What Would YOU Do if YOU won 10,000SP?

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What would you do if you won a 10,000sp delegation for one year?

Would you use it for the GOOD of the Steem blockchain? Would you use it to the benefit of everyone, no matter of nationality, or which part of the world they happen to live in?

#PowerHouseCreatives (aka @Steemitbloggers) will use the delegation to continue to improve the quality of posts, interaction amongst steemians and offer encouragement to positive and dedicated steem folk!

We are an international team of steemians from all walks of life, with different approaches (and interests) to blogging and steeming... the things we ALL agree on is what we post on Steem MUST be quality content, and that we should interact, comment and support our fellow steemians!

We KNOW we enrich the Steem blockchain and we BELIEVE we can do more! MUCH MORE!

But we need your help!



@steemitbloggers won the nomination round for the 10k Steem Power delegation from @theycallmedan - which you can read about HERE.

Now, the REAL race begins and they need your help to WIN!!!

If you support the steem blockchain then please support the @STEEMITBLOGGERS (aka #powerhousecreatives)!

Show them some love with your vote and possibly a resteem of this post to spread the word far and wide!

How to vote?

1 Click the below link.

2 Login to steemconnect

3 Select 'steemitbloggers'

4 And you're done!!



Let's take it ALL THE WAY for them! And for ALL OF US!

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Well done!!



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Awesome effort to make it happen....we can do our best to make it real

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Let's make it real!!

PHC Creator thank you for this .....


Thank you!

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We are on a mission