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1@josephWin a Free Trip to Lisbon, Portugal to Attend SteemFest II1860.698
2@kingscrownUSA wants.. Travelers to Declare Bitcoin at the Border!1855.414
3@sweetsssjMy 3000 follower milestone : Is now conquered - Big thank you to all my followers and Steemit - Here's a recap of my entire journey!1806.358
4@trafalgarTop 4 Ways Humans Might Go Extinct1725.198
5@good-karmaHF19 and eSteem feedback encouragement experiment changes1301.6
6@oflyhigh非正式翻译:硬叉19 “平等”即将到来,线性奖励 / Informal translation:HF19 "Equality" Coming Soon: Linear Rewards!1258.678
7@ericvancewaltonThe Perfect Pause: Meditating Your Way to the Ultimate You - Chapter One (continued)1176.4
8@timsaidTimTravels - Vienna: Tierpark Schönbrunn (Zoo) + Happy HardFork Steemians!1031.826
10@b0y2kHRC Honda MXGP Team sign Anthony Rodriguez!948.096
11@aggroedFondling Whale Balls- A Primer for Minnows on Talking to Whales909.312
12@thecryptofiendNew Study Suggests Methylene Blue May Treat Skin Ageing899.418
13@officialfuzzyE211 2017-06-16 Beyond Bitcoin - Peerplays, Gridcoin, Peerity, WhaleShares and Virgrow!887.084
14@kingscrownLatest News from Bitcoin Exchanges864.508
15@acidyoCelebrating the successful hardfork, tell me a joke and get a small upvote833.576
16@ozchartart$BTS/BTC Poloniex Technical Analysis / Market Report Update #111, June 21, 2017.829.922
17@steemcleanersSteemcleaner Report for June 12, 2017 - June 18, 2017811.44
18@theprophet0Do You Want To Win A Free Plane Ticket To STEEMFest2? ENTER NOW!786.48
19@markrmorrisjrThe Bullshit Investors Club, Rednecks and Crypto, What Could Go Wrong? Chapter Four768.922
20@cryptoctopusUpdates - ChainBB Auto-Vote And The Psychological Effect Of The Hardfork On Me. (Plus An Important Question)764.708
21@hansikhouseSTEEMPARK // 스팀잇 여름 공원 in 뉴욕, 오프닝 D-25764.154
22@steemcleanersSteemcleaner Report for June 18, 2017760.972
23@stanThe Marketing Campaign Behind the Billion Hero Challenge746.337
24@jrcornelNext stop, $5000733.232
25@jerrybanfieldSteem 19 Hardfork Gives A Huge Increase in Post Rewards for Most!722.006
26@b0y2kMXGP of Italy - Lombardi - Entry lists MX1 & MX2699.222
27@andrarchyInterview w/Bestselling Author and Brand Architect Ani Alexander: Good Info for New Users696.954
29@thisisbenbrickWhat is happening with Steemsongs?674.276
30@allasyummyfood3. VIDEO TUTORIAL : How to upload Pictures on Steemit662.348
31@someguy123[WITNESS] Missing blocks? Did you just get a "Core Dumped" error? Time to increase your shared memory!647.402
32@opheliafuNo Divide640.312
33@jestachainBB - voting controls update + estimated rewards (for HF19)634.134
34@knozaki2015Frequent Traveller #94: The Fire & Grill (First HF19 post !!! Come on Steemit let's go to the MOON)626.868
35@dragonslayer109Oh the hard fork...623.73
36@dannystravelsZiplines into crystal clear waters610.298
37@papa-pepperHOW TO MAKE A HOMESTEADER POST FOR STEEMIT - Featuring @Mericanhomestead & @Papa-pepper601.068
38@joseph2441 - HF19 a Success587.606
39@clayop하드포크 이후 팍팍 올라가는 보상에 대해서581.13
40@kyriacosPatience, The Most Valuable Commodity567.714
41@soldierHow To Be Unique563.068
42@randowhale@randowhale is back up and running with new terms! Please read!560.076
43@lukestokesHF19: Who's Building a Following and Who's Relying on Whale Votes?556.338
44@leesunmoo19 하드 포킹(2017년6월21일 0시 시행)으로 인한 미래 예상.551.29
45@thisisbenbrickThank you - I bought new speakers for my studio with SBD!541.342
46@lordvaderPerhaps you thought I was angry about Father's Day... well you haven't seen anything yet!527.502
47@steemsportsFIFA Confederations Cup: Cameroon vs Australia525.276
48@myfirstHello Good morning, steemit!525.192
49@timcliffCondenser Pull Request Submitted - Minnow Vote Slider (Vote Slider Threshold Update to 125 SP)516.012
50@nanzo-scoopToday we lost a Street Poet who penned one of the greatest gangster rap verses ever. RIP Prodigy514.658
