Show @steemitbloggers your support in our quest for 10K delegation, enter to win 1 Steem!

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UPDATE February 2nd at 10:52pm EST - THE POLL IS CLOSED and while @steemitbloggers/#powerhousecreatives came in second, we won in SO many other ways! I'll do the drawing for the Steem prizes in the morning, but I wanted to shout out and say THANK YOU to everyone for supporting us! You Steemians ROCK! ❤️

UPDATE February 2nd at 12:30pm EST - Thanks to a generous donation of 1.5 STEEM from @foxyspirit, I'm upping mine to 1.5 as well, so now 3 STEEM is up for grabs in the giveaway!

If you've spent any time on the blockchain and/or Discord this week, I'm sure you've bumped into someone talking about @theycallmedan's contest to give away a 10K SP delegation for a year.

As we're coming down the homestretch, the @steemitbloggers/#powerhousecreatives family (founded by @jaynie and maintained with the help of her Rockstar Admin & Advisor @zord189) is running at a solid third place, behind two MUCH larger communities. We are tiny, but we are mighty! 😊

Fellow member @cheese4ead pointed out on his post The Race to a 10,000 Steem Delegation. The Final Straight that...

With all due respect to our honorable competitors, we are truly multinational. We have members from 24 different countries, including, India, Philippines, Belgium, Ireland, Russia, Wales, Malaysia, South Korea, England, South Africa, USA, Scotland, Denmark, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Uruguay, Croatia, France, Indonesia, Germany, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

Part of the reason we're doing so well is because SO many people from the Steemit community have stepped up and supported us in big ways! And I think I can speak on behalf of all the Steemit Bloggers (Power House Creatives) and say...


So, to make a long story short (yeah, I know - too late...LOL), I thought I'd post this list of all the support posts that have found their way onto the blockchain this week. Then I got the idea that it might be a cool way to give a little appreciation back by having a random drawing for 1 Steem for all the non-steemitbloggers Steemians who've taken that extra step to support us!

The breakdown -

  • Check out the list of AMAZING support posts and upvote/resteem/comment as you wish (optional)
  • Write a post supporting @steemitbloggers to win the delegation, and share the link in a reply to this post
  • When the delegation contest ends, I'll choose ONE non-steemitblogger support post at random & send them 1 Steem as a THANK YOU!

Depending on how many entries I get, I may add in some secondary prizes, like a @tipu tip or upvote. 😊

Here's the list I have so far (in no particular order) -

NOTE: All entries marked with a 😍 are from people outside of the Steemit Bloggers community

  1. STEEMIT - The @steemitbloggers NEED YOUR SUPPORT in the race to win the 10k SP delegation from @theycallmedan by @theluvbug

  2. Steemit Friends - PLEASE vote for @steemitbloggers to win a 10k Steem Power delegation! by @traciyork

  3. Please Vote For Steemitbloggers! An Amazing Community by @foxyspirit

  4. Call to Action! by @blueeyes8960

  5. Friends, I really need your HELP! by @zord189

  6. Vote for the @steemitbloggers. The race to the 10k Steem Power delegation. by @cheese4ead

  7. Help to make a great community even better - and stronger by @fionasfavourites

  8. Please vote for this great steemitbloggers challenge by @wales

  9. Please Vote @steemitbloggers!!! We need you! by @beautifulbullies

  10. If you appreciate quality content, please vote for us! by @thekittygirl

  11. SteemitBloggers Needs Your Help To Win A 10K Delegation- We are On Place No.2 ATM by @lichtblick 😍

  12. Got a sec to do ol' Zeke a favour? by @zekepickleman

  13. Steemit’s most awesome, genuinely international community needs your support by @fionasfavourites


  15. Help @Steemitbloggers win a 10k SP delegation by @bengy

  16. @Steemitbloggers are INTERNATIONAL, they promote Steem across other social networks. Show them some LOVE and VOTE! by

  17. @Steemitbloggers Needs Still Your Help To Win The 10k Delegation- Take Action And Show Some Steemit Love by @lichtblick 😍

  18. POWER HOUSE CREATIVES by @sgbonus

  19. Vote for @steemitbloggers! by @derekrichardson

  20. My only family here on Steemit needs HELP! Takes not more than 10 seconds, I SWEAR! by @matkodurko

  21. Steemit...We have worked SO HARD and now, WE NEED YOU!!! by @jaynie

  22. #steemitbloggers and #powerhousecreatives Need Your Help! by @mattifer


  24. Make Dreams Come True - Vote for @Steemitbloggers! | 10K Delegation by @joeylim

  25. Day 466: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: cookie cutter by @mariannewest

  26. The Race to a 10,000 Steem Delegation. The Final Straight. by @cheese4ead

  27. A CALL FOR HELP, Final days of 10,000k SP Contest! by @zord189

  28. YOU Can Help SteemItBloggers To Empower More People And Reward More Quality Content! by @simplymike

  29. New Pictures from my Wednesday Walk on Monday by @traciyork

  30. Vote For SteemitBloggers a.k.a PowerHouseCreatives // Bantuin Vote Dong by @thekitchenfairy

  31. The Daily spotlights – January 30 2019 by @pixresteemer 😍


  33. A Message of support and cooperation from The @FreewriteHouse to our friends, #PowerHouseCreatives @steemitbloggers by @freewritehouse 😍

