Steemit Friends - PLEASE vote for @steemitbloggers to win a 10k Steem Power delegation!

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WHOO HOO! After a tense first round, the @steemitbloggers community (aka #powerhousecreatives) won the nomination round for the 10k Steem Power delegation from @theycallmedan! You can check out the deets at this link over on Steemit.

Now it's time for the final round, which will determine the winner. There are many AWESOMESAUCE communities nominated, but unfortunately...


The reason I'm throwing all my support behind the Steemit Bloggers (now known as The Power House Creatives) fam bam is because they are just that - my family.

I joined a little over a year ago after @jaynie commented on one of my posts, and invited me to the Discord server. Bad gamer that I am, I'd never done the Discord chatting thing before, and prior to her invite, I'd been hesitant to jump in.

However, two seconds after clicking the button, I found myself surrounded by AMAZING bloggers, photographers, artists, vloggers, sports enthusiasts, crypto enthusiasts... the list goes on and on!

Since that time, I've seen this community come together to support each other in a bazillion different ways - including (which is the reason for the name change to "Power House Creatives") on platforms other than Steemit. We're now lifting each other up on Weku, Whaleshares, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... you get the picture! 😊


So if you're on the Steemit platform and you want to show your support for @steemitbloggers/#powerhousecreatives, here's how you vote -

1 Click the below link.
2 Login to steemconnect
3 Select 'steemitbloggers'
4 And you're done!!

Oh, and for those not familiar with the platform, essentially getting a delegation of this size will increase the amount of support the Steemit Bloggers/Power House Creatives can show to the community!




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Thank you!!!!!!!


I'm confident...


Nice to meet you, confident - I'm hopeful. 😊



WAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! Well played!


We are so gonna get this!


That's the plan, @fionasfavourites! And given how many good things are happening for you lately, I don't doubt that this will be another one to add to your list! 😉 😊 💜


Well, perhaps I've turned a corner. And we will win that poll!

Fingers crossed @traciyork


Keep pushing!!!

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You got it, @heyimsnuffles! 😊

Wonderful encouragement for anyone who hasn't voted yet Traci.

Just had a peep at the poll and it's SOOOO close. I couldn't see a deadline anywhere. Do you know? ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Thanks so much, @allyinspirit! And the post started on January 27th at 3:31am Eastern Standard Time, so exactly seven days from then would be Sunday, February 3rd at 3:31am. Biting my nails until then!