No Eye Dilation & looking for support

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Greetings my lovely Steemians,

Did you know you don't have to get your eyes dilated anymore?

Instead, they take a photo of each retina.

The nice thing is when I get my eyes checked again they still have a photo for the past.

"Readers" glasses ready in 10 days. I am so happy. They told me it has been 5 years since checking my eyes.

My reading glasses. Check out the bling on the side. I know, right?

Finally, we see the sun in Nebraska. It has been below zero for days and really cold. The arctic front will pass as they all do.

Photo from my table of beautiful sunshine

Yes, I am at Starbucks getting a post out. They ask for a name so they can call out when your drink is ready. I told them to call me boss. Sure felt good to hear them say, "Here it is boss." lol

I sitting pretty much to the end of this long bar filled with baristas.

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@rebeccabe thanking you for viewing my post and wishing you much success in whatever your creative endeavor is.

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Steem on and live long!
Your friend @rebeccabe


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I was surprised that they did this as well! I remember the days of having my eyes dilated... and not really being able to see much for the rest of the day as your eyes were permanently focussed on the horizon! .... and in Australia, the light from the Sun is sooooooo bright... it hurt...


Hey @bengy...
I paid instead of using the insurance so they would not dilate my eyes. So worth it.
If you dilate then they give you some temporary sunglasses.
One day I want to see the Australia sun, on my bucket list.

Hey Boss, lol, that's some nice "bling" on those new glasses! Thanks for supporting @steemitbloggers. We can totally win this!!


thank YOU!
lol, I know the boss is what my husband sometimes calls me. Not meaning he is budging, just being rhetorical as my guy.

Although it was nice to hear the barista say and now read it from you. lol

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thank you... love the support!

Congratulations))) And I prefer to call my nickname!))


probably best that way. I was making a joke with them.

haha! great job Boss, I like your style, that's hilarious! Good you got some sunshine finally. Great looking glasses.


Thanks it is so nice to write this and be able to see better. i am wearing them now.


yay! Well good glasses like that are a real blessing aren't they? Thank God for them and for that glasses place!

The nice thing about this voting contest is you can be a whale or a tiny minnow and the votes all weigh the same. :)
Go for it!

I only heard it is possible to order glasses now at every drugstore in Holland too and delivered fast too. The opticians are not happy with it. Congrats with the glasses!

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Yes, computers are taking over everything. I did like having the choice on eye dilation.

Thank you for the post Boss! 😁


Lol you are welcome .. :)

I'm surprised they didn't yell, "Bruce Springsteen!" 😉


haha! I didn't think about that.

Those are really pretty reading glasses! Very classy looking, and I like the bling on the side! 😃


Oh, thank you @thekittygirl

Yo! Boss! Love that! I haven't had my eyes tested in 30 years. Used to have perfect vision now need readers. Complicated here in France to get your eyes tested, you can't just turn up at an opticians, you have to go to an opthimologist (not spelled right). Anyway, not many around here. Nor Starbucks (nearest one 2 hours!)

Let's hear it for the #PowerHouseCreatives!

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I went to the Eye doctor to get this done. I paid cash for the procedure for the photo of my retina as the insurance only pays for dilation. They test you for other things too during the exam.

Those glasses are readers but they are great because I didn't see as well out of the other readers. One eye's vision is stronger than the other. Anyway, I used cheap readers for years.