  34. "Be Legend In Your Time" ... 10,000 STEEM Delegation: Vote for SteemitBloggers by @quillfire

  35. VOTE (please) ... 10,000 STEEM for SteemitBloggers (Power House Creatives) by @quillfire

  36. "Measured Our Mettle" ... Vote: 10,000 STEEM Delegation by @quillfire

  37. No Eye Dilation & looking for support by @rebeccabe

  38. Calling on My Actifit Community by @blueeyes8960

  39. Calling on my Steemit Friends again - PLEASE vote for @steemitbloggers in the 10k SP delegation contest! by @traciyork

  40. Qurator is stepping back from the dpoll race, vote for @steemitbloggers by @scrooger & @qurator 😍

  41. Rolling With Steemitbloggers (powerhousecreatives) In The DPoll Voting: Have You Voted Yet? We Sure Could Use Your Help! by @goldendawne

  42. 📷 2 IN 1- #ColorChallenge Thursdaygreen " Awesome Green Flower " And " Support For @Steemitbloggers " 📷 by @lichtblick 😍

  43. Support #powerhousecreatives in race for 10k SP delegation by @steemflow

  44. This just needs few minutes of your time | Will you vote for us? We could use all helps.. by @iamjadeline

  45. What is stronger than the human heart? Power House Creatives. Ephemeral Art. Original Photography. by @allyinspirit

  46. "Take Care" a five minute freewrite (and please if you haven't voted yet in the 10kSP dpoll, vote for @steemitbloggers) by

  47. Calling on My Actifit Community by @blueeyes8960

  48. Monty Python and the Meaning of Contests by @mattifer

  49. Day 469: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: by the book by @mariannewest

  50. Tarot Tuesday reading for the week of January 29 2019 by @traciyork


  52. Why the Powerhouse Creatives ? by @fionasfavourites

  53. My first Steem Signature by @rjoshicool

  54. This one's for my new found friends - Learn about the PowerHouseCreatives and @steemitbloggers you should by @manoldonchev

  55. International, Intentional, and Inviting - How to Win Big with #steemitbloggers and #powerhousecreatives by @mattifer

  56. Who ON EARTH are the #powerhousecreatives (@steemitbloggers)? by

  57. Ditching my day job for the Power House Creatives by @fionasfavourites

  58. 10K Delegation vote for @steemitbloggers #PowerHouseCreatives. by @tryskele

  59. 2 IN 1- #ColorChallenge WednesdayYellow " Awesome Yellow Flowers " And " Support For @Steemitbloggers " by @lichtblick 😍

  60. January 30th 2019 Steemit Tarot Weekly Wednesday Wrap-up by @steemittarot

  61. What Would YOU Do if YOU won 10,000SP? by

  62. @steemitbloggers need your help to win the 10K steem power delegation for 1 year by @theycallmedan. by @peerzadazeeshan 😍

  63. My Final Plea for your SUPPORT. by @zord189

  64. ONE poll that brought THOUSANDS to LIFE!! - Hats off to @theycallmedan by @jaynie

  65. Power House Creatives Needs YOUR Support! A Final Community Appeal! by @denmarkguy

  66. A simple request for supporting quality posts on steemit. The 10k delegation poll by @niko3d

  67. "Minnow's Song" ... From All Particpants - Thank You @theycallmedan by @quillfire

  68. The Race is On!!! Support @steemitbloggers aka @Powerhousecreatives by @mariannewest

  69. A Few Hours Left to Show Your Support For Steemitbloggers aka Powerhousecreatives by @freewritehouse 😍

  70. The LAST push for the end! Support @steemitbloggers! by @bengy

  71. She shoots from the hip and speaks from the heart by @fionasfavourites

  72. Can David really beat Goliath? @steemitbloggers are only 20 votes behind! 10k delegation dpoll! by @matkodurko

  73. Crunch time for Steemitbloggers and dpoll! Have you voted yet!? by @scrooger & @qurator 😍

  74. We need just 14 of you to please vote in this poll by @braaiboy

  75. Heavy Weight Tracks & Power House Creatives - Can You Help Us Top Both Charts? by @nickyhavey

  76. Freak Weather in Bucharest by @cheese4ead

  77. ONE LAST FINAL PUSH! Please support us! by @sgbonus

  78. Community is Everything - Please Vote @Steemitbloggers on dpoll! by @raj808

  79. Team Malaysia | Pre-Chinese New Year Meetup by @zord189

  80. Favourites on the run - 2019/02/01 by @fionasfavourites

  81. "By the book" a five minute freewrite AND the last few hours to make YOUR VOTE count! Vote @steemitbloggers in the Dpoll! by

