Why the Powerhouse Creatives ?

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I think we can all agree that what was formerly @steemitbloggers, is most certainly a powerhouse.  Ably lead by founder, @jaynie and by @zord189 who are followed by a merry, and committed band of less than 100, hailing from nearly 20 countries, we have achieved what few might have considered possible in @theycallmedan's dpoll.

You find out more about this poll by reading the original post here

Why creative?

Well, because we are, in our own ways, all creative.  It took me very long time to recognise that I had even a modicum of creativity.  I knew that there were certain things I could do quite well and others I was quite good at.  I must have been in my late 40's and certainly into my 50's when people started telling me that I was creative.  It made me think.  Now I accept that I am at least a little creative - in my writing - although not in the way that some folk are, like @byn who can write gripping stories, and @iamjadeline who can do the most awesome freewrites, let alone write poetry like @quillfire.  I can tell a good story, though, about stuff around me.  The comments on this post, suggest that people enjoy reading what I have written.  That has been a huge discovery.

 And then there's the cooking.  

I really do enjoy doing that, and over the last 18 months or so, I have grown in confidence having taken the leap by cooking in our home, The Sandbag House, for complete strangers.  Who tell the world that they enjoy it.  That was a first - and only two weeks ago.  

And to be part of a group of people who are equally but differently creative, artists like @drawmeaship, designers like our treasure, @jaynie, animator and video maker like @zord, musicians like @nickyhavey and @Bengy (also musicapoetica), as well as talented photographers like our resident witch, @traciyork.  I could go on and on, but rather, share their beautiful faces with you.

This a small, dynamic community and it's growing.  To grow and nurture more Steemians, the 10k delegation that @theycallmedan would really power up the Power House.  

Please help us win this delegation 

Click this link and then log in to Steemconnect and vote for @steemitbloggers, the "old" name for the #PowerHouseCreatives.

Thank you

Last but not least, if you'd like to become one of us, please check out this post

There it is - until next time

The Sandbag House McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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I am inspired and in awe every day as I look through the community posts and see such talent all around. Not just talent on its own, either, but backed by such a tremendous amount of heart and desire to give to the world and to others. Though we may all bring different things to the table, we learn from each other and are stronger together because of it! I don't think I have ever been more proud to be a member of a community than I am right now!

I agree. And that is why the best part of the last three days has been on this. Would you be so kind as to resteem @plantstoplanks?

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Resteeming now!!

@alaikaabdullah - there is a link in this post ;)