What is stronger than the human heart? Power House Creatives. Ephemeral Art. Original Photography.

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What is stronger.
Than the human heart.
That shatters over and over.
And yet still lives.

~Rupi Kaur.


I can still see your eyes. Windows to a Soul.
Are you still searching for golden rainbows?


Our love lies frozen. Forever?
Or momentarily in a fragment of time.

Ephemeral Art and Photography: ©Alison Lee Cousland.
SONY Mark2 A7: 35 mm.

Power House Creatives.

Late last year, when I first saw the Steemit Blogger's Banner on @thereikiforest's posts, I fell in love with the banner and then somewhere between Instagram and Steemit, I connected with Jaynie because I loved her attitude to life, as well as photography and writing. And there it was again on @jaynie's posts ~ That beautiful aqua banner.

Curious now, I looked at some of the posts by other members of Steemit Bloggers and was immediately impressed by the high quality of the content in their articles. And although my immediate thought was: 'But, I'm not a writer' I found myself reading the requirements of becoming a Steemit Bloggers' member and applied. However, at that time Steemit Bloggers was already in transition and not accepting new members.

And then two weeks ago Jaynie let me know that I'd been accepted into the Power House Creatives. I was SO happy and shared my excitement in Violet Haze.

I received so many wonderful welcoming messages from members of the Power House Creatives and was immediately struck by the comments from these people, in that they were all GENUINE.


To everyone who truly cares about QUALITY CONTENT on Steemit.

Ten days ago Dan @theycallmedan posted a Poll: 10k STEEM Delegation Poll.

Steemit Bloggers aka Power House Creatives was one of the 10 groups selected to go into the final Voting Poll.

Until a day or so ago I was really optimistic about the energy of members of the Power House Creatives taking Steemit Bloggers right to the very top of the Poll.

However, all is not fair in love and war in the Steemiverse.

PLEASE READ A Case for Stake-weighted Voting?

With Power House Creatives being so clearly disadvantaged:

Whether you are a Power House Creatives member or not:

IT'S TIME. ~Gough Whitlam.

IT'S TIME to show the Steemiverse the wish we have for honesty and integrity by showing our support for Power House Creatives and voting for Steemit Bloggers.


1 Click HERE.
2 When asked, Login to Steemconnect.
3 Select 'SteemitBloggers.'
4 And that's it.

Not a member of Power House Creatives yet
And still wondering why you should vote for them?

99% of our members are VERY actively involved in plenty of other key communities and their increased earnings would obviously follow through to these places and spaces in terms of upvotes and general support to the members of this platform that really deserve it. ~Jaynie.

In my next article, I'll introduce you to nTopaz and my new role as Curator of Photography at nTopaz.

JOIN nTopaz
ABOUT nTopaz
STEEMIT @ntopaz

💎 S H I N E 💎 Y O U R 💎 L I G H T 💎

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We're so close @allyinspirit! I feel the win coming closer!! We can do it!! 🙏

Congrats on your new role as well Dear. Looking forward to hearing more about it as I'm not familiar with that community yet. 💕

Happy Friday & Happy February SiStar! Lots of Love 💖 #PowerHouseCreatives 💪

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It actually IS coming closer now April. All things are possible.

I'd seen a few artists using the nTopaz tag and my curiosity was aroused. I had felt that it was more for drawing and painting than photography, but joined in preparation for sharing my (still on the way) drawing and paintings.

But nTopaz is expanding to include photography, video and music now and wanted curators in those areas ~ So I applied. I'll go into more detail in my next post.

I hope you're having a beauty filled week-end. I saw an art installation today that was pretty spectacular. Was only able to take a few photographs, so I'll have to go back another time. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Your art is beautiful as always and so delicate.

This is all so exciting. I've happily joined @ntopaz, though I'm still not certain if I am meant to go and post in ntopaz as well as Steemit?

Good luck I know you can get there with the votes.


I'm still only very new to nTopaz. I knew it can be very simple but I'm still trying to simplify the process Donna. At the moment I edit in Markdown at Steemit (because I like it) and take a copy of that. Then go to nTopaz and upload the first image of my article and copy the rest of my Markdown into the nTopaz editor.

After posting at nTopaz, and it's automatically posted to Steemit, I do any slight readjustments to the article back at Steemit.

Are you in the Power House Creatives group already? If not, I think you would love it. Initially I had the impression that it was mainly for writers, but there are lots of visual and audio artists making their way there too. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Your post is so beautifully formatted, I am glad that you adapt so well to the nTopaz’s interface.
The poem and the photos give wonderful positivity that will cheer me through the day. Have a lovely day, Ally.

I love ephemeral art and actually believe that all art is ephemeral in one way or another. Capturing the monent and create only a memory is new as an art form but the innovations in photography and communication made it possible and i see it gaining a lot of ground in the next years. Have a nice and creative weekend @allyinspirit:)

Everything is just beautiful and perfect!!

Hello @allyinspirit, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!