  82. The calm before the storm by @lizziesworld

  83. Rain is a blessing. I believe it's a sign by @fionasfavourites

  84. Lets Keep Momentum -No 1 ATM And Steemitbloggers Needs Your Help To Win A 10K Delegation by @lichtblick 😍

  85. We Are Too Close, And We Have To Keep Going... Please Be Part Of This Journey by @kaerpediem

  86. The biggest little team on the blockchain by @fionasfavourites

  87. Wouldn't You Love to See the LITTLE GUY Win for a Change? by @blueeyes8960

  88. So Close and It's Almost Over! Let's Give SteemitBloggers a Boost to the Top... by @porters 😍

  89. The Final Moments! by @foxyspirit

  90. Crossing The Finish Line - Time to make it count!! by @tryskele

  91. From Whoville to matter how tiny you are by @rebeccabe

Please shout out with a link if you find/have one not listed here!

Oh, and....

Come join us!

Also, if you're interested in joining our Steemit Bloggers/Power House Creatives family, here's how to go about it -

So who wants join the POWER HOUSE CREATIVES?

Regardless of who wins this delegation, I can say that I am so proud to be part of the @steemitbloggers/#powerhousecreatives community, and Steemit as a whole. You've all re-ignited my belief and faith in this platform! ❤️

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At the moment (9:28pm EST) there are -

13 different posts from
7 different non-@steemitbloggers/#powerhousecreatives peeps
that are in the drawing for a total of 3 Steem!

@peerzadazeeshan - you have 1 entry
@lichtblick - you have 5 entries
@paradise-found - you have 1 entry
@qurator - you have 2 entries
@freewritehouse - you have 2 entries
@pixresteemer - you have 1 entry
@porters - you have 1 entry

There's still about 1 hour left to enter, so be sure to shout out with your link if you post about your support for the Steemit Bloggers (Power House Creatives) to win the 10k Steem Power delegation from @theycallmedan!

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Great post @traciyork.. Love it.

Thanks so much, @tryskele! 😊

Thanks for redeeming a putting one of my links. I have done at least 2 others and I have lost count of the resteems. I still believe we will get this. @p1eter - not a member voted and got us 5 more. Amazing, hey?

Posted using Partiko Android

You're very welcome, @fionasfavourites! Yeah, I actually only added one of mine the first go 'round, but I've already edited and added a handful more. This will be a work in progress for the next few days... LOL! And that's wicked awesome - thanks so much, @p1eter and friends!

FYI, at the moment there are 9 different posts from 6 different non-@steemitbloggers folks that qualify for the drawing for 1 Steem!

@peerzadazeeshan - you have 1 entry
@lichtblick - you have 4 entries
@paradise-found - you have 1 entry
@qurator - you have 1 entry
@freewritehouse - you have 1 entry
@pixresteemer - you have 1 entry

There's still time to enter, so be sure to shout out with your link if you post about your support for the Steemit Bloggers (Power House Creatives) to win the 10k Steem Power delegation from @theycallmedan!

That's a phenomenal amount of blogs showing support, I have resteemed this one as well! Tried to drum up interest on twitter as well, offering a free download for those who vote and we get it! Come on #powerhousecreatives

Posted using Partiko Android

Awesomeness, @nickyhavey and thanks! I saw your offer - that's wicked cool! We're SOOOO close to winning this - I KNOW we can do it!

Well, we are all winners by the looks of it @traciyork! Saw the update from Bluemist and wow, what a gift to receive :)

You should put the URL of the Discord server on your Bio.

Ahh, thanks for the suggestion @ond but I'm just a member of the Steemit Bloggers/Power House Creatives community. However, I will edit my post to make that clear - thanks again!

I love how you have listed all the support posts!! We have to come up with a plan on how we can boost the account if we don't get the delegation!! I have some ideas..... Together, we can do this!!!

That sounds awesome, @mariannewest and I agree - together we can make great things happen!

WHOO HOO! Thanks so much, @porters and I've added your post to the list/drawing! We're 15 votes behind at the moment, but I'm hoping we get a last minute surge to push us over the top.


This is quite a "steemily" Jaynie's put together eh?

Good luck to all those in the running :D