Steem 19 Hardfork Gives A Huge Increase in Post Rewards for Most!

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after steem equality 19 hardfork 2.png

The Steem Equality 0.19.0 hardfork update so far is a success in increasing post payouts for most authors while greatly reducing the rewards of top posts! My posts overall are up 5% because while most went up, one of my top posts dropped 35%! It seems most users are seeing much higher increases than me while those at they very top are down even more than my top post. This means the average post on Steemit is should now be receiving much higher rewards while the very top posts will get a fraction of what they would have received before.

Would you read this post for a review of the before and after screenshots of my post earnings as well as expectations for how this will impact posts going forward? The screenshot above shows the totals by post while the screenshots below show the before and after in detail!

My rewards BEFORE Steem Equality 0.19.0 hardfork update!

steem rewards before hard fork 19.png

My rewards AFTER Steem Equality 0.19.0 hardfork update on the same posts!

after steem equality 19 hardfork.png

Here is a quick breakdown of the results.

  1. The total AFTER the hardfork for my recent 7 unpaid posts was 1.0532 times the total of the BEFORE meaning a 5.32% increase came as a result of the hardfork update. BEFORE I was set to receive $3,788.65 in rewards. After on nearly the exact same votes I am set to receive $3,990.33. The difference in time was about 10 to 15 minutes on the data calculated meaning additional votes did not make a significant impact on the final result.
  2. EVERY POST WENT UP in value EXCEPT my top post which dropped $616.13. This is VERY GOOD for the average user because essentially the very top posts are giving up a LOT in rewards which is then being shared to other authors. One post I saw before in the top trending dropped around $3,000 with many other top trending posts dropping at the same rate as mine did. The very top 10 authors with this new system are probably going to be down 50% or more on their posts which will then be given instead to many users below the top 100.
  3. My newest post increased the most nearly doubling in value from $187.44 to $345.74 for an increase of 1.8445 or 84.45% higher than before the update! This post was also the lowest in value which is VERY GOOD for the average user posting. It should now be much easier to get a post to $1, $10, $100, and $1,000 while being much more difficult to cross $2,000 and nearly impossible to reach $10,000 with the current price of Steem.
  4. The least improvement was in my highest value post at $490.19 before which went up to $587.30 for a $97.11 increase. This seems to indicate that the exponential curve really was impacting posts valued over $500 taking many to the moon while the lowest value posts were getting almost nothing from initial votes.
  5. Comment values appear to be WAY UP on my posts with EVERY COMMENT I VOTED ON at now worth at LEAST $3.58! This is VERY GOOD NEWS for commenting because the linear system means earning a few dollars on a comment now is much easier while getting a very high value comment for hundreds of dollars will be more challenging.
  6. MY automatic vote on my new posts at 50% voting power is now worth $20 instead of less than $1! WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I now voted my own post up $20 just by posting it at 50% voting power which done yesterday got me less than $1! The last post I made before this update voted my own post up $0.50! That is a HUGE change! The downside is I just unloaded my voting power from 50.16% to 49.19% with just one vote meaning it will be much easier to use up all my voting power at 100% but WOW what a difference voting on my own post! If I do the math right I could make $50 to $100 a day just making my own posts without anyone else voting on them!

In summary I LOVE THIS UPDATE so far not only for the rewards increase for the average post but now because I can spend more of my voting power on my own posts with the 4x increase in voting power. However, changes in voting patterns due to now exponential curation rewards might impact results going forward because it may become most lucrative to vote up top trending posts in exchange for earning more Steem Power in exchange for the vote.

For users not in the top 100 authors, I think this update will be EXTREMELY HELPFUL to earn more! Here are a few examples:

  1. @aarellanes had posts at about $1 each which are now at or over $3.50 each meaning his rewards approximately doubled with this hardfork!
  2. @gmichelbkk appears to have nearly doubled the value of his post from $1 to over $2 with this update!
  3. @jordanarsenault had an intro post that appears to have went from under $5 to over $13 with this new update!
  4. @robertgenito appears to have a significant increase in the value of his recent posts!
  5. @adil who is making so many posts I cannot keep up appears to have went from earning several hundred dollars before this update to now I believe he is over $1,000 already within the last week! I hope he thought to collect the data before the hardfork so he can present the increase for him! According to his recent post at titled "WTF JUST HAPPENED TO MY MONEY??" and "I just Made Around $1000, I been here only a week, I mean I did Post a Lot." I am guessing my assumption was correct here!

Thank you very much for reading this post with the Steem Equality 0.19.0 hardfork update results and to each of the Steem Witnesses at that voted for this update! If you found this post helpful, would you please upvote it to help others read it and to help me continue being here with you today?

Jerry Banfield


Nice love this change!! I think it will balance out the ecosystem quite a bit.

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HF 19 will attract more and more users, force people to power up and Steem price will surge to new ATH.

Yea this is insane...

Thanks Steemit for the hardfork. I just joined the community a few days ago and this is huge for a non-whale user such as myself. This will help get the word out and encourage new users to join this awesome community. I feel like I joined late, but I know I'm way ahead of the mainstream. I can't wait to see how much growth we will have in one year.

They say change is good, I think so! Thanks for the post Jerry!

Jerry guided me to this site and all I can say again is thanks Jerry!!

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YES I think the Steem price is going to keep climbing as more of us buy more with this new voting system!

I am a newbie here who joined steemit for about two weeks, I was so shocked the hf19 brings!! that definitely helps newbie like me a lot, it absolutely bring us motivation ! omgggg steem on!

