Monty Python and the Meaning of Contests

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Contest Mania!!!!


We are the bloggers who say.............. NEE

Just kidding. We are really the bloggers who say VOTE FOR US! I think sometimes we focus on what WE want and forget to explain why it's important, both to our audience (that's you) and to ourselves. So here you go, amid all the todo about voting for someone in @theycallmedan's 10K STEEM Delegation contest, I thought I'd take a step back and tell you why it's important.

What Is This Contest Anyway???

So a couple weeks ago, a person (whom I don't know) going by @theycallmedan posted a contest. He said he would delegate 10,000 steem to a worthy group for an entire year. That's massive. I know it's massive because recently, a fellow member of #powerhousecreatives (formerly #steemitbloggers) gave me a 100 steem delegation for a month. With this new found voting power I was able to engage much more with my community, post more frequently, and ultimately double the amount of steem power I started with (which was just under 100 if I recall correctly).

As you can easily imagine, 10,000 steem for an entire year would allow a community to do great and wondrous things. Perhaps we would even find the Holy Grail!


So Why Steemitbloggers AKA PowerHouseCreatives?

There are tons of great communities on steemit. I've had the pleasure to become acquainted with several, although I've not had the time to engage as fully as I would like.

  • We've got @kimzwarch and the #archisteem crew who are compiling a list of 1001 Places through the block chain.
  • There's the #minnowbootcamp who focus on giving newbies a hand up and support while getting started here.
  • @apolymask runs the #IFC channel- an awesome group of folks who engage in fun contests and building the steem marketplace.
  • #curie is a powerhouse in their own right that is committed to promoting excellent, original work on steemit.

And then there are the #powerhousecreatives, formerly well-known as the #steemitbloggers.

I stumbled upon this group by accident. I'd been doing my thing, writing my blog posts, and I got a comment from @jaynie that I should check out the #steemitbloggers. I'd been looking for ways to actively engage on steemit and wasn't having much luck, so I thought I'd check out this community.

It sounded hard.

There were rules. And standards. And not just anyone could get in.

*What is your name?
What is your favorite color?
What is the air speed velocity of an African swallow?

Ok, so it wasn't quite like that, but you get the idea. I was excited to attempt to join an exclusive - yet inclusive - group. @jaynie said the #steemitbloggers were a FAMILY and that they were TIGHTLY KNIT and PASSIONATE. I didn't know if I really believed all that, but I figured it was worth a shot.


Life on the Inside

I was accepted.

I joined the discord server where most of the action happens. I lurked at first, I won't lie. I've always been more of a lurker when it comes to chat rooms. But eventually, I started to engage. I noticed that members of the group were consistently commenting on my blog posts now, and they were actually saying things! It was much more than, "Hey man, nice post."

I loved it.

I started to engage with their posts more and I began chatting with folks in the discord as well. Let me tell you, these guys are involved with practically everything on the block chain! They are just as tight knit and passionate as @jaynie said they were. They get to know each other. They support each other.

When a member is having a hard time in real life, the community gets together and helps them. When a member needs something tangible in real life, the community rallies and assists them in getting what they need.

I'm sure there are other communities on the block chain who do this, and that is WONDERFUL! But this community is MY community and I want to see us win. We have a real chance at winning the 10K Steem delegation. As the underdog, it's impressive that we've managed to maintain 3rd place for as long as we have. We have fewer than 100 members, but have almost 500 votes. You see, we don't limit our support to just members of our group. We are who we are everywhere on the block chain. So when YOU need support, let us know.

It's what we do.

How to vote?

1. Click the below link.

2. Login to steemconnect

3. Select 'steemitbloggers'

4. And you're done!!

Here's the Link


Thank you in advance for your support.

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Oh, we are so the knights of "Nee!"

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Done, hope it helps


Oh, it helps! Thanks!!


Omg seriously one of the best I've seen yet SiStar.😋

Absoulutely On Point from humor to heartfelt. 💯

So thankful and honored to be in the #powerhousecreatives fam with you! 💃😘

We got this 💪💪💪

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I take it you are a Monty Python fan??

Love all the emojis! Do you use your phone to post? I don't know how to do emojis on the keyboard. :-(

Icky! Icky! Icky! Bazang! (Resteemed too)

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Ha yes!!!! Another Python fan!!!

I'm not a witch! This is not my nose!


Build a bridge out of ‘er!

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Its really hard work to get support. I appreciate your post. voting Done.
Win SB :)


Many thanks to you! We are soooooo close!


Thanks so much for supporting us last time, @trendingsam! We came SOOO close to winning, but fell short to the amazing Votovzla community. However, we're in the running again in Dan's new dpoll, and would love it if you could vote for us again before the poll closes later today. Fingers crossed we make it across the finish line in first place this time, and many thanks to you regardless. 😊

NEE is no in Dutch....... dont say no hahahaah
I love having you around and love the blog so resteemed dear,


Oooooh! No NEE saying here in that case!

Thank you for resteeming and making the group better by your presence. :-D


Thanks dear feeling is mutual

Expressed so well, runs well on passion @mattifer


Thank you! Passion is what makes life happen. :-D

What a beautiful post @mattifer!! Thank you!!!


Thank YOU for holding together a beautiful group!

Things, things, things... I feel a bit like I'm running out of ways to say just how awesome this group is, but then I realize I don't have to because everyone else keeps expressing just how I feel in even more eloquent ways than I can muster!


It's like an echo chamber, but with all new content all the time! :-D

This is a fun post. I love Monty Python. This brought back great memories. And, yes, I voted for Power House Creatives. I hope we win!


My childhood was filled with Monty Python references. Good times!

Thanks for voting and being part of the family. 😁😁😁

Well said @mattifer. I've had a brain lock or something when I try to write how I feel about this group. You said everything I have felt. Thank you 😊


I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. We are fortunate to be part of such a great community.

The comments on your post say it all - thank you.


Thank you! Comments really are quite telling. #powerhousecreatives does a great job with positive, authentic engagement. I love it!


Indeed - me too

What a week, what a team! #Powerhousecreatives rule!

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Nee! I have to re-watch this. When I am not being watched.

The most fun post on the topic goes to you F (this was a badge for fun post I just made up).


Ha! Thanks! I like to think outside of the box. :-) I'll proudly take that F. :-D



Almost took me off my horse with that.


clip clop, clip clop, clip clop

None shall pass!

Sounds like a really solid community deserving of the delegation. I sure hope you win it! :) Also I see you tagged me in here except I don't run the PALS network, you must be thinking of someone else? I'm guessing that was a typo or something.. I help run the IFC channel. Anyways.. Best of luck to you!! :)


Thanks!! Whoops, I got the name wrong. Bad form! I fixed it though. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

And I'm excited about season 2 of the IFC contest! :-) For anyone else who wants in on the action, find it HERE.