"Be Legend In Your Time" ... 10,000 STEEM Delegation: Vote for SteemitBloggers

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Be Legend In Your Time 

If you were dared to do a thing,
A thing the world would see,
A thing the world would know was yours,
That thing, what would it be? 

Win or lose, this thing you'd choose,
Of you it will define,
It's how you'll be remembered,
Your fate to it consigned. 

Suppose you chose to words compose,
What then would you write,
What would you say, and in what way,
Would fire your words ignite? 

Would you be the peer of Ol' Shakespeare,
Would you dare to aim that high,
You'd risk the jeers of those who'd sneer,
Despite them, would you try? 

Would you dare to strive for greatness,
Be Legend in Your Time,
Would you dare to be immortal,
Would you dare to be sublime? 

Or would you do as all but few,
And do the lesser thing,
Good enough, but never great,
Make sounds but never sing? 

Needs not the world more middling prose,
Nor more of middling men,
What still it needs are those who'd lead,
Who'd risk a Master's Pen. 

So go, my friend; go risk a poem,
Others, they'll write the prose,
The world enhance, go take a chance,
Go, my friend ... compose.  


And ... the Great @theycallmedan 10,000 STEEM Delegation SlugFest continues. The members of Nominee Groups, effectively down to three, are scrambling: Posting; commenting; resteeming; convincing; cajoling; coercing; bribing and outright begging ... friends and strangers alike ... for their Poll Votes.

This is how the sausage is made. 

Well, let me not depart from your expectations nor deprive you of groveling: VOTE for SteemitBloggers (recently re-branded as the Power House Creatives). Please, I beg of you. What do you want? A Yellow Lambo ... you've got it.

Qurator ... A Class Act

Earlier today, one of the other Top 10 Nominee Groups, @qurator, bowed out and asked its members who hadn't yet voted to support SteemitBloggers. An extract from my comment on their Announcement Post:

Now that's ... class.

Thank you for this selfless gesture. Your commentary was correct ... this would indeed mean a great deal to our group, the Power House Creatives (SteemitBloggers). We are a small group (95) of creators with a singular purpose ... Create Great Content.

And, sometimes, we feel like fools because of it.

Creating Great Content requires expending a lot of time and effort. In an era of endemic vote manipulation, sometimes one wonders, "Why bother?"

One man, gives not another man honor.
Nor, may another take it away.
Honor, and dishonor ... is something we do for ourselves.

We, the Members of The Power House Creatives (SteemitBloggers) humbly ask for your support as well.



How To Vote

  1. Click this Link 
  2. When asked, Login to steemconnect
  3. Select "steemitbloggers"

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Are you composing in the Steemit interface? It seems that eSteem Surfer is being obstinate (though they're blaming it on SteemConnect).



Hey Block.

Yeah, the basic Steemit UI. I had 2 days worth of problems trying to get onto SteemConnect in order to Poll Vote for this contest.



I tried copying/pasting my code from the eSteem Surfer app (all Markdown) into the Steemit UI and it didn't look right. It was giving me a scroll bar. I even cleaned it by pasting it into Notepad first. Nope. Same thing. Then I stuck it in Busy and had no issues.

From one day to the next, I have to move from one app to another. I don't understand why.



Hey Block ... you have more patience than I do. I just use Steemit's basic UI ... and complain bitterly about it.

Better the Devil you know, than the Devil you don't.



I figured out very quickly that Steemit's UI wasn't going to cut it for me. If that's all I had, I'd have given up on this platform a long time ago. It's an awful interface. When I learned about Busy, I went there. It was better, but not perfect. Tolerable. Then I learned about eSteem Surfer and fell in love with it. I'm a Desktop app kind of guy from a long ways back. It burns my hide that Microsoft killed Outlook Express and now I have to use Gmail in the cloud. It frustrates me to no end when things work great one day then won't work at all the next. I'd use SteemPress for every post except that there are some things I don't want on my business blog. The day is coming, however, when I'll build a site just for posting to Steemit and use SteemPress for all my posts. Quickly coming.

Great poem and I also gave steemitbloggers a vote hope they can get 50 more.



Thank you so much. Every vote counts and we're fighting for them one at a time. Have you seen this poem yet?:



Beautifully said. 💜



Thank you. It's one of my favorite poems ... that I wrote anyway. :-)

What do you think of this one?



Great poem @quillfire.
I think you are our legend now...



The Power House Creatives ... Legends in the Making.


So good
A wordmeister you are

Good enough, but never great,
Make sounds but never sing?

This is who they are voting for
The likes of you
A brilliant mind, a word wizard
Sigh... a 100 to get over the first hurdle and then to keep going because the others won't stop either...
Can we do it?
Of course, it is anybody's game until the bell goes
Now it is for all those who haven't cast a vote as yet



SteemitBloggers (Power House Creatives) is not a "country block" ... it is an idea, an ideal, an insight. Reflex voting for flags requires little in the way of self-reflection. Voting for a concept, does.

That said, nothing inspires human beings more than seeing other human beings fight for a thing. What is it this thing that so motivates these lunatics ... or, perhaps ... luminaries? Why do they go to so much trouble? Don't they understand that they're massively outnumbered?

Respect is earned ... and earning it always hurts.

Fight on Kaer. No surrender.

(Less than 20% of active authors have voted for anyone. More than 80% remain.)



Wow... 80% have not? That's crazy....
We march til the end :D

Wonderful poem, my friend

@steemitbloggers has evolved! We are now the #PowerHouseCreatives

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The Power House Creatives ... 99% of being a Legend is deciding that you're willing to pay the price to become one.

Brothers and Sisters ... No Surrender.


As always, lovely poem. Are you currently taking requests? I'd love to see one titled, "The Great SlugFest." 😊😊😊



Hi Jen.

"The Great SlugFest."

You know, I've never seen anything like it. About a SlugFest poem ... I'm not sure. It's not a genre I typically deal with. Of course, neither is farting. :-)

Fest does rhyme with a number of useful, and apropos, words that just jump to mind when thinking about life on Steemit: Stressed; distressed; depressed ... you get the idea.

I'll have to let it peculate a bit. :-)

Whales take note: A 10,000 STEEM (USD $3,300) Delegation for a year ... and this is the result.

THIS contest redefines the word ENGAGEMENT.



Fest - dressed, best, behest, blessed....just in case you ran out of ideas. :-D

Ah, @quillfire! You legend...

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Da Vinci, Shakespeare ... Weber.



Ha! She guffaws behind her fan!

Congratulations @quillfire! You received a personal award!

Happy Birthday! - You are on the Steem blockchain for 1 year!

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Support SteemitBoard's project! Vote for its witness and get one more award!



Irony ... this poem was included in my IntroPost exactly one year ago. Things have come full circle.


Hello @quillfire, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

I'm sad I never got a chance to read this dazzling display of Quillfire appealing. Here we are, 24 hours after the poll finished and we put up an incredible fight but hats off and congratulations to the winners.

But even more awesome is that all was not lost as we now have had a fantastic show of generosity from Blue Mist who has delegated 10,000SP over for the next 6 months. For a small group of 95 mad hatters, we have held ourselves high and the stoic effort of Jaynie, Zord and the rest of the gang has not gone unnoticed.

Proud to be a part of it all and never have I posted more blogs or resteemed more in such a short space of time!