Watch you 1 hr video last night and joined. Thank you for all the info. I will be going crazy here with my nutty story and stuff.

@jerrybanfield I can beat those numbers! I was watching right during the hardfork and my pending payouts on posts went from $34 to $170!!!! I couldn't be more happy and I'm much more inclined to contribute.

I'm so glad you entered the Steem universe Jerry, we are lucky to have you! Thanks for everything you do and for all the educational posts. ✌️

Will the Inflation Rate Remain 9.5%?

HF19 is by all means the best invention of the humanity)

Wow . . . I really don't know what to say right now. I have a little over 3,000 SP and man!! Posts went up considerably. But . . . yea, the extra money and influence is fantastic. I will need to read and research more now to use all of my influence on the network effectively.

Resteemed! I don't have time to read all of your post now . . I'm at work, but still had to sneak a little Steemit time haha

I think this was a good idea in principle but could bring a large number of new people to the site who earn a lot of Steem and sell it quickly which could cause the price to crash. I think it should have been a less dramatic change but only time will tell.

ALL IN ALL.... the hard fork is amazing!!! I feel like it is bettering everyone (whales and minnows)

How in the world is steemit doing it?! and why isn't everyone using steemit already?!


Now I really can't wait for Steem to go to $10.

Yup, my posts increased 7x in an instant!

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Nice breakdown Jerry! As always you produce the best material.

Posts are going to explode

Is this just a temporary change during today or will it last going forward, @jerrybanfield or anybody else?

It might be tweaked a bit . . but I think this is it. The new payout system is sure to bring in a whole lot more people now.

Thanks man, that is good to know. My first reaction was that this will only last during the fork. But if this is it, I am dead sure a lot of new people will join

Oh yes. Absolutely. At first glance, it gives much more influence to people with lighter accounts. We'll have to see how this unfolds in the coming weeks.

jerry amazing work my friend as always you go right in with the right information helping everyone to understand whats going on. fantastic and wow oh wow

Wow. I was out manually curating giving people my usual .23 per upvote and suddenly I was giving them over $5. Toooo much fun !!!
Now I know I'm blowing through my Steem power at 100% much faster, but I also know I have the option of giving more to the posts I really resonate with.

Thanks for the great explanation @jerrybanfield

Great article! I think there's pros and cons to this hardfork. I think it'll definitely attract many new Steemians. I also wouldn't be surprised if when the Steem community gets bigger by 10X, if the next hardfork scaled back some. As always, I'm on the Banfield Bandwagon!

This is going to be my toilet paper after this hardfork!

So far I love it

Awesome. Good to see. And thanks for sharing this.

Hey Jerry, this is really helpful info - and such an interesting development for Steemit. I just upvoted your comment here and it went up $0.4 instead of the normal $0.2 that my upvote gives! I think it is great to encourage new lower-down users and to pay more at the bottom level as otherwise for newbies like me it can be hard to gain traction! Have a beautiful day ;-)

I think this is a great and very fair way to bring new people in and keep them interested also they might buy more steem power with higher payouts

Indeed I believe this change to helpful for new users. Indeed now everyone can make decent rewards, they don't need to have whales to follow them. Steemit is going to grow x100. Your investment in STEEM was the best thing you ever did.

That's good news for people who get just started and don't have a huge audience.

Man you are awsome, all your post have good contents i beleive that this update is faire enought to every one using Steem as biginner or avg user.


Hey Jerry, how can you put out this amount of high quality content? :)

STEEM prints money!

It's really cool to see you evolving so fast here on steemit. I've been following your videos for a long time and it's good to see a familiar face here.

My best,
Tim Balabuch,
Designer & Cryptocurrency enthusiast

See my last post: Bitcoin Core & Bitcoin Unlimited: Two different currencies?

Good stuff!

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Upvote value has been increased dramatically... i doubt whether this is intentional or because of a bug.....

My only concern is, is this sustainable? From what I've found the reason Steemit did not do well in the early months price wise was the economics of the system were unsustainable. I like the reward increase I just don't want it at the price of the overall market cap. Thanks for the post and video.

@jerrybanfield you are a great asset to steemit keep up the amazing work!
watched all your Youtube videos!

Great info as usual Jerry, Thanks! This could help Steem grow even quicker...

Hopefully the changes will uplift the entire platform...since we are all in this together..:)

Appreciate your content Jerry!

one of my posts went from around 5 dollars to 35 dollars because of this hardfork

Wow. This is amazing, Jerry. What a time to be alive.

Just dropped by to show my support and tell you I recently started watching your videos and taken quite a liking to your style. Keep up the fantastic work! (and if you are interested in traveling, check my blog)

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I think this will encourage steemers to upvote articles they truly find value in. It will create a sort of equilibrium and keep competition alive, which will lead to far better content and contribute into growing the community at a faster pace.

@jerrybanfield thats good news for us all. Its an encouragement to steemit more. Cheers

This is great @jerrybanfield Hopefully now my posts will earn a little more. I am looking forward to my next month on #steemit - your friend @bitcoinkings

what is this update you are talking about??

Today is like christmas <3

I was suprised myself that my cents worth post are now up like 4x LOL I wonder how it's calculated. And how do i know the value of my upvote? :/

Just upvote a comment and see how much the total changes

Dang thats crazy high numbers. I saw mine jump as well from 0.004 to almost 8 cents! what!!! do these happen often to re balance the system?