade because I wrote "Google Ethereum" on his tip ( gave him cash tip too :] ). Sometimes I just want to yell it to everyone and go......( see link @ 2 min 18 sec. )

If a business copies a blockchain technology, the community will copy it back. More devs and brain power in open source than is a closed environment setting.

I relate so much with you here

A well written article . It will happen soon via blockchain technology and it will help all to have access to uninterruped internet especailly businesses like mine that use to go offline when provider server is down. Good post indeed, thanks for sharing. Upvoted and glad that I am following you..will continue sending in my support.

Well i think that day is not very far, but we have still a long way to cover, steemit a step in the right direction and when this platform gets more attraction from users then we will see a true decentralized internet. thanks for the nice share @kingscrown

thanks for your comment.. I am following you now.. Please follow me if like my posts.

What then is everyones preaching the gosple according to STEEMIT right here in Africa..lets make Steemit a better place...its possible

The same here, I agree. Keep steeming and stay in touch

I find all this revolution that we are living similar to what happens in Mr Robot the tv series starred by Rami Malek (main actor). Wealth redistribution, a thriving will of changing the world while new techs grow at a great pace.
Exciting times!

Awesome stuff man! I am going to check out silicon valley now!

yeah you should. A nice movie, enjoy!. I knew decentralised internet was close to reality since i saw it in the show.

It's a new one on me so I am defo checking it!!

cool......following you, please follow back

My darling meep!! Oh how I have missed you!! Meep meep!

My enthusiasm about a decentralized internet lies with the hardware infrastructure needed to liberate all of our packets.

I personally believe this is where the focus should be, even up to the point where there's a massive crowdfunding to send satellites up into space to provide coverage.

Until then, development of mesh networks using mobile phones would be interesting. Even if you used a power-saving store-and-forward (think the old FIDO network) strategy, I think it would be a utility that people would embrace.

It may not charge out of the gate with boundless bandwidth to give to everyone, but just meshing up large urban centers with long-haul connectors via strapped-to-something raspberry Pi nodes would be cool.

I'd write up something more technical if I had the time, but I'm sure there are others thinking along the same lines who may have already done the legwork for me.

Work on the infrastructure first, the protocol level can wait.

I think the potential for a free market blockchain based solution here is huge. It would give incentive for people to solve the long distance gap in creative ways as being the first person in town to bridge your city means you get paid for every packet flowing from the local area.

For me the current projects fall short in this area, its not a new decentralized internet if its still using ISPs to bridge those gaps.

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I love the blockchain technology I think this is going to be the future for our self and new generations. What is coming and what we are witnessing today is just the beginning of an amazing journey.

So true, we live in exciting times

It will bring a lot of freedom of movement. Taking away centralised actors and stiffling bureaucraty enables players to make more connections to others; the exponential effect thereof and the results of rigurous testing of all new ideas (by trial and error subject to free market forces), will propel us into a new age.

omg i love that show. been watching with @heimindanger since i came to france, i can't wait for the next episode!

Luckily its in less than 48 hours ;)

hoolicon is turning out to be a great event :p

My friends works on something like that - called meshnet.

Yeah meshnet is big also theres thing called hyperboria which is some kind of clone, not sure exactly

We used hyperboria, but performance was low. The new engine should greatly improve network performance (much lower pings and higher throughput)

Following :)

hi please follow me right now i'm following you bro.

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