The Race is On!!! Support @steemitbloggers aka @Powerhousecreatives

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Just a Few Hours Left!!

There are only a few hours left to cast your vote for the 10K delegation from @theycallmedan
Vote Here

As you know, the @freewritehouse decided to throw our support behind the Steemitbloggers as soon as it became clear that with combined efforts, one of us can win! The @steemitbloggers (powerhousecreatives) were not only way ahead but are also a community with the same principals we have in our freewrite community:

  • support each other
  • be nice to each other
  • be inclusive

We like that!!

Other communities have also stepped up in support of the Steemitbloggers.

Right now, they are in first place. but let's rally and consolidate the lead. If you haven't voted yet - do so now!!
Every vote counts!

Here is the full link to the poll in case you are wary on clicking on links you can't see

Vote for Steemitbloggers!


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Thank you!!!!!! MWAH

#PowerHouseCreatives to WIN! :)

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Thank you so much @mariannewest #PowerHouseCreatives

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