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FREE Personalised Steemit Signature, Limited Time Offer (T&C applies)

How to get your FREE Steemit Signatures?

This is a special campaign to celebrate Chinese New Year and also to support my community, @steemitbloggers (AKA #powerhousecreatives) in a recent contest to get 10K SP Delegation by @theycallmedan. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, I've decided to create these exclusive signatures for you all as an 'angpow' (Chinese Red Packet). All you have to do is these simple steps and you get a SIGNATURE FOR FREE!
Vote for 'Steemitbloggers' in the dpoll contest.

Photo by @zord189

How to vote?

  1. Click the below link.

  2. Login to steemconnect(YOU MUST DO THIS FIRST before voting)

  3. Select 'steemitbloggers'

  4. And click vote!!

5.Proceed to steps to redeem your signature below this post.

Vote here: https://dpoll.xyz/detail/@theycallmedan/which-steem-project-should-i-delegate-10k-steempower-to-for-1-year/

This campaign is only applicable to Steemians who have voted for 'steemitbloggers' when this post is announced and will last until 2nd February 2019. Your Signatures will be delivered after Chinese New Year that is after 9th February. Each Steemian is entitled to ONE redemption only.

Please visit @zord189 original post here for instructions on receiving your FREE signature

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As always, thanks for the support @paradise-found!!

I've always been a fan of @jaynie!! 💖
Good luck in the contest, I'm doing what I can.
Bear Hugs!!

MWAH!!!!! It ALLLLL HELPS!!! Thank you so much for the efforts @paradise-found!

I would like to be here too, thanks for your support.

Brilliant support @paradise-found. Very much appreciated.

Lets keep this thing going!!


Thanks for sharing this! I resteemed too

Hello my friend! :D
I tried to vote but not sure if it went through or not, didn't see any message confirming my vote...maybe there isn't one?
Hopefully it worked though. :D
God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

You need to click the "continue" on the message box that comes up.

I must have done it right because I went back to see it and the vote button is washed out for me now, it wasn't yesterday. :D

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THANK YOU so much @paradise-found for your extra support in posting this shoutout! Indeed feeling the #gratefulvibes :)

@paradise-found Your help always be there for everyone. I love your spirit Papa Bear....
Really commendable