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#teammalaysia pre-CNY Meetup

This week has been all about rally, rally and rally for the 10k SP delegation contest organised by @theycallmedan so I've also decided to rally the team, #teammalaysia for a final meetup before we all head away for our Chinese New Year holidays which was set to be on the 2nd February. Most of the core team members managed to come, @bitrocker2020, @superoo7, @awesomianist, @joannewong, @elizacheng, littlenewthings and @davidke20. I have also just flown back to my hometown and reached this afternoon and now that my parents are asleep, I can carry on my duty on discord rallying people for the contest with my beloved community, #powerhousecreatives.

A lovely non expensive Thai restaurant

The signature meals

Oh there were also set meals so I chose the Set E which was the Moo Kra Thiam (Fried Pork Slices in Garlic Sauce). Boy, was it delicious,the small pieces of pork meat had so much flavour with just a bite, it kept me wanting more. The set meals came with drinks and dessert too. All at a price of RM16.90 (4.5usd). Pretty cheap for a full set. I also ordered their famous pork patties which was more like a snack for us to share.

Moo Kra Thiam

famous pork patties

Thai santan dessert

I'm sure some of you guys would also know, Malaysians are well known for the people just loving their food. Whenever there's a meetup, there's bound to be food, whenever after a meeting, there will be meals after that. Basically everything we do would involve food and that makes us happy.

In the mall we were in, there was a pretty decent dessert shop that had Durian cream puffs. A friend of mine introduced this to me a few years ago and every time I get to come here, I would go buy a box of it.

Durian puffs

We would probably have another Chinese New Year meetup with the team after we all come back from vacation. This week has been a really hectic yet fulfilling and humbling week for me. I am in awe just looking at how selfless many Steemians are at being able to throw their priorities aside just to support the @steemitbloggers (AKA #powerhousecreatives). And during this meetup, I am thinking how lucky I am to be in all these wonderful communities and I'm looking forward to continue my Steemit journey with these amazing people.

David & Goliath

In this recent delegation contest, despite our numbers, we have proven that our members are some of the most amazing people that CAN beat all odds on the Steem blockchain. These are the leaders that you actually want here. The #powerhousecreatives consists some of the MOST DEDICATED members on the steem blockchain and we will not give up without putting up a good fight. Over the days, we have impacted the blockchain, we have grinded and rallied some of the most amazing people here and most importantly, we have united with many other amazing communities who are much deserving as well. My doubt was cleared, eyes only on the goal. I knew that with @jaynie leading the team and with every member pushing their very best, we WILL no doubt impact and touch grounds with many of the impossibles one can imagine. What humbled me the most was when the other communities have actually rallied up with us. With that, I would like to thank these communities with much appreciation and gratitude.

A BIG Thank You

@scrooger, founder of @qurator

Post Here : Qurator is stepping back from the dpoll race, vote for @steemitbloggers

@mariannewest, founder of @freewritehouse

Post Here : A Message of support and cooperation from The @FreewriteHouse to our friends, #PowerHouseCreatives @steemitbloggers

@paradise-found, founder of @gratefulvibes

@derekrichardson, founder of @socalsteemit

@voronoi & @hansikhouse, founder of @sndbox

@danieldoughty, founder of @steemxp

@alaikaabdullah, member of #indonesia

@algo.coder, founder of @share2steem

and my apologies if I have missed any other communities. We as a community are super grateful and this day will not be forgotten.

Now, we have arrived in its final days of the poll and I would like to make a FINAL plea here to vote and support @steemitbloggers to win 10k SP delegation. Currently, we are only sitting around 2k sp and this 10k sp delegation will be a huge boost and will add value support to the best content creators on steem.

The 10k Steem Power delegation Post from @theycallmedan - which you can read about HERE.

How to vote?

1. Click the below link.

2. Login to steemconnect (PLEASE DO THIS FIRST)

3. Select 'steemitbloggers'

4. And you click vote!!

Vote here:


Let's take it ALL THE WAY!!!!

Thank You

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And @zord189 a big THANK YOU to you for all your hard work. I hope that you manage to have a bit of rest while you are with your family. And I hope that the new year brings you everything you hope for and more.

Hello teammalaysia! Happy advance cny to you @zord189.

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Thank you for your time effort love heart to rally... Eh yes, now you reminded me I haven't made a post from my favourite esteem app. Lol... I😉

Happy CNY and have a great one at hometown.

I see so many familiar faces!! Just wished I could eat with you 😄 I am all about food too 😂

🎊 🎉 Happy Chinese New Year!!