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It has been quite a week. It’s been a great week in so many ways - for me - and also for @steemitbloggers.

For me, on @steemit, I was privileged to be Curied with this post and then the good folk at @ghscollective asked to interview me.


Pop over and read and support them here.

And then @viking-ventures nominated one of my posts and invited me to join @pifc.


Pay it Forward is another supportive community on Steemit and “specialises" in redfish. You can read about the initiative here.

Many members of these communities are also part of the Power House Creatives, and for this group, and @jaynie, who is the reason I am on Steemit, it’s been a week and a half.

We are a bunch of fewer than 100, from 24 countries in the world.

We all blog in English although, for a good portion of us, it’s not our first language, and many of them do bilingual posts.

I have inordinate admiration for people who write in another language. A talent I cannot claim.

More than that, it’s for @jaynie that I have more than inordinate admiration.

I have known her for a long time. Before @steemit. Before we moved to McGregor. Before Jude. We clicked. One of the reasons we clicked is because of her honesty and tenacity. She says it like it is - often from the hip which - she will acknowledge - does sometimes get her into trouble. More importantly, it comes from the right place. Deep in a very big heart.

What she has done in this campaign to win a 10k delegation for the Power House Creatives has taken energy and tenacity - like no-one else I know. She and her trusty right hand man @zord189 have run a campaign that has been “out there”. It has been clean. I have watched her in our Discord channel reigning in people who, with the best intentions, want to do things that are a little (or more) borderline. Because she is ethical and would rather win the race fair and square, she will not countenance anything other than one-for-one votes, let alone "bribery". Anything or anyone out there doing otherwise has been without her blessing.

As a leader she is a hard, fair and benevolent taskmaster. Give your best, or as much as you can, and she gives you her all. Winning this delegation will not just mean the world to her, personally, but will have an enormous impact on our small band: it will allow us to grow and welcome new members. More importantly, the delegation, because of how the community works, will benefit every single member.

Including those who join in the days and months to come.

So, this is not for me, but for the community, and especially for @jaynie and @zord189

only a few hours left

please help by voting

use this link

log into steemconnect

pick @steemitbloggers

Normal programming will resume once we have one the 10k!

Thank you so much

There it is - until next time

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McGregor, South Africa

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What a week! Go you! Go #powerhousecreatives!

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And a half, @feltbuzz. We are so going to get this thing #powerhousecreatives!

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Yes thank you. Fixed

Dear Fiona its been a special week I advanced a few levels I think In the discords so much was said. But if honesty is rewarded and hard work is appreciated we cam celebrate but still a few hours left .... Nice to have you aboard also in @pifc one of My first loves, Thats were it All starts.
One request can I please come to yhe zandbak house? It look so cute ......


There is a place at our table in The Sandbag House - any time. Especially for the #PowerHouseCreatives family!


Gonna keep that invite close to the hart, and if............


You do that 😁

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One more vote for the group anyway. Best of luck.

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Thank you so much, @niallon. I know everyone of the @steemitbloggers appreciates that. Every vote counts. Literally


No worries. I've seen your group around and the work that ye do.

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Thank you!!!!!

This is such a wonderful writeup about who our founder and leader is. The #powerhousecreatives have gotten so far today with such quality because it radiates the visions and takes of the founder herself. She is in my life, one of the most respected person because she would not waiver even when arrows and venoms spew at her. She, like you mentioned, will stand her ground because she knows what's right.


Absolutely, @zord189 and I know that she wouldn't have been able to do it without you. I, like her, am so glad to have you as part of my life. And, The Husband is so wanting to meet you!!!


Quite right @fionasfavourites! I would totally LOST without @zord189and not only that - he is my balance... otherwise, well...cough - ya! :) haha


I would so hug you to death right now!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!

You know our leader in real life! Wow, that is a bundle of energy to be near...


Ah, yes @bengy. Regrettably, I don't live in Cape Town anymore, or see her as often as I'd / we would like. So, when we get together....

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