Who ON EARTH  are the #powerhousecreatives (@steemitbloggers)?

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The #Powerhousecreatives are individuals from all over the world, this big, beautiful, wonderfully diverse planet called Earth. Where you live, your nationality, is not relevant to being a member: your commitment is.


We believe in cooperation, we believe in interaction, we believe in supporting each other, we believe in the power of community.

We believe in Steem.

We promote the steem blockchain on other networks, and work hard to ensure our members produce quality posts that people want to see more of.

We do a lot.

But we think we can do more.

And that is where YOU can help.

We have the opportunity to win a delegation of 10,000 SP for a year.

we just need YOUR vote

If you haven’t voted yet, please follow the instructions, below.

How to vote?

1 Click the below link.

2 Login to steemconnect

3 Select 'steemitbloggers'

4 And you're done!!


Come and join us!

If you want to join the #powerhousecreatives check out this post:


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Yes we are a great community!! We need all of you to vote!!

To be honest I still do not know who they are and where they make a difference

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Okay. I am one of them. Basically, they are a bunch of people who visit a discord server everyday, hang out a bit and say hi (kind of optional) and then go and visit each others posts and give them an upvote and a comment (at least 2 every day is what is required, but usually we do more than that). It encourages commenting not just upvoting, and interaction amongst members. It's a great way to meet interesting people, and you end up following them and then you see the posts they resteem from outside of the group too. Anything good happening in the steem network gets brought to peoples attention too so they can check that out. No spam allowed, no crap posts.

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Thanks for explaining, pity enough my connection is so damned slow there are hours or days I cannot load a post at all to read or comment 😭

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Oh no! That must be so frustrating! We are lucky, although we live in a rural area it is well connected.

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