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Congratulations to the following 10 projects that were nominated for a chance at a one year 10k Steem power delegation! - Reference:

Top Ten Nominations:

  1. Powerhousecreatives aka @steemitbloggers - 57
  2. @Votovzla - 48
  3. @team-cn - 48
  4. @Spunkeemonkee - 35
  5. @Actifit - 33
  6. @Dsound - 31
  7. @Freewritehouse - 25
  8. @Qurator - 23
  9. @Crowdmind - 20
  10. @SteemNurse - 16

Spreadsheet of all the people that voted for each one; all duplicated have been removed:


Thank you for all that nominated these great projects. The Dpoll will last one week and will be released shortly for voting. Good luck!

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Congrats @team-cn~

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Congratulations I wish you more success


Great job, congratulations!

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Congratulations for the nominations. Hopefully your work can motivate other steemians. Thank you to @theycallmedan for making the event.

I lost the chance to vote my favorite project 😥😥
But thank you for this amazing event

Congratulations, almost wins @votovnzla for next time \o/

Oh what an honor to win this great contest, a joy for Venezuela, thank you for doing this great contest.

I vote again for @votovzla, this project deserve it so much.

So glad @votovzla got to the top 10 nominated, hopefully it'll receive the delegation and keep doing its great work with the community!

Congratulations on the 10 nominations. Excellent!
Greetings . 😊@theycallmedan

Yeh my favourite @actifit is also hear....

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Congrats to all successful accounts and projects/ I trust that the SP delegated would be put effective and judicious use which has the growth of STEEM in mind.

Thanks @theycallmedan for this gesture.

congratulations to the winners, the greatest of the successes, for something they are here, continue to develop that great work they do

congratulations to all the projects .. BUT.. I wont lie.. it's @spunkeemonkee that gets my attention.

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Ahhh I missed to vote due to some family function....but not anymore.....will make it voted at dpoll...


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Tricky as there are so many good causes on there that I want to vote for. I know which one I will vote for, but I will feel bad for the others...

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