So who wants join the POWER HOUSE CREATIVES?

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A year ago, I started building something of such huge magnitude! At the time, I must be honest, I didn't even realise just how swiftly "it" and "we" would sweep through the clutter to gather up some of the most magnificent... but we sure as hell did! I am not much for self-praise, but FNCK I am SO proud of where we stand today and everything we have achieved - and while I am on that topic, I need to say that NONE of this would have been possible without my right hand man, my friend and our "always there bear" @zord189!

There are MANY crypto related discord communities but the Steemit Bloggers has WITHOUT QUESTION earned a reputation for hosting some of the finest content creators around and it is not a word of a lie! I hear it almost every day from complete strangers and that in itself speaks volumes! And now, we have "evolved"...


Yes, you have most likely caught wind of the Steemit Bloggers morphing into the #powerhousecreatives - several members have shared posts detailing this. We officially moved into our new space on Monday the 7th January and now I would like to open our doors to applicants interested in joining our now 360 degree community!

360 I say? yes, let me explain...

The POWER HOUSE CREATIVES is a CLOSED discord community of VERY close knit individuals which support one another on EVERY SINGLE social media and blogging platform - decentralized AND other! We are there for each other, WHEREVER we go! We have a clear vision and understanding that every person travels a completely unique and independent path and ALL the "spaces" we each choose to frequent, hold a specific significance in terms of our respective plans. So whether it is Steemit, Whaleshares, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook or ANY other platform... we now encompass it all! Our "umbrella" BRAND is now EVERYWHERE and so is our community support, which is what makes us the POWER HOUSE that we are!

So this is the part, where I extend an invitation for applications...

Much like I have ALWAYS made ABUNDANTLY clear to previous applicants - if you are not prepared to "give it your all", then please don't waste your time applying. I have ZERO interest in "fly by nights" or "chancers" in our space... and even if you DO get in - you won't last long! TRUST ME!

However, for those of you that ARE willing to go the extra mile - please feel free to drop your applications







Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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The Power House Creatives is a discord community of individuals who are committed to producing content which adds value across multiple platforms. We are STRONGLY focused on supporting our fellow members individual growth as well as offering support to those that are still trying to get ahead. We are a CLOSE KNIT community of individuals, each with our own strengths, passions and input, yet ALL willing to go the extra mile for our family members... WHY? - because, simply put - we CARE about one another and MANY HANDS make light work! - THAT is what FAMILY is about! - To infinity and beyond...



@theluvbug regularly supports the Steemit community with upvotes and resteems of great content which is really adding value to this platform, but in order to grow and be able to offer MORE SUPPORT, @theluvbug needs your help - with upvotes and resteems of the latest curation announcements on that profile.


Oh that is fantastic news!

There are so many steemians who could use an association with such a powerful and supportive family not just on STEEM but every social media platform. There is such good content and dedication among many people on my follow list that I know we will be adding really good people to our ranks.


Power House Creatives Logos FINAL.png

YAYNESS!!!! haha and a happy new year to you too @zekepickleman! It is going to be a good one!

I love that the community has evolved into an "umbrella" brand for all our online venues! Re-Steemed, and all that good stuff!

@krazzytrukker this is the rebranded version of "Steemit Bloggers." If you're serious about building a following for yourself and the traveling kitties, here's your opportunity!

Thank you as always for your supportive feedback @denmarkguy :)

Thanks @denmarkguy, going thru the Appl process now.

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I like the connections from all over the world.
Glad to be part of this neat team.
Keep on postin

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Appreciate the positive input :)

2018 found Steemit Blogger a great group where everyone tows the line, shares, comments, write great posts well worth sharing.

Meeting new online friends I would never hesitate to mention #powerhousecreatives as a magnificent place to be.

Thanks @jaynie and @zord189 keep #theluvbug going....

