E211 2017-06-16 Beyond Bitcoin - Peerplays, Gridcoin, Peerity, WhaleShares and Virgrow!

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@cm-steem of Gridcoin

What is Gridcoin?

Gridcoin (Ticker: GRC) is a decentralized, open source math-based digital asset (cryptocurrency). It performs transactions peer-to-peer cryptographically without the need for a central issuing authority.
Gridcoin was the first block chain protocol that delivered a working algorithm that equally rewards and cryptographically proves solving BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) hosted work, which can be virtually any kind of distributed computing process (GPU/CPU/Sensor/Etc).
BOINC is an open-source volunteer oriented computing grid that combines the processing power of all individual users for the purposes of scientific research. It's free, and harnesses the unused clock cycles from processors and graphics cards to attempt to cure cancer/aids/ebola/malaria, map the milkyway, crack enigma codes, etc..
Gridcoin rewards BOINC computation using the Distributed Proof of Research (DPOR) reward mechanism, which is a combination of Proof of BOINC (POB) and Proof of Stake (POSv2).
Proof of Work (POW) consensus mechanisms are not utilised by the Gridcoin network, making the Gridcoin cryptocurrency network far more energy efficient than any existing POW cryptocurrencies.

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Peerity Activity Network incentivizes both online and offline peer2 peer interactions. Turning human activity into mining!

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@jphenderson of WhaleShares

Whaletank has been a work in progress for a long time. The tools we plan to bring to Steem and BitShares ecosystems will be stunning to say the least. Whaleshares tokens will be distributed to @officialfuzzy's favorite projects to use for free upvotes from himself and other friendly whales! Get ready everyone!

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@virtualgrowth of Virgrow

What is Virgrow?
VIRGROW UIA will serve as an investment in an assortment of cryptocurrencies. While also partially investing in top market cap cryptocurrencies and some steem(it) related UIAs including TRAIL & TASKAMANGER. Recent VIRGROW info & update here.

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I am super excited about Peerplays. A dividend token is long overdue, and gambling is an enormous revenue source. This is something pension funds will want to buy, a dream investment. Provably fair gambling with minimum overhead and global reach? Profits flowed through to shareholders with zero corruption? Yes, please!

Very interesting. I haven't done any research on gridcoin yet. It certainly supports a good cause and seems like good tech. I'm going to do some research on it for sure! Thanks for posting

I have been waiting for news like this. Always keeping an eye out for up and coming coins. Your posts are always relevant and appreciated @officialfuzzy thanks for sharing!

I'm buying gridcoin recently because my friend recommended. Now I now what gridcoin is. Thanks for share

thank u for sharing this with the community :) @officialfuzzy
i have been HODLing GRC for months now, brought at very low price .. selling it for profits.
Whaleshares is something i am looking for in near future :) bring it on Man !!


Same buddy. I hold with grc for no reason.. bought at low price. It going to be huge.. whaleshares I don't get it.


yes.. Gridcoin is the Future and the Success is Near :)

i like the whole lot of it and reckon it is so good to be here and learning all about crypto in the early days -- i know i am late to the party but i am early compared to the great majority and i really like that gridcoin working to solve massive problems like that too -- the whole lot is openning my horizons and thats happiness

I love BeyondBitcoin shows... I always try to listen to as many of them as I can

GridCoin is a new peer-to-peer internet based cryptocurrency that aims to provide real benefits to humanity by compensating the coin miners for participating in BOINC projects that may lead to advances in medicine, biology, mathematics, science, climatology, and astrophysics by concentrating a large percentage of the computational power towards BOINC research - instead of generating unnecessary heat and wasted power for the proof of work algorithms required to keep the coin network running.

peerplays really making me excited about it

Thanks for sharing @officialfuzzy !
Will stay tuned for more info

Steem on!

Wow...some many crypto-coins!!!

Gridcoin?! YES! I'm in! Looking forward to it

Lately many coins appeared overnight.


Yes, only a few of them have good concepts, but they have good concepts. Some others are just fraudulent. We need to do own research.

thanks for the info interesting read.

Thanks for posting about these coins. Wanted to get some PPY tokens, but then had to download the wallet, which I almost always avoid. Super interested in whaleshares though!!!

good post.thanks @officialfuzzy

I love hearing of all these new projects and how they will help Steemit and the Steemit community. Since I joined Steemit a short time ago it seems that its getting better all the time here.This is exciting for everyones future.

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Hi I followed you please follow back

Super pose as usual i see. Thanks for the informitive content you've providing us with. Lets steem onwards

thank you for sharing this with us @officialfuzzy

Great job

Very interesting. I had no knowledge about gridcoin till now, Thanks for sharing. Upvoted!

Thanks for the info, need to check out that discord channel finally! :-)

@officialfuzzy Once again awesome info shared, thanks.

Interesting. Follow me for the latest tech headlines from my paid subscription to the Wall Street Journal.

I like, this good post (Y)

Congratulations @officialfuzzy
You took 13 place in my Top 100 of posts

hehe good post :D

Follow me sir @sitimunawarah and always see my conten :)

Just found this as a relatively-noob team, looking forward to seeing more.


dont worry! its easy to be new when you are so far ahead of the masses :)