Freak Weather in Bucharest

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This is my third winter in Bucharest and I have never witnessed anything quite like the last few days.

This is a link to a news item about it. Here

The temperature had increased from the -8 level that it was about a week ago and hovered around the 0 to 1 degree level. Add to this the rainfall that we were getting and the mix was unbelievable. Everything had what can only be described as a coating of glass.

A friend who understands things of a meteorological nature explained to me that the rain, whilst falling, was already technically frozen but still remained in a liquid state. When the rain hit a surface, whether floor, tree, car etc, instantly altered its molecular structure and change to a solid (ice). The results were beautiful and deadly.

Photo from AndreaC

Photo from AndreaC


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Back to the weather!

It looks absolutely amazing and the image opportunities were incredible but it came with some downside. The trees, of which there are many in Bucharest, were wilting under the strain of all the water that had remained on the trees by being frozen. The pathways were pretty dangerous too.

Photo from AndreaC

Photo from AndreaC

Here are a selections of photos taken in this crazy weather in bucharest by a friend of mine, Silviu. Silviu has a photography business in Bucharest, Romania called Art of Shooting. Website link here







I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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I like how you shared your journey that you've found home with us! We are glad to have you on the team as well man! You've done great things!


Thanks @zord189 That means a lot.

I've seen one of my friends slide in the same spot for 2 minutes in Romania.

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Hey @organduo

It's been crazy. It's usually colder but I guess that's part of the problem.

All clear now though.

Cheers, Gaz

Amazing photo bro

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Thanks @frassman

I can see through these photos that it is indeed beautiful but dangerous.


Thanks @steembake

They are quite dramatic!

Beautiful photos!

#powerhousecreatives to WIN

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We are winners, just not in the dpoll!

@cheese4ead, beautiful pictures. Where are you from originally?

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Thanks @cryptospa

I'm from Bristol, England.


Enjoy your stay in Bucharest.

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Thanks @cryptospa

I will probably be here a few more years yet. Do you live in Bucharest?

I just came by with this comment to thank you for all the work in the challange,
i am going to all our communityblogs and express my feelings after just finding out that we won and we have to thank @bluemist for that but i also want to say that i as a member appreciated all you did for the contest, and to say your an awsome member and PHCfriend,
Blog you soon,
Gr. Britt


I appreciate that big time @brittandjosie

You did a wonderful job too. I really think that we can all kick on from this and that PHC is healthier than ever.



I think it was a test and we showed the steemisfere that we belong here

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