Thank you lovely @joanstewart! xxx

Thank you! 😊

I Wonder who Will join us this year, RESTEEMED
My dear😉

Lots of amazing people no doubt! - Thanks hon! ;)

looking forward to the creative future

Me toooooo :)

You think my content would be good enough?🤔

Yep for sure.......but i am not jaynie. Just try we Will love you regardless😉

Will apply later when I have some time for a proper writing. This week is kinda booked 🤔
Good to know there will be love anyhow coming from both sides! 😍


Looking forward to receiving your application @guchtere :)

It is wonderful to see a community working on breaking out of the Steem bubble.

Thank you!!! And yes absolutely... It is time to stretch those wings!

I can see you've been working so hard to have the Power House Creatives discord channel set up so well. I'm over the moon about being able to join you now. Thanks so very much. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

My absolute pleasure hon! Love that you are a part of the family :D

I love being part of this family! Not only has this helped me to build a following and really engage with folk on @steemit, but they have rescued me when I ran into trouble from a hacker last year. I would not have coped without the help of these caring folk.

And we get great exposure and noticed by other important Steemit communities.

@kiligirl, @tim-beck and @papilloncharity this may be a community you might consider joining - you all write great posts and @papilloncharity I know you are always looking for funds for your good causes.

Thank you SO MUCH @fionasfavourites! It never gets old reading all the awesome things you guys have to say about us haha!!! MWAH! And thanks too for the shoutouts!

Best community ever. The rules are strict, but are there for a reason. If you think you have the quality and commitment, we'd love to have you with us!

WHIPPPP hehehehe ;) MWAH!

Oh you KNOW it!!! MWAH!!!

A community with amazing people and talent. The support is amazing and you just need to do your part in return. Going strong and evolving. I can proudly say that the #powerhousecreatives is my family here in Steemit.

MWAH! Thank you @watersnake101!!! What a lovely testament!!

Nothing can be better than being at a safe place where everyone is caring and look after you. I am quite blessed to have join such great community where feeling and people matters most rather than rewards. ...a true community group which give genuine feedback...... Thanks @jaynie...

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And I am so glad that you jumped on board last year @steemflow! Love having you with us!

What can I say except...

We evolve from awesome to awesomeness. I am soooooo glad to be in this awesomeness with the rest of the fam😉

AWESOMENESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS hahaha!!! Love you angel!

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Thank you for the details, it helped a lot. And, thank you @janton for sharing this post :)

Pleasure! And yes, thank you very much @janton :)

@janton is the actual powerhouse here :)

oh no, I'm just a bit player here but happy to support the real players!

ai ai.... stop being so modest :P

haha :D here you go @janton

lol. oh man...there are tremendous movers and shakers here, I'm not one of them guys! lol.

hahahha luckily I don't know any so for me you are the best American mover and shaker, let's go man :D

Thank You for the Opportunity to join. I hope to bring the interesting, sometimes strange, gypsy like lifestyle of the Over the Road Trucker to light. And of course a few cat photos....

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Looking forward to it!!! I love interesting and strange ;)

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I'm interested in joining Powerhouse Creatives, but I'm fuzzy on what it is. A support community? I need community, and I need support, and to support. What's involved?

Hi :) Well you pretty much summed it up right there lol. The members of our community are actively involved on a daily basis when it comes to support. We have several support systems and activities in place and as long as you are willing to jump on board then you will quickly learn just how valuable our little community is! If you are still interested, then y all means pop in to the server linked above :) here we go. You have to apply! 💓💜🎉

Thanks a lot mew mew :)

It's not working. But don't worry. I'll find it somehow :D

Just found this, following, first a comment and then a post by @allyinspirit. Instantly fell in love with her photography and by reading her blog a bit, I was reminded of powerhousecreatives again.

@jaynie, i know our paths have crossed a time or two here on steemit and I am more and more becoming aware of the quality of your engagement around here and else where. So, I was wondering if you would have any interest to have me in your group, but unfortunately, the invitation link here seems to have expired.

Please let me know, if you have a spot for visual artists (painters), like me and if there is any way where I can apply to become a member of your awesome community.

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