51@voronoiWe All STEEM For Ice Cream491.02
52@hitheryonSpotlighting A05 Studio! Steempark's Official Furniture Fabricator485.036
53@clayopThe DAO 사건 1주년에 즈음하여480.13
54@steemsportsFormula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix475.756
55@tuck-fheman💵 Steemit Poker League - Game 1 Tomorrow 8 PM CDT / 1 AM UTC + New Games474.002
56@mynameisbrian97 Percent - A Comic472.392
57@cnfund【AFTER CREATION】(Chapter 138)(Chinese Original Fantasy Novel)/【创世之后】(第138章 元门完胜(上))(原创玄幻小说)467.144
58@jestachainBB - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)458.198
59@clayopSTEEMFEST 펀드레이징을 시작합니다455.872
60@bigdaddyBali, Indonesia Photos452.806
61@abdullarMy daily life and Steemit.....^^ -- [EID AL –FITR and Hardforks 19]451.416
63@meesterboomFull Pump437.766
64@calaber24pSending Someone to Prison for an Extended Period of Time, Does Nothing To Rehabilitate Them.437.388
65@stellabelleEveryone Comment What Your Pre-HF 19 Upvote Worth VS. Post-HF 19 Vote Worth: THIS IS UTOPIA! SCI-FI FANTASY COME TRUE?434.744
66@mynameisbrianHF19 - A Scribble Animation431.306
67@ausbitbankHoly crap ! Post earnings before and after HF19 for 5 accounts :D422.296
68@sirwinchesterRevolutionizing VR: This Virtual Reality Headset Promises 70 Megapixel "Human Eye-Resolution"419.76
69@someguy123Want to get in on the Steemit Boom? Don't want to wait on verification?419.062
70@christiesnelsonCelebrating the Weird: False Perceptions Paintings419.046
71@firepowerShe Predicted That I Would Mint Money Out Of A Box, This Is What Happened!416.49
72@yuhjtmanVerano Porteño (Astor Piazzolla) - Modern tango408.448
73@gringaliciousNational Peaches & Cream Day & an Upside Down Skillet Cake (FOOD PHOTO SHOOT)401.2
74@opheliafuSea Rocks397.094
75@craig-grantWood chair beach side relax381.946
76@mrs.steemitHome Inspiration - Ep.2 Bathroom Interior375.243
77@morning사무이 섬의 비밀 2374.182
78@jacorNew bill proposed to declare Bitcoin at US borders373.038
79@deanliu[將進酒] 今晚還能睡嗎?這歡愉又默默有點不確定的夜.... 不管了,乾!370.92
80@thescribblerThe Teleology of Life368.369
81@timcliffCondenser Pull Request Submitted - New BlockTrades Buy/Sell Options via the Wallet!366.47
82@ausbitbankAusbitbank Witness Update 20/6/17 (HF19 in 3 hours!)357.514
83@oldstone(공지사항)kr-newbie 보안관 선정 및 홍보대사 행동강령 선정 결과입니다.355.936
84@deanliuIS HF19 Gonna Be HOT Enough? Anyone Has Bought This Before? 這台HF19烤箱夠不夠熱啊!?353.164
85@wadepatersonTeaser: Upcoming "20 questions" video interview is truly inspirational! (Ryan Lancaster - Million Dollar Bus)348.036
86@knozaki2015I travel the world #345: Sizzle – Wagyu in Waikiki345.204
87@krnelYoga Poses Boost Energy and Self-Esteem343.708
88@sean-king"Coppertones" (Implied Nudity)343.438
89@najohConfirmed Project ( : We started working on a new frontend for STEEM343.088
90@lukestokesReminder: Update Your Automated Voting Percentages for Hardfork 19343.034
91@dollarvigilanteTrump Backs ISIS As He Pushes US Onto Brink of World War III With Russia342.5
92@ramengirl라멘걸이 STEEMFEST에 가는 이유 Ramengirl's going to be at STEEMFEST 2017342.324
93@schattenjaegerBrace Yourself - the "HF19 Explained" Posts Are Coming341.89
94@strawhatA midsummer story, since it's right around the corner341.622
95@foodisfreeHello! I'm John, founder of Food is Free Project, a worldwide network of front yard community gardens.339.928
96@papa-pepperLOVE LIKE HIS - AN AUDIOBOOK COLLABORATION - Verbal-D & Papa-Pepper - CHAPTER FIVE Part One337.338
97@allasyummyfoodChocolate Cake with Coconut Cheese Balls334.214
99@slowwalkerChines noodle and my father332.138
100@steemisbeautifulWHAT MAKES STEEM BEAUTIFUL? #022329.734

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how do you make such a list?
i wanna know for my self :)


This is a secret nano technologies=)

I parse all generated blocks for yesterday - and calculate stats